KoF XIII General Discussion: Part II


Against hop pressure the majority of characters can stand jab a hop. The rest usually have some kind of button that will work.


On wakeup?


On wake up expect to block.


I meant on wakeup. In which case your options are to guess-block, Roll, or dash back.


And I mean on wake up, expect to block against a hop because all your other options lose if the other guy knows what he is doing.


Runaway online tactics ftw.


I sincerely hope you weren’t talking about me.


I sincerely do. That was some garbage. I am so salty over getting robbed of that Super at the end and you mash out her EX Grab. And then you run and hide because you knew I figured you out.

Edit: I’m like “WTF? He’s seriously not running away the entire time with Duo and just doing random jCD and teleport?” HE IS! Wow…" that’s what I thought in the first round. 2nd set was typical week 1 zoning nonsense with emphasis on being as random as you possibly can.


Um lol

I was playing keep away because the connection was so shit that it was damn near impossible to do anything. Fuck Tornado kick out of slide wasn’t even working. Hell my Yuri HD was dropping.

And if “figuring me out” means mash Hwa s.CD 5 times in a row, Ryo fireball 15 times in a row, and doing random drunk DPs is figuring me out then whatever. Then what the fuck was with all those random Turn punches with Clark? You know that shit is unsafe right?

If you want to believe you figured me out go ahead.


Um lol? Runaway with Duo and do Mexican Uppercut and random jCD? Um lol? Random Yuri EX Grabs? BTW, Hwa’s stCD is really good, he can’t be hit low and it gives him a chance to cancel into Drunk Mode but I guess you don’t know that. And Ryo is basic fireball pressure, and I was doing CD into Fireball and waiting for your lame jump ins to Mexican Uppercut you. I’m still learning him but that’s how he’s played, at high level dudes just make better reads. I did one Clark Shoulder when you did King’s slide and didn’t confirm into fireball like a scrub, I’m shocked that that wasn’t punishable.

After 2 matches you ran away.


You mean wait for you to brainlessly normal jump at me with Clark CD and AA you with the proper AA? You know c.Cs tend to win when you CD that high right?

Everything you say isn’t wrong, except you didn’t know how to use them. Ryo fireball pressure is shit if you constantly whiff the fireball in my face like an idiot. The other person can run forward and punish you for it. If you didn’t notice I delayed j.CD with Billy twice to punish it. Hell the Sakai roll would have punished if I got the grab instead of the damn fireball super. Second Hwa CD is a good button IF YOU DON’T WHIFF IT. Again I blew you up three times with Yuri by doing jump back dive kick AKA THE PROPER PUNISH. And you did about 4-5 Clark Shoulders in unsafe situations and I couldn’t punish it because nothing was fucking working.

Lastly Ryo c.C is good…IF YOU DON’T WHIFF IT. You were mashing that shit whenever. Hell you were mashing grab out of block stun like an idiot.

You had zero concept of spacing to the point where I could basically just punish you for doing dumb shit even without being able to do an actual combo. Even in that shitty connection.

Dude you are so bad you don’t even know. I quit after two matches because I didn’t want to play on a shit connection against someone doing dumb shit left and right. You lost two rounds inspite of me not being able to play my full game. Grow up.


Oh bullshit, you’re another one of those guys who thinks they’re hot shit at KOF and plays like garbage. Then when someone beats you or comes close to beating you you make up some bullshit to cover your ass.


Yep I guess that’s why I placed Top 32 at Final Round 16 in KOF 13 and SF4. Go fuck yourself. Play offline.

Also you can ask Laban if you want. He’s played me in person at Evo.


Wow, I even try to get a rematch with you and you kick me.

BTW: I never heard of you. Juicebox is more famous then you, that’s sad bro. And you’re the one who said it’s a good idea to do st.A on wakeup…


You probably placed top 32 because there were only 32 people there to play KOF.


Hey funny thing guys I beat in my local scene beat Juice box at evo.

I also beat him on his stream.

And I told you the connection is trash I don’t want to play on it.


Okie dokie…


Yo, was that EVO 2010? If it was 2011 or 2012, I might’ve been there too. I just don’t recognize your name is all.

I fucking laughed, Final Round has always had a huge SNK following.


My email was exploding with notifications of activity in the Kof thread. Got excited that people are interested about kof again for a second. Little did I know that it’s the same old LouisCipher BS all over again. lol

  1. I played Laban in Pool losers finals after losing in Winners finals to Fernado (Played Athena) from Vegas. Lost a close one to Laban.

I didn’t get to go this last year because Grad school tied me down. Though my scene (with the Austin assist) beat Juicebox enough that he rage quit the room.