KoF XIII General Discussion: Part II


WTF Infiltration will participate in the Global Id Tournament this weekend what is he thinking?

The King of Fighters XIII★
1.Cafeid Kensouzzang(Korea) ©
2.infiltration(Korea) ©
3.Taki Jinpachi(Japan) ©
4.SL Burnout(Australia) ©
24.Cafeid Madkof(Korea) ©
25.Cafeid verna(Korea) ©
26.Cafeid Lacid(Korea) ©
27.Cafeid Gutts(Korea) ©
28.Cafeid Id 1st man(Korea) ©
30.CafeId MillionZ©
32.QANBA|DA KOU(china)
34.BE.kane blueriver(chile)
35.Cafeid Id Ssong(korea)

still he was decent in this match though http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sKsVBh0d78


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really interesting and helpful, thanks!


My opinion on the recent tournaments of KOF and the scene

SCR: it’s solid, the story of khanibalito rising from the loser’s bracket to eventually reset and beat reynald in the finals was an echo of sorts of reynald’s victory on Evo last year… for 2 straight years it was Khanibalito whom eliminated Reynald, he’s one of the consistent demons reynald has had

IGT: Tokido has really stepped up his game, at Evo 2012 he nearly made it to Top 8 (I beleieve) but Reynald beat him, last year he nearly made top 3 but was defeated again by Reynald (more on that rivalry later) but his strong performance was a thing of beauty, he was i believe on the losing end against ET until he downloaded him and murdered him…

on a side note it was heartbreaking for Khanibalito to go down the way he did when Dakou (a street fighter 4 cammy player) put him down, especially after his convincing victory against reynald.

that first to ten Japan vs Korea was a show stealer as well, and it’s awesome to see Tokido against Madkof as the Anchors and in the end Tokido stood triumphant (one Evo champion conquered)

NCR: was basically a Reynald Massacre show, there were no real killers up to his level, no Khanis, cha’s and romances (last year’s NCR was more stacked with reynald, luis cha, romance and xian) but it was nice to see reynald playing against his brother 4leaf and kaneblueriver’s raiden kinda caught my eye

Northwest Majors: IMO a better torunament than both NCR and SCR, as it was spearheaded by an Awesome Champion vs Champion match as Reynald Fought evo-psueo rival Tokido in an amazing FT10 match which saw Reyanld taking it 10-6, with 6 being a strong showing for Tokido but that’s just the icing on the cake (and the fact that both James Chen and Ultradavid ignored this on their Ultrachen series instead of alloting even just a single sentence to acknowledge this irks me greatly)

this was a tournament that had both Romance and Reynald in it after a long time (they almost always met at the top of the majors leading up to evo last year) but they never met, I saw Kaneblueriver a bit better as he even OCV’ed romance in one instance, loved Joel A’s Daimmon and it was refreshing to see claw iori be in the spotlight again, but in all honestly i was eagerly awaiting a Reynald vs Tokido rematch, and they met in winner;s finals and grand finals with Tokido this time making a surprise turnaround by beating reynald both times and taking the tournament… This rematch did indeed tell a story and a match that’s IMO more entertaining than the latter AE 2012 finals between Tokido’s Akuma and Kbrad’s Cammy, don’t get me wrong that was a great match as well, but knowing the FT10 reynald had with Tokido the stakes for their Finals was IMO more encompassing than Tokido’s with Kbrad (with again Ultrachen treating as though Tokido only won one tourney)

so scoreboard

Reynald (FT10)10 + (WF)1 + (GF)2 = 13
Tokido (FT10)6 + (WF)3 + (GF)3 = 12

Reynald still has the numbers adavantage :stuck_out_tongue: (but that’s just the purist in me)

other torunaments like Texas showdown (where kof is a side) final round, and UFGT were watcheable but nowhere as good as those i’ve listed (well maybe except for the rlatively unhype NCR) since it’s basically Romance plowing through the competition.

it is good to see some peeps make a name for themselves in KOF like DJ Houshan, Chris G, Flocker, Kaneblueriver and Mario E (loved his terry at UFGT) although they are all Primarily Mahvel Mains

for Evo as of the moment I would predict Reynald, Romance AND Tokido making it to top 8, i would have liked to add Madkof but he grew weaker in my eyes (though still a stone cold killer) Fox defeated him in IGT and Frionel had a better showing against him when a few months back he was basically snuffed by Bala.

Xian no longer plays so i leave him out

There’s MadKOF and the cafe ID guys

The Latin American Faction, Khanibalito, Luis Cha, Kula, Koopa

There’s the Xiaohai, Dakou’s and Ren’s of the east

There’s Fox and Frionel from europe

There’s theCCG/Air’s, Raynex, neorussell and Karn of Canada

of course there;s the Marvelites Kaneblueriver, DJ Houshan etc.

I could only hope for Bala and Woo


Just wondering, but what do most people consider the “main” KOFXIII forum? Could someone link me?


It’s probably Dream Cancel. All the KOF forums are a tad quiet, though, it’s a game people just play and talk about in steam chat or IRC or something mostly. But new people to bring liveliness to the forums is great, so hop on board <3


Thanks for the recap Rugal 3:16, that was pretty informative.


[quote=“Rugal 3:16;8878097”

on a side note it was heartbreaking for Khanibalito to go down the way he did when Dakou (a street fighter 4 cammy player) put him down, especially after his convincing victory against reynald.


My heart dies a little bit when people regard Darkou as an SF4 player. Dakou is an OG Kof god. He along with Xiaohai are widely regarded as the best kof players in China.


Back from the dead :O. I’m going to call it now. Tokido is going to win EVO. Thoughts?


^^ Yes i have, Tokido has a BIG chance of being in Top 5-1, BUT the thing is with him on the rise other KOF contingents (Mexico, Korea, Socal) will now put a bullseye on the murder face, he has beaten the Evo champ after winning a killer-stacked KOF tourney in IGT (where AFAIK only the latin american faction was not present save for khani)

He has to prove himself against the Mexican contingent, Yes he’s beaten Romance, but i’d like to see him do FT10’s agains the other killers like Luis Cha, Kula and gasp Bala in which even if he lost a set to see if he would download them like he did Reynald during NWM

plus there may be some KOF loyals who are not fond of the idea that a street fighter player will be doing very good in KOF (although that does not bother me) since such a feat would be downplayed. though i do see Tokido at least takes KOF ALMOST as seriously as he takes Akuma in SF4 and that’s a good sign

heck Tokido may not even agree with this but next to SF4 i do see KOF 13 being his secondary main as he does better here than in Mahvel (but hey that’s my take on it, KOF could be his last for all i know and he may even prefer Injustice or Killer innstinct over it even if he doesn’t play them)

then there’s Reynald, he has two demons to exorcise now (Khanibalito and Tokido) so if he really is dedicated, he’ll study matches and find away against him, i’m always rooting for mr Reynald despite his tendency to choke at times… yes even moreso than Bala.

but for the record, IF Tokido does win Evo I WOULD PREFER if he won BOTH SF4 AND KOF since i’d like to see the capcom community try to DOWNPLAY him being a KOF champ and give fire to the SNK community.

The thought of him being invited to KOF events and Capcom-based sites like SRK trying to feature that “SSF4 Champion Tokido attends ____Kof Event”


KOF13 is Tokido’s second game, from what I hear, and he likes it a lot. Plus, Tokido, Street Fighter player? More like Tokido, the everything player.


One thing i noticed is that Tokido’s a Tokido whore though, he used to main claw iori and hwa jai, but ended up embracing the top tiers eventually (the 3 kings of the game, Flame Iori, Karate and Kim) it’s basically like if AE 2012 was a Team game he is using Akuma, Cammy, and fei Long in a team.

I rewatched the FT10 against Reynald, great replay value IMOI, the pendulum was basically dependent on who would win in their point Duo lon vs Point Flame Iori, whomever wins basically either dominated the remaining characters if not straight up OCV’ed them. Still in that regard I noticed that Karate for all his Akuma-like killer prowess (minus the vortex) almost can’t do jack s**** to a duo lon who knows what he’s doing. I was surprised Reynald didn’t use EX Kyo but that’s probably because Tokido is so used to SF4 Champ Xian’s EX Kyo sooo much that it would probably be a free character.

I’m rewatching tournament matches and FT10’s (Bala still hones his craft through First to whatevers) as well as players. Be back with more notes later.

again Tokido vs Reynald FT10 at Northwest Majors 2014 is a must see IMO.


I think he’s got to be the favorite going into EVO. Best combination of skill and tournament nerves currently.

I think some of the other Japanese players are better than him (M’, KouKou, Woo), but have yet to show they can handle the pressure of US-style tournaments.


Kokou was the one Tokido beat in Loser’s Finals in IGT, according to the commentators (Zee?? and aneblueriver) Kokou was sort of like Tokido’s “Sensei” in KOF, but you’re right winning a set is one thing, constantly winning First to Something sets are another.

And as Good as Tokido is he sticks to Kim, Karate and Flame Iori, he does have Chin, and Vice as pockets but when it’s winner takes all of course he would bring the big guns.

Other Japanese Players like Wooo (Which IMO is the best Japanese KOF player) rarely has any streamed videos, outside of his matches at Evo, the only Woo match i could find was his Random select set against Mr. KOF, but it;s probably a good idea to be in the dark, some “anti-download technology” right there while they (who don’t get streamed often) has the luxury of watching these tournaments like Japonawa and such :smiley:


Tokido has always been an all around great player in any game he plays. Also from what I’ve seen so far from him this year he has really stepped up his game. Anything is possible at EVO but I feel right now he’s the most prepared player as we get closer to EVO. I know a lot of the Japanese aren’t making it out this year and Bala still can’t come to the states. Not sure what the status of Cafe ID is if they plan on coming down again. It should be an interesting tournament overall.


Tokido is seemingly the most prepared and odds on favourite, no doubt Reynald and Romance will be gunning for him, we still have Southeast Asia Majors to look forward to as the last stop to the road to evo, If Reynald wins it then his stock would rise even further, but for SEAM he has to get past both Yang Yao Ren and Xian (and maybe Xiaohai and Dakou) I know we hardly see xian play kof anymore at all but we never know, as Xian remains one of the asian KOFers who can go toe to toe with Tokido in both SF and KOF, last year Xian spent a lot of time in the states hence we see him often in the KOF Majors (even beating Romance in last year’s Texas Showdown I think to win the tournament) this year he’s mostly in asia but again he could just be avoiding download, and since he’s like SF’s Champion and understandably more visible in that game, it can be the perfect cover.

The Cafe ID people as a whole is unsure but MadKOF will be there, sucks that Bala still can;t come he’s probably the biggest Latin American KOF draw, without him we have Romance, but i wish Khanibalito and Luis Cha can make it.


I’m pretty certain that Khanibalito and Luis Cha will be coming to EVO. Also not sure if Reynald is coming as of yet. I do hope that Xian still has interest in KOFXIII but with USF4 out now it might be hard.


An Evo without reynald would be wierd, but if we were to have an evo without him and no Bala we would be left with

(almost for sure)

(since they’ll be there for SF as well)

Yang Yao Ren
Luis Cha

I hope woo would be there (I always feel like chanting Ric Flair’s Woooooooo whenever i hear his name)

but Basically I’m counting the most on either Romance or Tokido

though Romance hasn’t been as dominant in the majors this year as he had been last years, No offence to the Great Marvel Players like Kaneblueriver, DJ Houshen, Flocker, Mario E, Flocker, James Jr., RyRy, Chris G (Basically the ones who wind up in the majors without the KOF Killers) tremendous and superb KOF players in their own right (far better than me as i would get bodied by them in a flash), but i hope this year’s evo won’t just be featuring them UNLESS they really have stepped up their game and had gone through one of the KOF Killers (I know Mario E and Kaneblueriver did well against Romance recently), The last thing i want for KOF 13’s final year as one of the main lineups at Evo is for it to look like the typical Texas Showdowns or Final Rounds where there’s barely any Audience. Plus i don’t want this to be just a Romance stomp (or Reynald Stomp in case he’ll be there)

Though i’m irked that KOF would probably be getting the crapper hour as the opening game one more time with hardly any audience to watch (Based on evidence last year KOF definetely should have gotten at least Injustice’s time spot)

But without Reynald my Money really is on Tokido… unless he meets up with Luis or Khani somewhere.


You think this is the last year for KOF in the main lineup? Especially since there aren’t any big releases scheduled in the next year or so, I’d be surprised if that’s the case.


I just want to say that I feel Misterio is a lock in for T8.