KOF XII - Terry Bogard thread

Terry Bogard (The Legendary Wolf)
Fighting Style : Martial Arts
Age : 24
Birthdate : 15th March
Birthplace : USA
Height : 182 cm
Weight : 83 kg
Blood Type : O
Hobby : Videogames
Fav. Food : Clubhouses Sandwiches
Forte in Sports : Basketball
Personal Treasures : His father’s keepsakes, his vintage jeans
Dislikes : Slugs

Buster Throw : B or F +A+C

Command Moves
Rising Upper: DF + C
Back Knuckle: F + A

Special Move
Power Wave : QCF + A or C
Burn Knuckle : QCB + A or C
Crack Shoot : QCB + B or D
Rising Tackle : charge Dwn Up + A or C

Desperation Move
Power Geyser : QCB DB F + A or C

Seems pretty much like cookie cutter Terry. I wish he had a bit more to his arsenal like say a Real Bout 2 style overhead or his Power Charge! A lack of Power Dunk! is a bit disappointing too.

Terry has one of the strongest corner combos.

In corner combo only
Jmp.D>St.C>CD>D version Crack shoot>A version Rising Tackle

Well it is RE-BIRTH after all…

I wanted to see his Round Wave in action myself…

His CD is sorta powercharge. I mean, he throws his shoulder at them, and it is special cancellable after all. j. D, st. D, CD, C Burn Knuckle is so delicious.

I miss the rising tackle

oh, and the ARE YOU GAY? BUSTAH WOLF!!!1111111

Ah my favorite SNK character. I hope hes somewhere in the higher tiers this game!

I wouldn’t doubt it. He’s got some very solid combos and great pressure game from what I’ve seen so far. Just lacks the Power Dunk.

:rofl:I never though of it that way!

BTW it’s officially, “Are You Okay?”.

yep, that’s the official

From what I’ve seen in a few videos, that D version of the Crack Shoot looks very promising, even out of the corner. Can’t wait for this game and try a few things with the Lone Wolf.

Thanks for the input.

Go Terry!

Anyone think that Terry will be like the Ken of KOF XII online?

Terry For the Win!

um…come on man

No, because mashers aren’t going to win matches with Terry and thinking they’re good. His equivalent of a DP is a charge motion, there’s no way to just mash that out… so it’s not like online Terry is going to become some legendary thing like Flowchart Ken.

Are a lot of people going to be playing him though? Absolutely, he’s a popular character and one of the more recognizable ones to people. You gotta pick 3 characters so there’s a chance he’ll slip into a lot of teams…

Finally checked out the official movie. Then it hit me:
think cB cA link cC QCB+D will loop?

Things about Terry:

  1. If you land B crackshoot CH, you can combo a standing C off of it.
    2.If you hit it anti-air, you can combo all kinds of fun stuff.
    3.You can juggle after anti air A burn knuckle.
  2. I miss my power dunk.

I don’t think qcb+D actually combos off a crouching C unless it’s a stagger counterhit… meaning it wouldn’t work if you do a couple other attacks before it.

and uh cr. B, cr. A, LINK cr. C? Do you mean cr. B, cr. A, df+C?

From the official combo movie(link is at cyberfanatix), one of the combos looked like cB cA cC(the uppercut) burn knuckle.

that’s d/f+C; Terry’s crC is a straight punch

No Buster wolf = WHY!

Oldschool Terry never had that move. I think he only got it in Garou + games after that.