I came. Going to do his Wiki page tonight. There is absolutely NO reason for “me” to play normal Kyo at all. At all at all at all.


I main Shen/EX Kyo. There is no need for a third.


Upload a vid of some cool stuff please?


I can’t, I had to go to my friend’s place to play on 360 to test stuff. I can’t actually do videos until the PSN release date. But, I’ll put what I can find on the wiki for now. In lieu, I’ll work on EX Iori and Iori videos as well as the other cast as time goes on. Maybe not this week since there is a lot of Christmas cooking I need to be doing and almost getting a job.


i think i might replace ex iori with ex kyo if i like him enough…we shall see


NESTS Kyo is like a wave of nostalgia to me. But even outside of that I’m really enjoying him.

What’s his best meterless BnBs you guys are finding? And what’s his best one stock of meter option? In terms of damage I guess.


cl.C f.B xx A or C Rekkas
cr.B cl.C xx A or C Rekkas
st.B/cr.B cr.B cr.A xx A Rekkas or Final Showdown
cl.C xx qcf+D,D > RED KICK *corner alternative: Aragami, Aragami > hcb+P,P

Not combos:
cr.B, cr.A (frametrap) f.B xx A or C Rekkas
cr.B, cl.C f.B xx A or C Rekka 1 hit (didn’t test EX series)

This is the main stuff, I’ll find more stuff later. Don’t have the 360 version on me.


I wish you could have infinite drive on training, and I’d just do light rekka into hard rekka over and over for the rest of time.


i’m playing on ps3 so i haven’t got him yet LOLOLOLOL
how are his command normals? and what about cancelling/whencancelledinto?


Doesn’t look like you cancel :df: HK into anything aside from HD cancel…
EX Red Kick homes in from anywhere on screen, nice punishment for zoning.
Normal RED Kicks will come in handy against zoners, but they knockdown on hit, can’t drive cancel them, you can end juggles with them but there’s better finishers…
:qcf:HK, needs 2nd HK input for second hit, you can juggle with his Rekkas, but normal Kyo’s meterless juggles give more options. EX Kyo’s :dp: LP/HP doesn’t push people upwards, has kind of vacuum effect on the EX version, pulls opponent in and shoots them out and away depending on screen position
Rekkas:rofl: …the shit you can with Rekka Drive/HD Cancels is so much fun. Cr.LK chains easy into cr.LP or standing LP straight into Rekka madness.
:qcf:HP, DC :qcf:LP, :qcf:HP and so…into anything…not as meterless juggle capable as Kyo, but ground pressure was lots of fun.


(midscreen) cl.C f.B xx C rekkas
(corner) cl.C xx QCF+D, QCF+A, QCF+A > HCB+A, P

1 Meter 1 Drive
(corner) cl.C f.B xx QCF+AC > QCF+A > HCB+A > P [DC] QCF+D, QCF+A, QCF+A > HCB+A > P


Oh wow, I didn’t realize you could connect his C rekkas off of his f.B. Thanks man. I did notice if I don’t began that first combo deep enough the C rekkas fall out of space a bit but that’s on my spacing haha.


this is seriously how i feel…but i sadly have the ps3 version as well. ex kyo is amazing.


what spot do you think he fits in the most? i heard he does less damage than XIII Kyo with meter, but more without than XIII, is that true?


I prefer him on First or Second, but he could be played on Third as well. He’s my best character and I set the momentum with him easily so I like him to put a large dent into teams at the start of the game. Since his tool set is balanced enough to test out people, I feel comfortable with him as the starter as opposed to more eccentric or characters that thrive better with more meter.

I can’t test the damage outputs between both Kyos without meter, I remember EX Kyo’s standard bnbs did marginally less damage than Kyo, but had about as good or better okizeme.


My best character so far. I have him second although I think he’d be better first for a lot of teams.
Actually got past trail 7 with this character, haha!


Was playing around with Kyo’s


HK and you can followup with hyper hop (or is it super hop? still getting used to the jumps in this game) HK when you are midscreen for some fun cross under shenanigans. Haven’t used it in a real match yet and I’m not sure how viable it is since


HK doesn’t combo off of much but still a nice tool.


i was just testing out my phone’s upload speed to youtube but I was testing out exactly what you’re talking about and uploaded some stuff you can do.



the first setup will not work if they hold back to block( jump b doesnt hit meaty), I tweaked it in the second vid to hit meaty so they must block the cross up. depending on when you hit the hyperhop D you can change whether kyo will cross up or not. Additionally kyo can do the run under mixup off qcf BD as well as qcf D…very ambiguous and you can choose to go to either side.

using hyperhop C as a reset i also got jump C to cross up on crouchers wooo


That’s some pretty cool stuff. :slight_smile:

After the QCF D (in the corner) you can do HCB B and then drive cancel it into QCF B. It seems like you can do something after this but nothing seems to work. :confused: Could someone help me out?


qcb+B only has juggle frames for the very first bit (just like when you normally do qcf+B off a cl.C or cr.B st.B). In this specific situations it juggles up much too high to be able to hit with something in time. So it’s not possible.