[KOF XIII] Duo Lon

KOF XIII Hyper Guide - Duo Lon

Duo Lon is back in KOF XIII with a new bag of tricks, including some of the most unique options in the game for zoning, rushdown, and mixups.

Changes from arcade to console:
KOFXIII Character Changes part 4
[]EX Genmuken (f+AC) has increased hitstun. It can be followed up with attacks like a heavy punch or light Juon Shikon (qcb+A).
]Genmukyaku (f+K) can be canceled into DM’s.
[]Juon Shikon’s (qcb+P) frames have been tweaked. The light version comes out faster than before, so it’s easier to use for strings and combos.
]EX Shakijuuryuu (qcf+AC) is special-cancelable instead of Drive-cancelable.
[]Hiden: Juonshikonsou (hcb hcb+AC) damage has been increased from 400 to 448.
]Genmuken (f+A) no longer has different properties when Drive-canceled (or HD-canceled) into. Previously, the Drive Cancel version was Drive-cancelable instead of special-cancelable, though it could still be canceled normally into Himoukyaku: Mae (qcf+K) or Himoukyaku: Ushiro (qcb+K).

Im pretty interested in Duo Lon as well here are some arcade setups that I believe mostly still work in console starts at about 1:40

Thanks Kane from Dreamcancel for the link.

All of his fuzzy guard meaty j.B setups no longer work, so his j.B j.6B air chain isn’t too useful anymore.

Oh really? What change makes the fuzzy guard setups not work?

It feels like his hop is higher. No wonder I never land overheads with him anymore. I did it perfect on arcade and then console came out and I haven’t landed a single meaty j.B

I believe that all the fuzzy guard setups no longer function, so it’s a system change.

I’m trying to find practical ways to use his Air f+AC. The best use I’ve found so far is j.CD, hh.f+AC, run under for a tricky cross-up. It’s pretty difficult to do consistently, though.

how do i cancel the qcf+A 3x into duo lons super? ive tried slowing it down and I still cant get it.

its the universal jumpin hit stun change that causes it to be much harder to do his fuzzy guard

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Just wondering if anyone is going to answer my question I previously posted I dont know how active this part of the forum

you have to cancel the last rekka into teleport then use ex super

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in the trial, when I demo the combo he doesnt use a teleport or the ex super he just strictly cancels after the 3rd hit into the rekka in the super but it doesnt seem to let me cancel it like idk the inputs is really hard to do

There’s no trick to it. Crank out three rekkas and then start the DM input.

And I take it you found a way to land his fuzzy guard setup, RogueYoshi?

idk man ive tried and it never comes out ive spent atleast 4 hours trying. the rekkas come out fine but even when i slow down the inputs I get nothing. theres no kind of shortcut for the dm motion?

There’s two shortcuts, but I don’t think they help much:



Both give more leeway to the DM input, but since the 214 input is opposite of 236 there isn’t a real good way to buffer it. Sorry dude, maybe start inputting the DM earlier immediately after the last 236+P.

i couldn’t get it a lot at first either, just keep practicing it. it’s really easy once you start slowing it down and looking at what parts of the gate you’re hitting / need to hit. Make sure to turn on input display so you know exactly what you’re doing and don’t waste any time inputting stuff you don’t need to.

This is one of the characters that i Really like, had a good combos, not to much, but good ones, the only problem that I’ve see with this character, is doing the max cancel, you need to be so fast to do that!

Any tips on how to beat this guy? I play King/Leona/Elisabeth and he kinda rapes me whenever I play him. Even though King is easily rushed down, I feel I’m more likely to beat him with her as her tornado kick flies clean over fireballs and can AA him. There is a rhythm that most Duo Lon players have with their attacks and once I figure it out I can plan accordingly. But still any tips for any of my characters or in general on how to deal with him?

There may be a bug occurrence with Duo Lon…

I explain this a little more in the Glitches/Bugs sections of the game.

I’ll guide you. Leona fits into any team position quite easily. Leona also the best defensive options, but ALL of her special moves are unsafe and it is easy for any good/decent Duo Lon to take advantage of that. Leona DOMINATES in the air and she has one of the best DM’s in the game (Mid-air QCB > HCF A/C = A travels a steeper slope for Leona and C travels further). Duo Lon damage ratio is not that high but he can still dish out so much damage in little time if the player knows what he/she is doing. It’s best to react to Duo Lon’s movements. Leona Back Charge Forward A/C move is a decent/anti-air. It catches people and helps you reset your opponent with an air with a j.D. Leona’s BnB’s include close D > command forward B > QCB A. (If you use QCB C you can finish the combo with a Down charge Up A for more damage). Leona is very good at zoning as well, so you can use her ear rings from a full screen to toss at Duo Lon. Watch out for Duo Lon’s teleports because that plays a huge role in his mix-ups and rush down games!

Elizabeth is REALLY good at building meter. If I were you I would place her as a battery (second character order). Use QCF A/C for building meter and to counteract Duo Lon’s front teleport and jump-in’s/hops. Elizabeth has an unorthodox offensive fighting style and a command throw. After using close C you can use you command forward B or move away with QCB B/D. Her DP causes her to travel forward and is slightly unsafe after a guad but has decent priority. Her QCFx2 A/C move gives her start-up invincibility and her
It is also easy to get Neo Max combos off of Elizabeth as well. Elizabeth’s movement is good enough to counteract Duo Lon’s movement and his teleports. Duo Lon CAN NOT be zoned easily and he can use short hop forward for his B to while you are guarding low so make sure you react

King… she has one of the easiest BnB’s combos in the game, but she does not build meter quickly. She moves very fast and has a very nice projectile game. B Tornado Kick is safe on guard (and EX) and her EX Trap Shot can be used as an anti-air options in case the Duo Lon player hops/jumps too much and it has some good priority and it is to drive cancel for a Tornado Kick. King is a really solid character, in spite of the obvious flaws.

As for Duo Lon himself, you need to watch out for his standing B because it hits LOW and is easily cancelled into other specials. The reason why Duo Lon can not be zoned easily is because of his Forward B move which kills any attempt for zoners - King is at a small advantage because during her projectile she is not on the ground for a moment. Really good Duo Lon players will use his speed and teleport at their fullest so you should react appropriately. Duo Lon can combo from his forward hop B > fB > then continue on when he is on the ground - if you have enough meter saved, you can use Guard Cancel Blowbacks for safety or, even better, Guard Cancel Roll because you can NOT be get a meaty from those, while on regular rolls you can.

Please go to Dream Cancel wiki for the said characters. That way you will know the characters better. If you want further assistance my PSN is on my Signature and I also play Duo Lon and your characters.