KoF XII on Evo?

I haven’t searched, and im sorry, but looking through kotaku i found that Evo is somewhat involved in a king of fighters XII tournament. True or not?

and evo’s website:


Well it’s on Evo’s site, what do you think?

I guess my question now is, will the game make it to the roster of games for evo in vegas?

I’m guessing it will be next year if XII has staying power with in the community. Which despite my SNK bashing on these forums I really wish happens. SFIV revived the fighting game scene and hopefully after a lot of the hype dies off from SFIV, KOFXI can pick up and go with it. Not exactly riding Capcom or SFIV’s coat tails but get a taste from the pot, if you will.

As for now I think it’s just a way for Evo and Ignition to get more press and get their name out more in hope word of mouth leads to more players, sponsors, what have you.

I’ll be there :cool:

to be honest it’s not that i like capcom or snk (i like both, or to be more precise i like fighting games in general) if whatever is going on behind the scenes right now goes through. I hope it’s for the better of the genre, which if you ask me any help is fine.

Yea. The more exposure it gets, the healthier the community stays, the more alive the scene in general is. This leaves me with a question though. Should this take off, will SRK be a haven for the U.S. SNK community Offically? (since its really scattered about the different forums and whatnot) I guess I’m dreaming too much, Lets hope for a dvd or vids from this major

This is interesting, I’ma try to sign up.

KoF12?! I’ll try and make it!

Yeah I think KOF12 will be the game that gives the SNK competitive playing scene some real ground and credibility. I mean the game looks ridiculously good. I always thought the animation in the KOF games was really good. The only thing that didn’t look good was obviously the really low resolution because SNK stuck with the same hardware for 20 years straight. It was literally before it’s time back in 1989 or whatever it was but 10 years later it was really starting to show age.

Any ways I’m interested in KOF12 at this point obviously because it’s the closest we’ll ever get to HD 3rd Strike. :lol: Can’t wait to see how that game looks on my HDTV. If SFIV is any indication…it’s going to be orgasmic.

Yea here’s to hoping for a good turnout, and hopefully kick start the U.S. SNK Scene out of hiding.

We are working on getting KOF12 to evo in some capacity. Stay tuned to future announcements!

thanx wizard!!!

Uh…the SNK competitive scene has ALWAYS had real ground and credibility.

Just not in “Capcom/Namco only” tournaments in America.

Nice :party::rock:

I think this will be a good time for me to come out of retirement :nunchuck::karate:

That’s funny. I always liked the overall look of the KOF series and thought the animation looked like shit. Incidentally, MVS and CPS2 arent much different in terms of resolution. Beyond that, MOTW looks incredible and is on the same hardware. But yes, a more modern aesthetic will definitely help get people into the game. I’m hype as hell for it, myself.

I guess we’ll see what the announcements are. At least things are getting interesting for this.

I’m actually pretty shocked KOF doesn’t have its own board on the SRK tbh. After KOF XII though, this might change.

Here’s hoping…it’s not like there aren’t enough competitive games in the series.

Same. Wouldn’t really hurt the forums since it’ll draw even more members, assuming thats a good thing.