KoF XIII General Discussion: Part II


anyone know any good ralf players?


look up himojoe


This is the first time I’ve really played a KoF game. What’s with these half-circle back-forward inputs, like Shen’s command grab? Hard as hell to do from a crouching light.


History, mostly. And yes, they are a pain ;_;


Look at it this way: those inputs are far better than the idiocy of the 360 and 720 command grabs that have become a tradition in Capcom’s games!


720’s maybe, but most 360 grabs in Street Fighter are actually only 225 degrees, so they aren’t a problem.

How do you learn the flow of this game? Do most characters have strings/ pressure that can lead into hit confirm combos? Regular Kyo, Shen, Terry, anybody really. So far I only know that Kim’s standing short can be canceled and haven’t figured out other chains.


Most basic KOF combos go in one of three ways:
Chain of lights => command normal => special move.
Close heavy button => command normal => special move.
Light move, link to close normal => special move.

A = light punch
B = light kick
C = heavy punch
D = heavy kick
Move x Move = normal canceled into another normal (aka chained)
Move xx Move = special cancel
Move, Move = link

Kim: cr.B x cr.B x cr.B x st.B x ff+A xx qcb+B (air)

EX Iori: cr.B x cl.B x f+A xx qcb+P (x3)

EX Iori: cl.C x f+A xx qcb+P (x3)

Karate: cr.A, cl.C x f+B xx qcf+A

Karate: cr.B x st.B x f+A xx dp+C~AB, hcf~uf+B, qcf~hcb+AC

Benimaru: cr.B x cr.B xx qcf+K xx d~u+K


Makes sense. Are most combos a matter of getting the buttons pushed on time and in the right order? It usually feels like I drop combos because I’m not nearly fast enough, and SFIV’s obsession with light light pause medium/ heavy has discouraged me from pushing buttons quickly.

Are there any known active U.S. groups for the Steam version right now? I know the game didn’t take off like SFIV, but I really need a break from Ultra.


That’s where you get hung up. SF4 and KOF13 ask you completely different things.

SF4 is very link heavy. The lights chain to each other, but if you chain into a light, you can’t special cancel out of it.
ie. this doesn’t work:

Akuma: cr.lp x cr.lp x cr.lp xx qcb+lk, dp+hp

You have to do
Akuma: cr.lp x cr.lp, cr.lp xx qcb+lk, dp+hp

Or a Ryu classic:
Ryu: cr.lp x cr.lp, cr.hp xx qcb+K

That “light, light, pause” time you’re experiencing is a chain of lights and then a link into a heavier button. Links work because you do Move 1, your character recovers from doing the move before your opponent recovers from being hit => you have a small window to do Move 2 and hit the opponent while he’s helpless. So the method is do Move 1, wait for Move 1 to complete, do Move 2.

Linking requires you to be on time because the timing windows are typically really small.

Cancels, by contrast, work by: You do Move 1, input Move 2 while Move 1 is still animating => game cancels the rest of Move 1’s animation and begins to do Move 2 (the opponent is still stuck in hit/blockstun). This means the devs can lower hitstun a lot to eliminate most links but still have enough hit/blockstun to assign a pretty large timing window for you to complete the second move in.

The downside is that there’s just a lot less animation frames to go through, so you have to be faster with your inputs. KOF’s shortcuts are also a lot less lenient than SF4’s.

In short, KOF13 asks you to be clean and do whatever you want in time. Being on time to 1-2 frame accuracy is asked far less often.

Nearly everything in KOF13 is a cancel or just juggling the opponent. So don’t be afraid to press those buttons quickly, this game is built to demand just that. You need to do the next move while the first is still animating almost always.


It’s tough to figure out how this game works. Short jumps are hard to do consistently and there are no medium attacks to poke.


Who do you play?


I’ve just been doing the obvious choices. Shen, Kim, Kyos, trying Robert.


For Kim you can just poke with cr.B, st.B, st.D, CD. Sometimes sweep. Anything is fine really, even st.C and cr.C have rare moments of usefulness. With EX Kyo you can spam st.B, st.D and just poke with qcf+A rekka (first one only). Single hits are way more viable in the neutral game than in SF4 because there’s no focus to just eat them up.


What are some methods for doing all the jumps? All I’ve heard of so far is hop by jumping and quickly pulling down, and I don’t know if that’s the best method either.


Practice all of the jumps gradually over time. With hops, you tap up in the direction you wish to travel. Hyper hops, you you quickly press down and then lightly tap up. Super jumping is where you essentially hold up after inputting down quickly. Be sure to watch Dandy J’s KOF tutorial carefully on this subject.


hi guys
why is that like 40% of the time I HD activate out of a light attack, the heavy punch doesn’t come out automatically?
I lost a lot because of this. I do fine when I have to activate from a heavy. But when it’s a low, it’s like half the time the C comes out and half the time doesn’t.


You input BC too late upon using the normal to cancel into HD. If you input BC earlier after the normal, the heavy normal will not come out. If you input BC too late then that’s when the heavy normal does come out when you enter HD mode.


He was asking the exact opposite: How to get the cl.C to come out consistently :stuck_out_tongue:


I already gave that explanation to him. He needs to time the BC input later. Insert random :stuck_out_tongue: here.