KoF XIII General Discussion: Part II


Just random things I suppose, like for instance why certain characters arent usedor hardly ever seen. Example Kensou, seems cool, but i never seen that fucker played in anything I’ve watched. I have no idea the level in the tiers, like obvious there are top and bottom, but how far is the gap?


Greetings -
Kensou is a very solid character to play. To elaborate he has a pretty good zoning game, relatively easy HD mode hit confirms thanks to his target combo, and multiple cross up potential on a lot of his own air normal moves. Just make sure you’re maintain your offensive game because his grounded normal moves are rather short ranged. Kensou’s jumps a bit floaty as well and his mid screen damage isn’t that high.
Within the corner you can combo off of his throw. Kensou is relatively versatile but he does not “excel” at anything, besides his ability to zone around proficiently. Again, Kensou is a great character to play.
Here is a decent sample of Kensou’s general game play



To speak about tiers… while there are tier lists, the gap between the characters within the game is minimal. How good you do is based on how well you manage your meter, character options, and general decision making during the actual match.


I’m new to KOF, have been using Athena, Andy, and Kim. Is that a good beginner team? Haven’t had any difficulties with execution, though doing the short hop on a 360 d-pad is hard to get used to.


Theoretically, you can start off with any of the characters that you like.
But, I suggest you follow this stream: http://www.twitch.tv/juiceboxabel

Andy is good for beginners. According to JuiceboxAbel (or rather King), the other beginners-friendly characters would include Terry, Shen, (Claw) Iori, Billy, Ralf, and Takuma. The main reason for this is because none of those characters have any really obvious gimmicks and they teach the player more so about the neutral game (specific to KOF fundamentals and the system in general).

I also have some FAQS organized for newer players coming from different fighters as well:
Use the following resources as references. You also have the SRK KOFXIII wiki to consider as well.


The execution is stri

Kim goes a bit to the Cammy side of absurd numbers on things, where he’s good on pure raw power. Even then, you have to know how to play KOF in the end, and he’s a good anchor. Just play what you like to play, and try to do “no DPs this round” type of subgames so you can avoid leaning on crutches. Especially important for Kim because his charge-DP is godlike. One of the few 3-frame DPs in the game.

On topic of being a newbie and having a bad team, see sig ;__; It was the only one I could settle upon. This game has too many good characters D:


Good team, Athena and Andy are a little under utilized so it’ll be great to see what you come up with. Kim is strong as an anchor and isn’t to hard to play as (imo), I hope you have fun with the game.


It’s a good solid team. The best team for beginners is whatever team you will like enough to stick with.

I wouldn’t say Athena is under utilized. A lot of players actually use her because she has a lot of interesting tech.


The two questions keeping this board alive: a) button config and b) beginner characters. LOL. All 59 of these pages seem to have those two questions.


To change the pace a little -
Here is a defensive OS involving the use of DP: Videos are on showcase within the following link.


Someone posted information on the character’s DMs based on damage output:


KOFXIII Confirmed for EVO2014!!


Glad to see KOF will be back for 2k14. Hope we can see some tournaments in NorCal to get ready for it.


Been looking to get into this, with TTT2 and SFxT somewhat dead, and I’m not too sure about Marvel. I’ve probably bought every fighter on 360/PS3/PC excluding Injustice (was meant to get a free copy, then I just didn’t bother).

I main AE2012 but getting bored of it, new to KoF (only played 2002 and I think 98), but not new to fighting games. I’ve noticed the timing is so much more different, and I drop combos a lot. Sloppy execution, I guess I can blame SF4 for that…

Not sure who I want to main yet, just picking randoms in training mode.


KOF is much faster. Also, KOF asks different things from your execution than AE does. AE doesn’t really care what you do with the stick - mash whatever, you get a DP anyway, and the buffer is loooonnnggg.
KOF has a shorter input buffer and stricter input parsing, so your stick inputs have to be cleaner. You also have to be fast, because the combo system is all cancels so you have less time to input stuff. What you have leniency on is when to press buttons, though. In SF4, buttons have to be super on time, in KOF the button-hold trick provides a pretty large buffer for getting special moves and supers out (that is, input a move, press the button to finish the input and hold it. The game will try to execute the move for ~7-8 frames and will do it ASAP when your character becomes able to). So focus on your stick work, chances are if you’ve played a lot of AE your stick skills need a lot of work (mine sure did, and still do). :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, some oddness may be a result of how KOF handles simultaneous inputs. SF handles it by allowing kara cancels so you don’t need to be super exact on when you press two buttons at the same time. KOF’s solution are delaying the execution of some button inputs a bit:
0f: CD (or blowback as it is called)
1f: specials, supers I think?
4f: normals, and consequently throw detection

It’s why run-up throws work/feel like how they do, for example. (run up, C/D~back instead of back~C/D)


Coming from SF4, to me KOF seemed way harder than it actually is for the first couple of weeks. I mean you need to scrape the rust off a bit because the execution is more demanding, but the main thing is that it just has a really different feel, like Komatik said. Once you get that down it’s really not that bad.

Probably the most daunting thing is HD combos, but if you’re starting out just doing something like target combo -> HD -> target combo -> special -> super -> max cancel is easy and generally good enough for everyone but your anchor and touch of death characters like Takuma. Getting the fundamentals down is way more important anyways.

There’s also quite a few input shortcuts, like qcb -> hcf to qcbx2 -> f, or fireball into qcfx2 super, so if you’re having trouble with a combo there’s sometimes a way around it.


I rage quitted training mode.
I blame AE2012.


For me, KOF made me enjoy training mode. Hated, hated it in AE.


My timing is way off, if I break down the combos, it’s fine. String them together and I do this.


Why is Mr. Karate on so many teams? Also…does he have a weakness?


Do any of you play this on Steam?

If so, we should play.