KOF XII - Shen Woo

Shen Woo
Fighting Style : Own-Style (Shen . Woo)
Birthdate : 10th Sept
Nationality : Unknown (Educated in Shanghai, China)
Blood Group : B+
Height : 188 cm
Weight : 97 kg
Likes : Fighting with strong opponents, watching fighting tournaments
Fav. Food : Special bun (Xiao Long Bao) from Shanghai
Strong Sports : Billards
Impt Things : Proof of strength
Hated Things : Yo-yo

Fuku Mu Ken: close, b or f + A + C

Command moves:
Fusen Kyaku: f + B

Tenren Ken: QCF + K
*Gekiken: QCF + P (C version can be charged)
-Gekiken Feint: K
Fuku Tora Geki: QCB + A
*Kanyuu Ryugeki: Fuku Tora Geki, QCF + A
*Tamaken: HCB, F + C

Moves with the * can be followed up with Tenren Ken (QCF+K)

Tatsu! Geki Ken: QCFx2 + P (can be a follow up to Tenren Ken)
Bakuten: C, A, B, C

Some notes about Shen’s moves.
QCF+P - a Dash Punch
-A version is pretty fast, safe when at some distance, not so much point blank.
-C version is slower, but it can be charged, when fully charged it will resemble his super.
-Fully charged, it may be unblockable and cause crumple. (Can’t remember)
-When charging, any K cancels
-Beware that there is a “Point of no return” when charging, as soon as shen’s fist starts glowing, you can no longer cancel.

QCF+K - An uppercut
-Good move, but short range.
-B Version is FAST, D Version is SLOW
-Speed is this move’s strength, as it doesnt do great damage,
-Combos from damn near anything, but you gotta be close.
-GREAT move for clashing
-As a follow up, it will usually always combo.

QCB+A - a 2-hand Overhand/Underhand smash
-definitely slower than it was in KOF XI
-Still an overhead
-the QCF+A afterwards will always combo.

HCB,F+C - Pimp-slap command crab.
-really short range.
-Knocks away.
-havent really used it so I dunno much about it

-Nice startup, also combos from a lot.
-Guard crushes.
-Range is about 1/2 screen, maybe even 3/4.
-Can be used to punish attacks.

-instant startup and almost no recovery, but damage and range arent too good.
-No more power increase.
-recommended as a wake-up super or a “Burst” for corner pressure


god damn it. I was thinking it was named like the other Threads.

Any recommendations on the timing for the Tenrenken followups? The QCF B or D. I feel retarded but I can’t seem to get it at all. Is it on the actual hit or at a different time?

i can never get it either it seems imposible