KoF XIII General Discussion: Part II


What layout do u guys use?

ABCD is what the SNK arcades had.




something else?



  1. Ugh…button layout? Whatever is the official arcade one, is what I want to use. However is this truly ABCD (straight row) or is it

both on viewlix layout. I also know there is



This is really important to me! I always try to use whatever is the official layout.

  1. Went online, played several people, including Loyalsol! Hey, I was that awful Athena/Elisabeth/Kei team that didn’t know how to defend, sucked at moving, and was helpless. Thanks for the one match at least.

  2. Getting a hang of this game is going to take a long time, the movement especially. The execution is also somewhat strict, and some of the motions are ones I am not used to. (Like QCBHCF) This doesn’t seem like a game u can just jump into, u don’t even start at walking. You start crawling, your face towards the floor in humiliation.



Anyways I researched and the layout on the arcades is apparently usually either

A or


I’m going with the first choice, since that is what has been used on most SNK games.

Also dropped Athena for Duo Lon. I’m a big fan of Athena in Greek mythology, however this character is nothing like her.


hehe maybe this isn’t such a big deal for anyone but it is for me…

I didn’t know Infiltration knew a thing or two about KOF

He uses Ryo, Billy and Kim

and he’s racking up some decent wins and can do HD combos (with kim at least) true his Ryo isn’t as polished as Fox’s or Woo’s, his Billy isn’t as refined as Bala’s and his Kim hasn;t done anything that we haven’t seen from other top level kim players do or do better but he seems to be taking this seriously (at least that’s what it looks like to me) I guess Madkof and other Cafe ID guys maybe giving him some tips especially of he has the execution for it (some AE 2012 FADC executions and plinking are harder for me than KOF HD combos IMO)it would be nice if he starts going through KOF tournaments though as MadKOF is also playing SF as Guy.


So, i’ve been grinding it out in KoF XIII since last week, in training mode and trying to play as many matches against other people as possible. Trying to get back into KoFXIII till USFIV and hopefully going to stick with it. Current team is in my sig but i’m looking to switch out Terry for Duo Lon and maybe King for K’ if he doesn’t prove to be too much. That is not why i’m posting though, i’ve been trying to look up high level Kyo gameplay and almost everyone uses EX Kyo, i need some videos to show me how to play this character properly, not combo videos but matches. Can someone point me in right direction, been searching for a while without any real luck…


Search for footage of Dune/づね from KCE videos. He’s pretty much always using '94 Kyo on his team.


Thanks! Exactly the stuff i was looking for, still unfamiliar for which players i need to look out for aside the more commonly known players that appear regularly on western streams.


Yeah I heard about Infiltration playing KOF xiii…would be really cool if he entered major tournaments for it. He is already one of the best (some would say best) in SFxT and SF4.

Ooh…speaking of high level play matches can anyone point me to high level liz play? I’ve seen Romance use Liz a few times, but it isn’t easy finding high level Liz play. Doesn’t seem many people use her.

Have u seen Juicebox’s Kyo tutorial?


Yeah i’ve seen the Kyo tutorial and and few others of his, really nice videos. The thing is, i wanted to see how Kyo can be used in a match, needed something to try and emulate(not blindly though! ;P)


This is a big deal for me because of the awareness factor in say a player with the caliber of him or Daigo (impossible though) if the volume is turned way up the correct way it could get people more invested ion KOF and expand it.

I mean most Top SF Players I know (outside of the US ones) have a strong footing in KOF

Tokido one of the four Japanese SF Dieties has had convincing victories against MadKOF
Xian (The SF4 evo champ) is IMO just a tier below reynald, romance and such
Chris G (he’s still good in the game though)

US Players like J Wong Stopped, and oddly enough PRBalrog knows how to play Xian Dhi Zuang (what’s it called?) which is a KOF clone but doesn’t play KOF

heck during Canada Cup 2013 where James Chen commentated, i noticed that all the KOF Top finalists were all SF players except MadKOF and Kensouzzang.

and If you look at that Video of Infiltration Playing KOF XIII he does have the fundamentals nailed down and is presenting beatdowns to those two players (one is a very good female player) convincingly, if he can just watch some videos of Bala’s Billy he’d be able to pick it up quickly. he almost transplants some SF4 shoto fundamentals into ryo smoothly outsiude of kof’s mobility differences. MadKOF could really makes him almost as beastly if he just spars with him.


Dakou, Xiaohai, Poongko, Xian, and a few others were old school KOF players.


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Really? Xian and Romance seem to go even when they play each other.

I’ve noticed the players who can play more than 1 fighting game well tend to be better players overall. For example, Daigo used to be a very good GG player ( I think he won EVO for the game) and he was said to be a godlike Jedah player in VS.


I’ve been looking for a third character for a while now and i’ve gone through a few, Terry, Duo Lon, K’ and Iori. I’ve practiced all their basic combo’s, some setups and and played with them in some games to get a feel for them. Of the said characters i think i’ve found my third character in K’ so my team consists of King, K’ and Kyo, in that order. I think this is right though maybe some other people can offer some insight.

I’m having a bit of problems with one of K’ his drivecancels, dp+p(DC) qcf+P~f.k. I got super alot of times in the beginning but found a few ways to deal with it though by reading about some of the shortcuts but i’m wondering if i should even bother trying to learn to do this for his basic bnb’s or HD combo’s.


Dropped K’ and picked up Shen as my anchor. Team Elisabeth all the way:)


Are these forums just dead or what. Every forum I look at is dead for this game lol. This is the game I been wanting to learn since release but I have 0 comp and online is ass, I have it for every system (PC/Xbox/PS3). I pretty much just watch Juicebox’s vids.


Forums are dead for every game that isn’t SFIV. There are people around who can answer questions, but there’s little to ask that you can’t search around and find or figure out yourself. Greater topics of matchups or evaluating the game come up very rarely but you might get an answer. If you don’t have anyone to play with then GGs you’re done. At least watch match videos from the KCE group or Nishinippori Versus if you want to see actual matches or ever wise up to listening to Juicebox herp around.


I dont plenty of research and watch high level vids etc. I been around awhle I just tend to like discussions. Honestly Kof 13 is probably the most solid fighting game imo. I been playing SF for years and SF4 went pure retard with all the unblockables and proximity block cancels etc. As for comp yeah I’m pretty screwed, which sucks. I do live in Florida but nowhere near anyone good. As for watching Juicebox, he is funny even though he doesnt mean to be, passes time when Im just bored on youtube haha.


I had the same problem when I started getting in to the game. It’s weird that nobody likes to talk strategy, matchups, or tiers. What do you want to discuss?