KOF XII - Ryo Sakazaki thread


Yeah, Ryo’s a rush-down beast. I did a right up about Robert. I was playing with him and Ryo for 3 hours with my kof-playing friend. I got my best results with Ryo.

Hyper Hop A, cr.b, cr.b, st.a xx hcb+b is an amazingly easy combo to land. If its blocked, do HH A, cr.b, cr.b, st.B.

That should leave you in a position to either pause and react to your opponent, or hyper hop in again. To which you can repeat said combo attempt, of go for hyper hop C, st.C, into whatever.

Basically you can push them into the corner like this where Ryo does the most damage.

His A dragon punch beats literally everything in the air.

Seems Like jumping C is better then D, I may be wrong. Same with A versus B.

FBF comes out so inconspicuously that it can be pretty useful if you think theyre goign to roll.


Thanks guys, keep the Ryo strats coming!

My favorite CC corner combo:

CC > qcf+ hard Punch, qcf + hard p, qcf + hard p (Kou’ken x 3) > dp + light punch > Hard punch+hard kick (CD) > f, hcf + light punch (haoh shou’kouken super)

May not be the most damaging but does pretty good, looks cool, and is not hard to do.

And yeah fbf+punch (Zanretsuken) is really good and can be used to catch jumping in, poking, or rolling opponents often.

I was thinking Ryo wasn’t that good in this game, especially in comparison to Robert, but he is clearly better.

And screw spammable scrubtacular long range fireball, short range high priority knock down glorified punch Kou’ken FTW!! :slight_smile:


Check out the 4 times in a row parry at like 3:10. [media=youtube]L0f3xhnlOXE&feature=channel_page[/media]
Can he parry a full Kim or Robert multi super etc?


CC combo 604 damage in the corner :

CC >Dp A (x2)>haoshokoken>DpA>CD>Zanretsuken


Nice, thanks.



Thanks for the vid. Yeah I’ve seen crazy moments where Ryo players parry a grip of stuff in succession but, what does that really do? Negate chip damage I know but does the parry let you input a move instantly after the parry or something?

Which (if any) of his specials are considered ‘safe’ on block? Like best used in block strings and stuff.


I think safest one is his Kaiser wave motion super.
Most of Ryo’s super can be interrupted at startup though so do it within a distance so it’s safe. Or just use his supers on combos.

j.D > C > CD > qcf, hcb+P


Thanks for the info on the parry. And the DM, but I’m actually curious about his specials not his DMs. Like his qcf+P, qcb+K etc.


ok ive tried some things in practice but im having problems. i got a nice combo down that did like 340 something damage but i cant do it no more. didnt have a problem with it. my lil bro gave it a try and couldnt do it. i tried again and i couldnt do it either anymore?

jump hard attack, standing C or D, CD, hcb+D, D, hcb+D, D, dp+C. the problem is with the second HCB+D, D. it misses now all of a sudden? anybody know how to perform it properly? im playing on crappy xb controllers but that shouldnt be it.

edit: for some reason i do get it out sometimes now. it does 363 damage which is stupid good as some super combos dont even do that much damage.


its incredibly distance/height specific as to whether you can do two hcb+d,ds or not. Luckily you can tell right away just by looking if you can do two or one. If you can do two you do two into dp+c, if it looks like one just immediately do f,b,f+P for a bit less damage.


His qcf+p seems pretty good at max distance from my experience. Meaty qcf+hp’s are dope as shit.


i do get it out lot of times now, wish i would just hyit it every time. its all about how you juggle them after the CD, the first hcb+dd is the important one. it migt be distance specific or timing specific when you time the hcb after the CD.


Hell yeah!

I like them so much I made a CC combo out of 'em :smokin:


i don’t get why ryo’s dp does less dmg during CCs if done at different times… if u hit the opponent while they are high in the air it will do like 26ish damage while a low altitude one will do 60ish… and i’ve seen a lot of people using f~hcf+C during CCs… i don’t get why as from my testing finishing with qcf~hcb+C gives u more damage… as i got this…

CC, dp+A, dp+C, slight pause dp+A, slight pause dp+A, C+D xx hcb+D,D, qcf~hcb+C = 636 dmg

that’s only in the corner… i think u can do a second hcb+D,D into f~b~f+A if u don’t have super… but u can do like the same combo minus the hcb+D,D mid screen… just gotta run instead of pausing… oh also i got 8 dp+A in the corner during a CC… lol…


is it just me or when i try f,b,f+p i get his super fireball especially when im trying to combo…

c.B, C.A, s.A, DP+A is so reliable


yo kof’ers, i’m a capcom guy but i’m loving kof12 online with ps3, ryo is the man but can someone help a noob out and explain the kof terminology like whats dp etc? i wanna practice nice combo’s in training room.

thx from a kof noob


DP is just dragon punch motion.

Check the wiki for the rest:


I was actually trying a similar corner CC combo this past Saturday (I think it was after we came back from Pizza Hut dinner to the Brettcave) except I did dp + C after the second dp + A instead of dp + A twice. Does dp + A give longer hang time or something?


i think if u do dp+C then u won’t be able to c+d afterwards… i even saw a video of him doing upto 700 damage in the corner… but it’s too hard to time and too much chance of messing up… btw who were u? there were like 8 new people i just met so i was kinda lost… lol… brett’s is definitely a cool place damn if i had that machine i would be playing kof 97/98/98um/xi and lb2 nonstop…


I actually did manage the CD, hcb + D, D after the second dp + C but everytime I activate Ranbu super, I would whiff. The timing to get the super to connect seems to be pretty tight so I may end up doing a different finisher or use a different CC which can end with the super.