KoF XIII General Discussion: Part II


He is on a lot of teams because he a very strong and straight foward character. A lot of other characters take more time to become good at as well. His normals are not the best, but overall he covers most options very well leaving him with very few weaknesses. Do to how the system works, being a better player you can overcome most hurdles in the game. If anyone wants to play steam my name is Commonsens8 hit me up sometime.


I still couldn’t believe Reynald lost in SCR against Khanibalito, but at least it wasn’t a squash match/blow up.

any easier means of doing kim’s low B’s into stand b’s into f f+ a i personally can buffer attacks into motions better, i tried the DF +B, DF + B, Fwd + B but the overhead comes out i was planning to use the first fwd as a buffer so that the second fwd afterwards registers with the a.

still that 3 frame low B is something a charcater like terry desperately needs


That list of supers really needs to list how much of the DM’s damage is unscaled damage…


I’ve been grinding HD combos out trying to cover most situations, meterless and with meter, fullscreen and corner. I only miss a 5 bar death combo with Kyo 98, from fullscreen(possible?) and corner.
So does anyone know any?


5 bar HD combos are the most not happening shit in the game. Stop looking into them. Work on your neutral and pressure, grinding combos forever isn’t going to help you.


Aight, i’ll just forget about the whole death combo ordeal, regardless of how many bars.4-5 whatever.


Just wondering what are his few weaknesses, and what puts him out of his comfort zone?

As for Socal Regionals I was voting for Paco all the way. I mean a Duo Lon/Elisabeth/Mai team!!!? That was awesome and far from the usual fare, plus he stuck to those 3 the whole way through. It was also really sad when Reyneld tried switching to Mr. Karate to counter Mr. Karate in the grand finals.


How is Goro Daimon compared to Clark


Something I stumbled onto in training mode:


Godly stand b (hits low, fast, huge range)
Good normals
Huge range on grabs when cancelled from qcb+b
Lots of grabs, even anti air and off the ground

Really nasty armored command grab
Lots of tricky set ups off of his step move
decent normals, very good air normals

They’re really fun to play, try them both imo.


Saddened that Terry Bogard may indeed be the bottom tier, because even other previously preceived weak characters like mai and leona are getting something done in tourneys.

I’m starting to wonder if it is now done in purpose, heck i’d never ever take Kyo as a legit flagship character even if he was given all the buffs over mr. Bogard.


Thankfully bottom tier in KOF13 is good enough for most levels of competition. ^^


Are there any Terry specialists? i haven’t seen one do good in competition whereas Ryo, Elizabeth, Leona and Mai had showed up and done well in torunaments that have the romances, reynalds and xians


Try looking into Mario E and Crimson King - both of them play well with the Hungry Wolf.


Anyone play Vice? Why doesn’t anyone seem to play her (I can’t find footage)? She seems really interesting if somewhat straightforward in her gameplan.


Look up players like Flander KOF, Gutts or Louffy

Get a load of these:




People seem to play Vice quite a bit on Cafeid. When the crazy bastards aren’t playing Duo Lon as anchor, that is.


So how is the netcode for the steam version?


Good. It’s not well-implemented rollback good, but it’s very playable. Still, as always, play on wired internet and watch the connections.


Thx guys. I’ll look those up, and also go over the dreamcancel wiki which seems excellent. I was kind of disappointed with JuiceBox’s tutorial for her though. Every other character gets a 100 minute detailed tutorial, and she gets a 25 minute one.