[KOF XIII] Clark Still

Hey, if no one else has started up a Clark thread, I will!



The guide has a lot of useful info on his moves, and there are combos floating around for him, but strategies are a little more elusive. How’ve you guys been giving people the business with the man of steel? I’ve really been wanting to step up my mixups but haven’t gotten very far outside of midscreen LP Gatling xx Step, cl.HP xx Step reset crossups and really derpy gimmicky stuff like carefully spaced LP Gatling whiffs to LP/HP SAB or cl.HK/HP combos and rolling after a corner reset. I’m sure there are much better options out there than what I’ve been up to…

So is Clark even good in this game? I’m trying to decide wheter or not play him or Ralf. My problem with both is that Ralf isn’t like he was in 98, and Clark isn’t like he was in 2k2. Ralf seems a little bit more complex with his totally new moveset, eg. harder, but maybe better, comboes, Clark on the other hand has that KOF grappler wakeup game, but then again Daimon does that way much better. Both appeal to me, so it just comes down to which has the better options in most situations and such.

some clark combos from dandyDLC



clark master class