KoF XIII Asus VH236H sound issue


So I finally got an Asus Evo monitor and was all excited to download KoFXIII for PS3 to have a set up the same as tourneys. But after downloading the game from PSN and attempting to run it, the sound just makes the speakers fuzz out at different pitches. This only happens with KoFXIII. I have Guilty Gear and Darkstalkers also installed and both titles function and sound perfect. The sound works on the menu bar as well as Netflix.

It’s is connected only with an HDMI cable. No external speakers.

Here’s what I tried:

*deleting and reinstalling KoFXIII as well as restarting the PS3
*enabling WMA & ARTRAC in ‘Video Settings’ (don’t know if that would do anything)
*going through the Asus VH236H menu settings for volume
*doing a manual reset in the Asus VH236H menu setting

I’m at a lose that it only happens to KoFXIII and nothing else.

Ideas appreciated.


I had a very similar issue, except instead of sound messing up it was the picture would flicker, everything worked fine except with KOF13. swapped out the hdmi cord and that fixed the problem. I know your thinking “what would the cable have to do with it” but it is ps3 and kof13, it isnt supposed to make sense :stuck_out_tongue:


Keep in mind Monitors have crap-tastic speaker quality, all it takes is there too be too much bass in KOF’s sound. Switching to external PC speakers will get rid of the issue.


The Asus monitor I got this past year DEFINITELY has crappy speakers… Tolerable only with external speakers or headphones. Had I known about the issue and NOT liked the monitor’s video/color quality, I would have saved some money and gotten an Acer monitor instead.

My previous 15" Philips CRT monitor, which had much bigger side-mounted built-in speakers, had much better sound reproduction, so it depends on build as much as manufacturer. The Philips served faithfully for over 14 years (until it started dying), had excellent sound quality, and very acceptable resolution for its time. (That said, I’m happier with the resolution on the newer monitor.)

But otherwise, yeah, flatscreen monitors don’t have great speakers. Front-mounting isn’t generally great for sound quality and the speakers are tiny and tinny sounding. You can probably save your money, buy a cheaper tourney-rated without speakers (Acer), and get an external speaker set that will plug into either your gaming platform OR (if you buy an Asus and can’t return it…!) the headphone jack of an existing monitor. You get what you pay for soundwise but can still find some decent stereo speakers for less than $100 but more than $30. Something good should pop up between $45 and $80.


Hey thanks all for chiming in, I got the sound up and running!

I just had to go into ‘Sound Options’ in the PS3 menu screen and mess with the different sound channels for the HDMI sound stream and got KoF (and everything else) to function properly.


I had a similar issue with my dell monitor when the ps3 is connected and the fix is the same with changing Sound Options.

For me I had to make sure that the audio is not set to 5.1 but to 2 channel mode.


Need to spread this knowledge.