KoF XIII General Discussion: Part II


Hi Kaneblueriver nice to see you here.

MR. Warzard, i do not want of course for this to be the final year for KOF 13, but SNK Playmore or Atlus is no longer giving a $#1t, Capcom although having the strong foothold in the US FGC has masterful marketing and is more fan friendly…

It’s just disheartening when Top USPlayers like PR Rog, J Wong, Ortiz, Valle just scoff at KOFand are more interested in the Injustice’s and Killer Instincts out there. On the flip side though it’s funny how international Killers(except daigo) like Dakou Xiaohai, Tokido, Xian have maybe SF and Marvel as the top two, and then they go straight to KOF with little to no care for the said injustices and Killer instincts.


The top players in the US are money and glory hounds, who cares what they play. The bigger problem I see is that the local scenes for KOF are on life support in many areas it seems. There’s nothing in norcal, and in socal KOF got dropped from TRB. I haven’t heard much about the local scenes in the Pac North or East Coast, so I can’t say what’s going on there. Here’s hoping that a solid Evo turnout (and the lack of new games) gets KOF into Evo 2015.

Another difference between US and international top players is that US has become a console market, while Asia still has arcades, where KOF seems to be doing ok. That’s why you see games like Injustice and KI doing better over here.


from what i hear KOF is still in the runback (as upcoming tournaments are still listed in dreamcancel) but just not streamed.

on a non-serious note
If we i could get play a 3 minute guitar intermission at Evo where i as a guitarist would get the mic, and say
"This is for all the street fighter, marvel, injustice, and Killer instinct community" and then play this Familiar electric guitar Riff

I’d imagine the chorus of BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS and obscene profanities

heck it would be worth getting thrown garbage on literally, heck it would even be worth being beaten to a pulp (just not murdered) to Troll their a$$es

Sorry i just had to say that… now i’m rewatching UFGT and ill post a review here soon.


My favorite version is the KOF:MIRA remix, but hey! Don’t mind me, I’m just a scrub at KOF. I want to be good, but I don’t have the talent or the years of experience. I only get away with murder because most people have no clue of what to do against Raiden. Hopefully my chilean friends that are actual KOF players will show some of their strength at CEO as a preview. Misterio, Zeroblack and Isauro should be showing up for the tournament, then will go to LA for the pre-Evo tournament in Tijuana.


@Kane whether or not people know how to deal with Raiden doesn’t dispute the fact that he’s stronger than a lot of people are letting on I kind of think of him as Yun from AE to AE 2012, and i don’t particularly agree with Hellpockets commentary in NCR when you were fighting against (forgot his name sorry) about Raiden being lower tier.

BTW Kaneblueriver you won kof at ECT i wonder why you didn’t join UFGT? i know Mario E vs Romance as finals is awesome but it would have been nice to see your name in there instead of Chris G (who really doesn’t play the game)

PS: now im curious about Misterio (sorry for now i picture a player wearing a Rey Mysterio mask whenever playing) gotta look for soem streams, Tokido if he’s a student of the game should prioritize downloading him too.


I did play at UFGT, but since I’m a fraud, I did terrible, I lost in pools to Chris G and Diaphone. I want to say I was too worried and focused on taking down MVCX, but I know I just played badly. And Raiden IS pretty bad. At high level, the players well-versed in knowledge can just shut the character down with a certain pattern and positioning. I’ve had that happen to me playing against both Frionel and Reynald.


I’m not sucking up but you’re no fraud you won a KOF tournament (ECT), it’s viable strat in some way to take advantage of people’s unfamiliarity with your char. who knows new tech might be on the verge of being discovered, I do know that MadKOF also played Raiden at pools at Evo of last year and bodied pretty well with him.

After watching some Bala First to something matches, i am now kinda sad that he won’t make evo again this year, IMO Bala is the Daigo Umehara of KOF.


I don’t think Bala is at that level. I do think he is very good, but not untouchable. Also Madkof is one of the top players, and they do a lot of random, just like Woo, they can pick random and pretty much clean up their pools. His Raiden is ass, knowledge-wise, but he is such a good player that it doesn’t even matter, he just outplays people all the time. It doesn’t matter how suboptimal are your combos and stuff if you’re not ever getting touched anyways.


You’re right but i guess the various vids that i see him grinding it out feverishly player after player, at least to me looks like he’s the one closest to that level. i have never seen a bala set where he loses the first to whatevers.

MadKOF is indeed good, that set against Xiaohai where he basically bodies him match after match with random characters was too good, as Woo did to Mr, KOF before but i guess he was bumped down a peg for me when i see him lose more often than bala does

loses to khanibalito in a Mexico vs Korea set
he loses to Fox in IGT
loses to tokido in a Japan vs Korea set
his showing against Frionel IMO was not as dominant as Bala’s performance over frionel was

at best at least based on what i see on the streams

Bala = Daigo
MadKOF = Infiltration

and well Tokido = Tokido

but hey Kane you may have fought against all of them to know which is better from an actual competitors perspective

and i’ll take a competitor’s perspective over a spectators (like mine) any day, i’m just vastly interested in the KOF tournament scene nowadays more than ever.

I just finished watching South East Asia Majors KOF XIII Pools…

Truly it is a Xian and Tokido steamroll, although there was a Daimon and clark player that almost knocked xian and had him on the ropes. it’s funny how they’re just scouting each other when it’s the other guys turn to play. Although Xian’s still surprisingly very good, may have had some ring rust here and there (expected because he really has been focused on Ultra with the academy and all) but still in top form although he is forced to use his main team from the ground up and his wins are a bit more sloppy, unlike tokido whom i hardly saw on the ropes and is able to mix it up with his characters maybe as a way to hide tech from Xian.

Yang Yao Ren is nowhere in sight so i guess Tokido and Xian may basically Reynald and Romance the entire thing.


Do you have links to the brackets? Maybe we can see more over there. But definitely, Madkof is not the superthreat anymore that people used to put him to be. He got stuck while others have kept improving.


It’s just on the SRK Homepage, Day 2 results are in, and True enough it’s the Xian and Tokido show, and at that point my money’s on Tokido (still hoping it’s a good match though)


Damn didn’t get to watch SEAM finals but i read the results it was indeed a two man show, and xian even got DQed by showing up late which was a bummer… but he was able to reset the bracket only to go down to a Tokido who is using a Pocket Chin??

anyway gonna wait til the vid is available on youtube but in the meantime i will be watching Hyper Battle http://www.twitch.tv/kingsofco/c/4523175

does anyone know who Juan is? he’s a relative unknown to me yet he beat “The” Khanibalito.


At Evo if there’s anyone else that Tokido should be worried about indeed it’s Misterio… he basically massacred Reynald scoring a dominating 15-7 against the Evo champ, although tournament nerves got the best of him and he was eliminated by reynald at CEO, by this time post CEO it was download complete…

BTW he bested Luis Cha too

Booyaka Booyaka 619!!!


Hello guys! We can take a look at the KOFXIII character hit boxes from here!


^^ I’m sorry for this dumb question, but are the Redboxes the hitbox or the hurt box? (there’s no Legend)


light blue = collision box
dark blue = hurtbox
red = hitbox


i know only of a hitbox and a hurt box, i don’t know what a collision box purpose is…


collision boxes are what makes the characters be “there”. The game won’t allow two collision boxes to overlap, which prevents people from going through each other. Stuff like teleports remove the character’s collision box.


a brief review of KOF 13 evo a repost actually from other threads

This year’s wsn’t as good but it didn’t suck either, it was just disheartening to see Tokido go down like that after he really invested in the game…

Now I’m sure Tokido will drop the game like a bad habit

and i’ve seen the comments from youtube and neogaf and such and it was all complaints about Karate, Iori, and Kim, but they ignore that we saw a clark, a daimon, a saiki, and a chin at the finals.

granted from a spectator standpoint the grand finals weren’t hype but for a specific analytical view (like the ones required to analyze say a Fei Long vs Fai Long match) it was rather technical, and seeing Tokido and Xiaohai download each other was in a way on it’s own more satisfying than Reynald just plow through Hee San Woo last year, of course reyna;d’s is better because of the entire story that was told in that top 8, and had Tokido won it would have been the same story.

Those complaining about No Bala, Reynald, and Romance are a bit off, this tournament is just as filled with Killers…

ET and Madkof (which is a previous evo champ) can body peeps like Luis Cha and Khanibalito which are on the same footing as Reynald, Kusanagi can go toe to toe with Bala on grueling and Tiresome FT20’s and guess what he didn’t even make it, Tokido knocked him off, Mr. KOF at any given time can be as good as Reynald (since they’re sparring partners anyway) and Tokido also took him out.

Still i wish for a Tokido vs Misterio FT10 :frowning:

But sadly according to a lot of people KOF had the worst Top 8 of this year’s evo, and call in conspiracy but i guess the stage and odds were really stacked against KOF’s favor, no sunday spot crappy commentators and a crowd of crickets from start to finish.


Yeah that commentator was beyond horrible… I love kof13 but I wanted to zap to something else sometimes thx to him - _ -