KoF XIII General Discussion: Part II


I wonder how the SNKP KOFXIII sprite making division is holding up. They must have been working all this time on completing more sprites/characters for the console release.

They’ve had a lot more time than the gap between KOFXII arcade and console release, so maybe they will add 3 or more characters to the console version instead of just 2? :slight_smile: Ahhh if only these sprites were worked on earlier they probably could have completed even more characters.

Maybe if they had double the team working on the sprites, they could probably add almost as many playable characters as KOFXI home version received (which added about 11, not counting bosses or EX Kyo. Well of course those were sprite rips so they were faster to complete. ) :slight_smile:

found some fan modified sprites someone modified:

Ash Crimson: http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/3360/ashrt.png

Fatal Fury Team: http://img851.imageshack.us/img851/3550/fatal.png

K’ team: http://img269.imageshack.us/img269/8130/95137740.png

Ikari Warriors: http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/8949/ikaril.png

Kim team: http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/622/kimt.png


If anything, this iteration of Mai is one of the best that Mai has ever been. The frame advantage after cl.A and far A is almost pretty ridiculous and her ability to frame trap afterwards with cr.C is tremendous. Her cr.C’s range and speed have been improved from the past and is able to hit a lot of normals and special moves. It helps that Mai is able to establish running and walking pressure not only with cl.A and far A but now with cr.B as she doesn’t have a slide to overlap her motions as she tries to run and cr.B. Put that together with a great j.CD, j.D, and j.C for air-to-air and limiting ground movement, Mai is able to simply trap opponents from making maneuvers and limits approach. If an opponent even thinks of trying to air to air a hop j.C or something of the like, the opponent will most likely eat an option select air throw while doing so. Also add in the fact that st.B hits all of the crouching cast, Mai can virtually limit all movement within the hop and ground space, counter poke and blockstring pressure, and frustrate the opponent into pure blocking.

Playing this game more against real people, I’d say the true reason why the top tier are top tier or rather popular is due to damage rather than actual tools with the exception of drop kick. I wouldn’t say that drop kick needs to be nerfed though as it adds an interesting dynamic that no other grappler in KOF ever had. It’s just the EX Shoulder Tackles in the corner that actually do the bulk of the damage with little committal to charging, as in it charges easily. Drop Kicks limit the overall good tool set Raiden has for about a good 15 seconds and sets him a part from other grappling characters that have good cross ups or light attack hitconfirms into command throws. In my opinion, Drop Kick into Drop Kick should remain as it is, but no other special move or super should connect after it. Otherwise playing against K’ or Shen Woo is very doable, it’s just their damage outputs are just larger and a bit easier compared to the cast, such as doing Ash Sans Culotte combos into Hyper Drive combos into finishing juggle combos for less reward than doing a million Shen Woo punches.

Speaking of Ash, I wouldn’t say he’s the easiest character in the game. It’s K’ or Shen just due to natural designs of the character. Playing more Shen Woo though, he’s really good because he has everything. Even 98 style cr.B > command throw just like Daimon.

I wouldn’t say King is mediocre, but she does lack damage amongst most of the cast. Also I’ve been testing more zoning strategies in XIII, Tataki. So far it has been working pretty well against people. I’ll try to play against Dune and the other Japanese players coming over to EVO and test my findings against their knowledge and strong fundamentals and see how it rolls. It’s mainly trying to play my style against characters such as solid K’, Kyo, Raiden, etc.

To emphasize again, Mai has some good shit. On a different tangent, I have some dirty shit with Iori right now but I’ll save that for later.

By the way Mai was actually good in 98 og and had tools to actually fight the top tier. Look up Ching Lung playing against Dakou for an example. 02um Mai is quite viable as well and I’d say 02um Mai would be the most fun and have a good diversity of tools and damage output. 98 Mai though actually has better grounded answers to full jumps other than cl.D such as dp+D and even eats Chris’ j.CD alive. It’s just there are other more obvious zoners or easier/gimmicky characters that people would rather play.


Nice observation! Thanks!


Who has acess to this game


People near arcade machine locations.


Thats not what I’ve been hearing


You heard wrong.


Are you saying that people near arcade machine locations don’t have access to the game? That’d be pretty silly.


I heard of people not around arcades having acess to it


Yeah, some people could buy the board. Pretty costly but I think it’s well worth it.


Well THE ANSWER does own his own board from what I heard, so it’s quite possible actually.


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so uh…how’s mature fairing now this deep in? Same with Ryo? I figure Mature still has solid tools overall and well Ryo…I haven’t heard much on him.


Looks more like someone just shoved on a smoothing filter.

What is the status of Manual Colour Edit in 13?
I need my bottomless Yuri again.


Giant slashy projectile still good.

Ryo is kinda eh compared to the other Kyokugens… people are using Takuma and Robert more, since they have the full range fireballs.


The vibe I got was that if you’re going to run Kyokugen, you run Takuma.


Oh boy.

Ryo is really good as well. His cl.D in previous games is now his st.D without any difference between close and far. Really beefy pressure and frametrap move. His Koken still has a good hitbox and is able to frametrap as well, especially EX version being to meaty, fast, and safe. I’ve seen someone just mash 3-4 EX Koken endgame and it worked. In the corner, Ryo could always combo A version Koken into B version Hienshippu Kyaku. Ryo can do cr.B x2, st.A xx B Hienshippu Kyaku on all the characters in the game, just pay mind you have to really chain the two cr.Bs closely. Ryo’s DP is still Ryo’s DP. st.CD is still pretty good as it is. Ryo has that better j.CD where he helicopters so he’s able to have more downward j.CD pressure to lock down opponents as he’s trying to get his empty hop and hop pressure. He doesn’t have overhead properties if he delay cancels his f.A overhead, but his f.A overhead can plainly super cancel now. He can cr.B, cr.A xx Neomax as well as f.A xx Neomax. Far C super cancels as well, could set up for another frametrap.

So in essence, Ryo is really good; you just have to know how to really do your blockstring pressure and you have to know how to get in and be able to frametrap and guard break. You could even bait out Counter CD attacks by just canceling that move in your string that you think will get Counter CD’d by doing his parries, f.B and df.B. You could even confirm a guard break using normals and then shorten the recovery and go into a combo by using whiff parries as well. He’s a really solid character but you can’t be a dumb scrub and do silly shit like qcf+B > dp+A blockstrings. You have to play him solidly, he can’t really do running cr.B pressure like other characters for a stronger high/low game but he makes up for it by uniquely having one of the stronger frametrap games amongst the characters.

Robert is Robert, he plays a basic offensive high/low game coupled with having a command grab. His j.D is still really difficult to deal with and he still has a good dive attack. He could play a basic neutral game with fireballs and anti-air attacks and then be able to stack on his offensive and make the opponent want to counter approach, in which Robert could start turtling/zoning it out with backwards hop j.D and the such. He could do simple combos like cr.B, cr.A, f.B xx fbf+k or hcf+k, and simple jump-in/hop-in combos. I’m feeling his j.D could troll Ein Triggers in the close/mid-close game.

Takuma is Takuma like 98 Takuma except with a worse off fireball game but a better inside game. In 98, the only way to hitconfirm into a knockdown without using super was really to delay cancel cr.B or cr.A into f.B to get that hard knockdown. In 02um, Ura Takuma had the same thing but at least he could extend his damage by doing a df.B OTG. Now Takuma has things such as a command grab and quickly charging Hienshippu Kyaku to knockdown and also lead into big drive cancel combos into stun. So although his zoning is slightly not as good, he certainly isn’t worse off.

Mature, as I’ve been testing, is still really good. She is even relevant in games such as 98 og or 02um like a secret high tier character. In this iteration, she could play her zoning game to some extent, her fireball isn’t as good first off. That encourages more jumps from more angles to get over it, but now Mature has a faster j.D attack to cover that up-forward range as she’s hopping or jumping. Her j.C really isn’t as much used in this application as it was in the past, but it has a good general hitbox both forward and downwards and slightly upwards. Where she can’t cover with her j.C, she has j.D. In regards to her j.CD, it doesn’t cover the same space it does but it covers that downward, horizontal space extremely quickly. Since pushback on j.CDs is only applicable to the opponent and not the attacker, Mature could just abuse neutral hop j.CD just like Blanka could abuse neutral j.RH in Hyper Fighting. Same with any other character with a downward, horizontal j.CD since the attacker doesn’t get pushed back.

What Mature focuses in on now is her great frametrap game and her ambiguous far and close B. That new qcb+B move Mature has is now better as it does pretty decent chip and is relatively safe while moving her forward. Pile in both far and close B cancel, either hit of close B cancels, cr.A cancels and could chain from cr.B, and both far and close C attacks are fast and cancel while moving Mature forward; Mature is a frametrap/chip nightmare. She has a better, standard jump-in attack with j.C, and Mature could frametrap an anti-air attempt with a neutral hop j.CD. Mature’s first rekka is relatively safe on block, so she has a few applications and commitments with it. She could try to confirm a rekka and be safe on block and possibly get more damage if it actually hits but be pushed out on block and somewhat end offensive momentum, or get guaranteed chip that moves her forward to continue pressure with qcb+B but lose an opportunity on hit to continue damage.

Also EX fireball is really good for Mature. One time I got a full screen knockdown and did EX fireball and had enough time to run and jump over the opponent before the fireball hit. It’s a good slow, 3-hit projectile in which Mature could follow closely and the opponent should not ever jump or roll because she will punish either.

I’m tired of people saying certain characters are bad or not good. It’s as if no one has an imagination to find new strategies or possibilities anymore.