KOF XII PC petition

Hey guys, I need your help. I find it disappointing that there has been no further information on a possible PC release of KOF XII. Considering the specifications of the Taito Type X2 system representing a basic PC (Specs: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taito_Type_X2 ) and also Street Fighter 4 is coming to PC very soon. There has only been a rumor from Kotaku back in October that a PC release may happen. So, I’m hoping that by doing this petition, that maybe SNKP will do an easy port, release this on Steam, and introduce hundreds of thousands more people to this great fighter.

But, I’ve only been a fan of SNK for about 2-3 years, and I know there’s some real die hards here, and so I want you guys to write up a proposal. Not trying to be lazy, but I don’t think I’m the most suitable person to write this up with the utmost of enthusiasm and panache.

One thing that I think should be emphasized is that there’s clusters of SNK fans all over the world that can’t afford a console, but own a PC and could afford to buy this game for PC. SNKP is fully aware of the markets in South America and China, and you would think that this would be the best way of reaching those markets.

Petitions never work.

(A PC version has been rumored already though)

Before clicking on this thread I thought to myself: “I bet this poster has negative karma…”

I was right.

i wish the made a PC version of this game since i dont have any nextgen console and there wont be any arcade version here in Italy… they already made a pc version of a kof game…kof99evo (jp)… who knows? maybe they do this again…or maybe not…
I d pay also 40? straight to japan if it comes out there on PC.
we have just to wait and see

If they do end up making a pc ver, it will be a very long time after the console ver comes out since any pc version will be subject of rampid piracy.

well, also the x360 is not so difficult to pirate it

I don’t know in china, but here in South America, is nearly impossible to see a viewlix with the kof xii, even tough, is impossible to see only the KOF XII

At least here, in Santiago, chile’s capital, there’s only one taito type x2 in a city with 5 million people. And i don’t believe than there is one in other city

What I want to say? Here in South america, the arcade SCENE is more DEAD than in the states, with the exception of the PIU machines, that are still relatively popular

Here the kof saga is popular because the neo geo was cheap, and also, the bootlegs are very popular with among of people

Anyway, i still hope than the only arcade local who brings us modern arcade games bring the game here (Now we have Tatsunoko vs capcom also there is battle fantasia and KOF MIRA, but that’s all)

Still, i’m hoping for the console version, THIS will hit in our stores, so, I don’t care for the arcade game a bit

a pc version? will be cool, but i don’t, mi PC WILL NOT run the game, and i don’t want to upgrade it yet, i prefer to buy a console

Obviously some places are going to be like that and there isn’t much that SNKP can do. My suggestion is wait for the Japanese PC version and import it, because most of the time they don’t bring PC ports of fighters for worldwide release.

Doesn’t SNKP have a thing against PC versions? I mean we all know the story in NeoGeo Battle Coliseum right? :rofl:


China would just pirate the shit out of the game. :\

it s already out @ the arcades in CHINA :arazz:

Nah, I prefer the console version, because I know that will appear her, I don’t want to import


EDIT: Now I realize that you come from argentina, you must be in the same situation in the arcade scene, or not?

^^:rofl: I’m not from Argentina.

<—Look at the av, it has to do with him.

LOLZ, i forgot that clark was raised in argentina