[KOF XIII] Benimaru


  • A lot of good info on Benimaru’s normal & special moves. Start here

- Best compilation of combos I’ve seen yet

- Some console changes


[]Flying Drill (Air d+D) has faster recovery, so a normal hit can combo afterwards.
]EX Raijinken (qcf+AC) is a single hit attack (previously 15×3). On a hit, the opponent will be stuck in the air afterwards for a limited period. They can be attacked with another move or even get pushed by running to the edge of the screen.
[]EX Air Raijinken (Air qcf+AC) lasts for a longer time. The time in between the hits are longer than in Arcade. It now sort of works as a special that can be “placed” on the screen.
]Heavy/EX Super Inazuma Kick (dp+K) does more damage. On a full hit, the heavy version’s damage has been increased from 70 to 100, EX from 135 (80+30×2) to 192.
[]EX Iaigeri > Handou Sandangeri damage has been reduced from 263 (70+70+50×3) to 219.
]Benimaru Collider (hcb f+P) has faster recovery when whiffed, so it can rarely be punished if canceled from a blocked heavy punch.
[]EX Benimaru Collider (hcb f+AC) has fewer hits (previously 15×15). This makes it cause less scaling for combos afterwards.
]Rai Kou Ken (qcf qcf+BD) has faster startup, and the Max Cancel timing is different. Invincibility runs out before it becomes active.

Some combos I’ve written up (taken from other videos and matches)

0 Bar/ 0 Drive

  • j.D, [cr.B x 2 or cl.D], qcf+K d~u+K (230, 248 dmg)

  • j.D, cl.D, hcbf+P (hard knockdown) (238 dmg)

1 Bar/ 0 Drive

  • j.D, [cr.B x 2 or cl.D], qcf+PP, (roll), qcf+D d~u+D (317,340 dmg)
    You dont need to roll mid combo, but pushes your opp further into the corner.

  • [Corner] j.D, [cr.B x 2 or cl.D], qcf+PP, air qcf+A x3, qcf+D d~u+D (435,472 dmg)

2 Bar/ 0 Drive

  • j.D, cl.D, qcf x2+PP (420 dmg)

3 Bar/ 0 drive

  • j.D, cl.D, qcf+PP, qcf x2+PP (501 dmg)

  • j.D, cl.D, hcbf+PP, qcb+P, qcf x2+PP (542 dmg)

0 Bar / 1 Drive

  • j.D, cl.D, qcf+K d~u+K [DC 1st hit] qcb+P, qcf+K d~u+K (357 dmg)

1 Bar / 1 Drive

  • [Corner] j.D, cl.D, qcf+K d~u+K [DC 1st hit] qcf+PP, air qcf+A x3, qcf+D, qcf+D d~u+K (493 dmg)

2 Bar / 1 Drive

  • j.D, [cr.B x 2 or cl.D], qcf+K d~u+K [DC 1st hit] qcb+P, qcf x2+PP (477, 514 dmg)

3 Bar / 1 Drive

  • [Corner] j.D, cl.D, qcf+PP, air qcf+A x3, qcf+C, qcf+D d~u+K [DC 1st hit] qcb+P, qcf x2+PP (639 dng)

4 Bar / 1 Drive

  • [Corner] j.D, cl.D, qcf+PP, air qcf+A x3, qcf+C, qcf+D d~u+K [DC 1st hit] qcf+PP, qcb+P, air qcf+A x4, qcf+C, qcf x2+PP (747 dmg)

HD Combos

  • will add some soon.

Corner Throw Combos

  • will add soon

EX Command Grab

  • will add soon

I’m 100% sure there are better combos than the ones I’ve written up. I’ll edit this post from time to time until we have optimal damage for the amount meter used. Thanks


Benimaru is the man in this game. Anyways you start off the round?

I cannot for the life of me “get” the timing of :qcf:+:k:, :d::u:+:k: (cancel) :qcf:+:2k:, :d::u:+:2k:
The game always seems to Drive cancel into :dp:+:k: instead.

Any tips?

during your first :d::u:+:k: followup make sure you are not hitting :df: of :f: at all. a good way to bypass this all together is after your fist :qcf:+:k: quickly press :u:+:k:, then go for your second :qcf: motion

what combo are you trying to do btw? is it a start to a longer combo?

It’s one of the trials, was trying to use them to get a grip of Benimaru & see what he can do.
So you’re saying I can skip the :d: input after :qcf:+:k: ?

yea you will buffer the :d: input during the :qcf: motion.

can anyone give me any tips on how to do fireball really close to the ground?? i have tried the tk method and can’t get it to work…i can do it while backdashing its almost useless that way…

the tk method is the correct way. if a ground raijinken comes out, youre hitting the button too fast, try letting your stick go to neutral before pushing the button.

I’ve tried TKing Raijinken using :d::df::f::uf:A, but I usually just end up doing a jump attack. The only way I can get it is to manually press :uf: then :d::df::f:A.

Is the first method the right way? I haven’t been able to land even one TK Raijinken that way.

TKing Raijinken takes a bit of practice in this game. At least compared to like a capcom game. I had to practice a good few hours just to find the timing for it. While you can** do backdash>Raijinken, you’re generally doing more work on your hand than simply learning the timing for the TK. (plus you’ll need to be consistent with it in combo and backdash Raijinken is easy to mess up.)

only think I can say is work on pausing for a slight second before pushing A or C.

The method I use is delaying the press for A/C for my Tk’d Raijinken. During the latter part of the animation I usually buffer in the next tk so I can get the next one out as soon as possible.

Benimaru is 100 percent unadulterated awesome.

Since the game is strict on inputs and has few shortcuts I find using the input display really helps determine execution issues. If you are getting the correct 2369 motion but a ground Raijinken comes out it means you’re pressing P too fast. If you get a jumping attack it means you’re doing it too slow. If you’re doing multiple TK Rajinkens for his corner combo you need to make sure the TK comes as close to the ground as possible and you need to wait until Benimaru lands before doing the next TK Raijinken.

Really like Benimaru in this game since he’s incredibly versatile. He pretty much has all the tools to do really well in the KoFXIII engine and can be flexible in any position on a team allowing you to modify your team order to handle match ups. So far I like placing him in either 1st or 3rd slot since he can be a good battery or a really solid anchor.

Not really, if you’re getting a jump attack you probably input an :u: by mistake, this nullifies the :d: motion of your raijinken

2 bars 60% drive kill combo off cr.lp. Did anybody say raijinken? Probably an infinite if you can add more TKs to each rep to keep building the meter. EX raijinken should never be able to juggle into that shit’s so broke


should a command grab always follow a blocked cl.D? Recovery time nearly the same (+/- some frames), puts you closer to opponent (can connect w/ nj.D, where not cancelling into command grab will leave you just out of range), ~180 damage w/HKD if hit (no need to confirm). builds some extra meter.

cl.C seems the same as above but wont be in nj.D range after.

can also cancel from f+B. noticeably reduces recovery .move is still so-so.

works for every normal beside s.B, seems viable for cl.D and f+B tho.

can combo similar off his EXcommand/ corner throw :). Benni is a very scary in the corner indeed.

Beni basically always gets kill combos in the corner off anything if he starts out with 2 bars and full drive. For the really long stun combos however you need to get at least 6 TKs each rep to build the meter for it.

I hadn’t thought about backdashes to raijinken. That should be faster than doing TKs and if i can get up to 7 TKs consistently maybe even 8 I’m gonna try and make an infinite combo out of this.

Might as well post this here as well since it does feature Mr. Benimaru himself.

Paint me stupid.

So that video of Benimaru as Mario shows he can air throw? I was totally unaware of this, I knew about his spinning drill-esque dive kick though…how do you air throw? Is it just a Benimaru Collider in midair?

Who else has air throws?