KOF XII - Robert Garcia thread

Robert Garcia
Fighting Style : Kyokugen Karate
Birthdate : 25th December
Nationality : Italy
Blood Group : AB+
Height : 180 cm
Weight : 85 kg
Likes : Collecting cars
Fav. Food : Sushi, yakisoba (japanese noodles)
Strong Sports : Motoring sports
Important Things : His collection of cars
Hated Things : Rakkyoo (garlic)

Kubikiri Nage: close, b or f + A + C

Upper: f + A
Low Kick: f + B
Ushiro Kyaku: B + D in air

Ryuugekiken: qcf + P
Ryuuga: dp + P
Hien Shippu Kyaku: db~f + K
Hien Ryuujin Kyaku: qcb + K in air
Zanretsukyaku: f, b, f + K
Ryuuren Gen’ei Kyaku: hcf + D

Haohshokoken: hcb,f + P
Ryuuko Ranbu: qcf,hcb + P

Jp.D,st.C,fwd.B,fwd.A, dp+P or Ryuuko Ranbu


@1:18 Check it out,

[media=youtube]kynkrklTEuc[/media] My boy Robert. So pimp he can land Ranbu from crB, crA, fwd+A:rock:

That’s the low options I wanted to see!!!

I thought I mentioned that combo a while back in the main thread :frowning:

Did you? Because I asked about what can Robert connect from a crB crA. I recall someone saying that he can’t connect a bunch of stuff like his DP for instance.

DP works if you’re at like point-blank range, but even then it only seems to get 1 hit even with the C version and not very good damage.

This last weekend I was doing crossup B+D, standing C, f+B, f+A, hcf+K (command throw)… low B, low A, f+A, hcf+K might work too but only at point-blank range.

A few things:

1)Can you TK his dive kick?

2)Does it hit as an overhead?

I was thinking about something similar to Cammy’s TK Cannon Strike in SFIV.

Yes, you can TK it, no its not an overhead. The big thing is… Kim can cancel into his dive kicks off of a Jump A (short jump, what have you), i need to see if Robert can as well, because that will make up for it not being an overhead.

both jump A and jump CD are bufferable according to the Arcadia scans

If you do a fireball after f+a the game seems to always want to make you dp instead, so I have to pretty much do hcf for the fireball so the game doesn’t detect it as a dp. Game is definitely ultra lenient on the inputs much like sf4.

Seems like every forums has their own jargon/notation; what does TK mean? Anyways, Robert can do:
-j.D/j.C/crossup.j.B+D, s.C, f+B, f+A, c.db~f+D
-j.D/j.C/crossup.j.B+D, s.C, f+B, f~b~f+K
-j.D/j.C/crossup.j.B+D, s.C, CD, f~hcf+P DM

Tigerknee motion, originally refferring to Sagat’s qcf,uf+K in ST. Nowadays people just use it to describe doing an air special/super instantly off the ground by buffering the motion first and then jumping.

It might not be an overhead, but maybe he can cancel an instant overhead j.A or something into the divekick for a combo?


U can link HSPK after f+a you just have to be fast and charge immediately after his f+a.:smokin:

Yeah, we know that. People use it in his st.C combos all the time.

No one posted but I want to know if j.whatever st.C,CD, c.db~fwd+K works. Or does is it not work because if you charge after the st.C the game will read the CD input(since you’re already holding back) as a guard attack?


It works; it’s one of my staple combos.:cybot:

Sorry if this is a dumbass noob question, but why would anyone pick Ryo when there’s Robert? Ryo’s fireball has no range, his fly kicks and uppercuts don’t have flames on them, otherwise Robert has all the same moves and supers etc. Note I have not played KOF dedicatively before (i.e. only a couple of times). Cheers.

Ryo has a command overhead (f+A), and can combo into f,b,f+P for a lot of damage, I think it does more and is faster (for combos) than Rob’s f,b,f+K. Someone would have to confirm that, though. I’d have to agree a this point, though.

Some people prefer Ryo. Simple as that.

That means nothing.

Ryo I think has bigger hitboxes and his A uppercut is one of the safest moves I’ve seen. Plus having his personal set of parries and solid damage potential make Ryo a solid pick either way.

So nobody has anything about Robert yet?

CC Combo:
F+B -> F+A xx DP+C xx DP+A xx DP+A xx CD Attack xx DM

Awesome, I’ve had a hard time trying to come up with a nice CC for robert this one is good and pretty easy