KOF XII Online Teamplay

Why’s noone play this mode? I bet it’s awesome!

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Cause it’s probably a laggy nightmare, that’s why.

I wouldn’t even say “probably”

Cuz people are STILL not forwarding their ports, and using wifi instead of just putting a damn cat5 cable in thier system (really, how hard is that? You can get a damn 100ft cable for 25 bucks), as well as having family members doing shit online while they play. These guys would ruin it for you.

It would probably still blow, playing Teamplay.

Stick to 2 person rooms, until SNK iron this shit out.

Actually, im a 6 man team match now and its playable. Conditions are simple, no one with a red bar. Everyone in the room has a different connection to each other, so before starting the matches you need to do a RED check. Anyone has a red bar to someone else and the entire thing is unplayable. If these conditions are met matches are very playable due to the new patch.

I’m scared.

Give it a shot, you are going to be surprised.:sweat:

i can only assume a no randoms rule is prolly in effect… flist only :stuck_out_tongue:

Is teamplay still separate 3v3 matches between the clans? There needs to be a “each player controls one character” mode.

Everyone keeps saying this. It’s true. I appreciate everyone spreading the advice, but that’s not the reaosn why KOF lags so much. I use a wired connection. I’ve played others who use a wired connection. We still get lag. The netcode is just not up to par.

I have played several matches online (ps3) and 3/4 of them ran decent. It is true,if you have one red bar in the room,it can make it lag bad. I had me a blue bar,2 yellow bars and very little lag.

Try again, I forwarded ports and everything works fine on Blazblue and HDR. Good job defending this piece of shit excuse for netplay. Do you think we didn’t try that before basing our opinion?

I am sick of this bullshit flowchart explanation.

Port forwarding does nothing for me. I did everything right. When it didn’t work the first time, I went back and reset everything and did it again. I’m still getting decent matches though.

These nonsense/voodoo explanations need to stop. Port forwarding has nothing to do with lag. Period. Once the connections are created, the determining factors are connection quality and net code quality. In the case of KOF12, the net code is terrible.