KoF XIII General Discussion: Part II


Because they’re not broken and people don’t like change. At least that’s the case with 02.


i thought they are just the same with some tweaks, rebalances and added cast…


It’s basically a new game.




Thinking of swapping out either Ryo or Clark with Kim. Possbily running Kim 3rd, Hwa 2nd, and Ryo/Clark on Point. I get Kim for the most part except for the cr.B, st.B, T.A combo (timing is a bitch for me) and his corner HD combo.


Don’t like Kim. He uses too much meter for my taste and st.D isn’t as mindless as you would think. Good to use when he has you in the corner though.

Either going to stick it out with Ryo or go to the dark side and go with regular Kyo. I know he’s got a bad Mexican upper cut but jdC and jCD are too OP and he has an unblockable EX grab which appeals to me.


are there any other differences in Normals between the Kyos? Takuma and Karate has that Fwd + A Difference and Takuma has 2 frames faster jump CD…

but for kyo the only differences i see are the overhead Fwd +_ B speed, DF + D Cancellability and stand B being not chainable to another stand B for Regular Kyo but is for EX… are their Jump Dwn + C and jump CD identical?

BTW any ideas on how to get the KOF more exposure?


I started this just days ago, have 15 matches lifetime under my belt so far, lol. Using Andy - Kim - Athena. They’ve been easy to use and I’m not that keen on learning a high-execution character. Great game, SF4 could learn a few things from it.


More than a few. With the ridiculous Ultra rumors bouncing 'round the web, I’m very glad to have KOF as a haven of sane design.


And going back to Billy on 1st. Ryo is beastly and has easy HD combos but I feel like I’m driving a tractor trying to catch a Ferrari.


I didn’t want to make a new thread just for this so I figured I could just ask here, but is there any irc or websites that are very newbie friendly for KoFXIII? I have been playing Street fighter mostly since my friend finally convinced me to play but I found I enjoyed KOF a bit more. I would like to learn more of the tricks and nuances of the game but watching old videos and such requires a bit of luck to run into something I don’t already know.

I am waiting on my new stick to come in(Was using an x-arcade since at the time I didn’t realize they were generally bad for fighting games and ordered a new one after I got sick of fighting with it). But the team I am currently toying with is Vice, King, Leona. I am debating replacing Vice with EX Iori or possibly EX Kyo(I assume that is how it is spelt, since I haven’t seen it written but referred to as such on stream or in conversations with my friend.)

I plan to do the usually recommended training regiment of, training room, play a lot, and watch tournaments, but was hoping there was possibly a good environment for meeting new players or older players willing to be patient with someone who is still learning.


hey guys hows the online for pc for this…i want to pick this up tomorrow…but i want to know if people are actually playing this…unlike pc street fighter x tekken


Circuitbear you can look up SRK wiki or dreamcancel, you can also watch helpful tutorials like Danjy J and Juicebox king’s over at youtube from there (assuming you had the fundamentals understood not necessarily nailed down) you can watch all the tourney videos of KOF xiii and understand the flow of the match and draw your own conclusions from there, and you can visit message boards from time to time to ask about stuff and compare notes… at least that’s how it worked for me during 13, you maybe far ahead of me or these methods i’ve mentioned for all i know.

I really want to know how to get KOF around like word of mouth, i wish i had more time in my hands from work and all.


Thanks Rugal,

That’s basically what I have been doing, just hard to find good sparring partners to go over matches with and bounce ideas and criticism back and forth, which is what I am used too from chess, street fighter and League. Was hoping there would be a good community for that here, but sounds like I am out of luck. No worries though.


Normal Kyo st.A whiffs on crouchers, EX kyo’s st.A DOES. Which is a big deal for his pressure. I also know for a fact there’s a difference between the activation range of the close C, but I always forget which of the two.

Recovery on cr.B is 1 frame quicker for EX kyo, making cr.B cl.C a 2 frame link instead of a 1 frame link it is for normal Kyo.


Online is really good.


yea i got it and its kinda hard to find matches…i totally suck at this game right now anyway so it isnt a big deal…but i still like to go on and get my ass handed to me


It’s best to ask around. Many people are on steam, if not in the game so you can get practice partners to play with. It’s way better than online randoms anyway. Both because you can weed out people without a brain and because you can communicate.


by the way i am so god awful at this game…i need to put some serious time in the training room before i even have a chance…i feel so slow


The upside is, once you train KOF13, go back to games like AE and they feel so, so slow.