KoF XIII General Discussion: Part II


Yo I saw that match, I can definitely attest that you aren’t retarded. Kinda wish Fernando still played Athena but then again fuck that character forever.


I just find it amusing that you cannot call someone out without them pulling the “Do you know who I am? I was at xyz tournament and played so and so! Therefore I’m good!” maybe the guy is good offline? I dunno. I said those matches online were bad, maybe he was trolling me thinking he’s such an ultimate badass? Maybe it was bad? I dunno, didn’t feel that bad until the 2nd match where I couldn’t punish King’s slide and my super with Hwa didn’t come out at the end.

I’m just amused -again- that you cannot criticize, cannot say “That was a shitty match.” and they pull that “Do you know who I am?” shit. I know the usual suspects were going to show up despite me beating one of them 2-1 or 2-2 something like that and offered to do a MM at a tournament and he never got back to me and somehow I’m the asshole…


Let me put it this way. I won both matches and I say the connection was shit. I couldn’t get King’s slide to combo because you have to cancel late which was not happening in lag. You wouldn’t have been able to punish the slide in the first place if I was actually able to do what I normally do offline. Hell I wasn’t able to punish raw drink and got DPed which lead to that combo you dropped in the first place. The second time I knew you were going to do it and tried to block and still got hit. That’s how bad the connection was.

It’s online, why are you getting so riled about a match on a bad connection? You sound like an asshole because you came to SRK to start raging.


Who’s he running now?


What pissed me off more is that you just mashed out that EX and then left and refused to have a rematch. Then you got all pissy when I said the matches were trash (and they were, let’s be honest here) and I even admitted to being salty after that super dropped. When someone say’s they’re salty they’re not 100% seriously pissed and I thought this was a given but nope.


Because the connection sucked that the matches were not fun to play. That’s why. I don’t like not being able to punish bad drinks with Hwa and getting DPed into the “lawl combo” Hell one of the drinks my back was in the corner and you did CD > Drink which is horribly unsafe in that situations.

I got pissy because you came to SRK (a public forum) and started saying shit especially starting out by saying “Runaway online tactics ftw” like you were trying to brand me as an online scrub. Just read your first two posts and tell me why I shouldn’t get “pissy” at you for saying shit like that.

If you were trying to sound like you weren’t mad you didn’t do a good job at all. It sounds like pure salt about a bad online match.


Shut the fuck up Louiscipher


LoyalSol and Louiscipher should have a money match. i think it would be funny because you guys are both pretty bad and you should both feel bad.


A lot of Yuri and Shen with mostly Kyo but sometimes random 3rd character. He’s been trying to pick up Kim, but I don’t think Kim is a very good choice for him. He’s been doing great at the events he goes out to.


One of these days I definitely want to play against him again. Always enjoy matches against solid players.


Fucking Port Allen.


The two things I’ve noticed about the KOF and VF Community are that

  1. Both are small

  2. Both are full of Beef


KOF players (like the anime fighting community) are very sensitive and very clique-ish.

Say one thing or have an opinion different from theirs or being wrong about one petty thing and homeboy’s buds jump out of the wood work. That is when they’re not on Skype and jerking off over some Anime.


I don’t know what purpose this brings to this thread rather than undermining the game and it’s players in general at least when Louiscipher amd Loyalsol argue there’s still some tidbits of gameplay and connections in online play.

Back to topic I wonder if PR Balrog will eventually learn KOF since he actually plays XZD consistently, on a plus note KOF needs all the exposure it can get so any ideas how to get the name out there without sounding like a prick?

for example whenever Xian gets mentioned i always mention that he’s good in KOF as well (although this irritates some people)

still more exposure means more competition, sadly most hardcore KOFers from where i am don’t care about 13 or growing the KOF awarenes… they’re just content to playing 2002 (vanilla as they hate the superior 2002 UM) forever and ever


It still amuses me that a lot of dudes don’t know that Poongko got his start with KOFXI.


My apologies, it was a useless comment I admit. I didn’t mean any harm by that statement.




Nope… Philippines… a Scene grew in our region from 97 to 2002 and since the decline in fighting games pre-sf4 the KOF scene is basically stuck in 2002 and continues to fizzle out.


Tested safe jumps with Clark vs Beni. And basically you have to do a very early hop A, where it will whiff and then you can safe jump his EX SRK, Orgasm Super, and qcfx2 EX Super. BUT he can still grab you with his EX Grab…

Also, I think Andy is an underrated point character. Good damage, fast recovery on fireballs, has an element of unpredictability, can do good damage with or without HD combos, and he looks stylish as hell.


but why people hate 98UM and 02UM?