KoF XIII General Discussion: Part II


Misterio v. Xiaohai FT10 @ www.twitch.tv/cong_stream


Kinda pissed that SRK didn’t even post the IGT results on the News Feed even when they posted the “currently streaming” part of it… maybe because USF4 took a backseat to the KOF games??

I’m so used to double elimination tournaments that i now find single elimination formats kinda wierd but IGT was fun as heck… and Misterio stepping up to “Shin” Xiaohai that had been dominant since Evo of last year is truly a sight to behold

does that mean Misterio has Surpassed Bala as the “Supposed” greatest KOF player alive today?

still i gotta see that FT10 between Xiaohai and Misterio… is that after Evo?


I have a question… Does anyone play this game on Xbox Live anymore? I just purchased the game, and no one was online, and I kind of want to learn the game…


Xbox Live online is self-torture so no one sane plays it anymore. You’ll have better luck on Steam.


:wink: Great


I Know KOF XIII is pretty much dead (if not completely dead) but i’ll still post some tournament reviews and player analysis once i get the time even when no one is replying (so a heads up tp that)

Most recent tournament i saw were IGT 2015 and Stunfest 2015 i’ll post my opinions on that shortly.

Loyal KOF-er here.


speaking of stunfest 2015 ---->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8RBPYp6Ids whole tournament(i think) for anyone who hasn’t seen it.


I’m kinda dissapointed in Misterio’s Top 3 performance, the guy DOMINATED at IGT 2014 and handed Xiaohai his a$$, and he was even killing it in the matches leading to the top 3, ghe looked even much stronger than Tokido did at that point but i don’t know what happened… he choked i was so ype for Tokido vs Misterio and when it happened Tokido handily beat him with practically just chin (to be honest his Duo lon and Claw iori were at a disadvantage at first) and the match with frionel was a bit intense but Misterio dropped combos here and there it was dumbfounding. be back with more later


New KOF announced:



New KOF announced:


new kof confirmed ? So how long before we get an official announcement ?
doesn’t make sense to create so many char models just to use them for one pachinko advert.


They use them for the pachinko machine itself. The machines are flashy as helll.


KOF XIII Evo Side Tournament Update

So far, we have 44 registered players for the community ran KOF XIII side tournament at Evo 2015. If you are most likely going to go, please register HERE!

The community composed of community old-schoolers, local tournament organizers, and well known streamers is working hard to bring you a hype Evo experience for KOF. Pools will be held at the BYOC area; all setups will be head-to-head. The pools will be run by many members of the KOF community and streamed by The Kings of Co. The KOF suite will be up and running after pools, courtesy of NeoPenny. Top 8 will be brought to you by non-other than MarkMan and company at the MadCatz booth.

Pools start at noon on Friday July 17th and top 8s’ time is still TBD on Saturday. Jacuzzi, check. Two floor suite, check. Lots of room, check! This is how NeoPenny is rolling out the KOF suite!!

To be able to participate in KOF you only need a spectator pass that you can get HERE, you only have until the 30th to get it!

KOF fans, we do need your help! We haven’t secured a bonus pot for this event so we are looking to all of you for help. Please donate here. If you do choose to donate, please a “Pot Bonus” note to the donation. If you donate, many, many thanks in advance!!!

Source http://www.orochinagi.com/2015/06/kof-xiii-side-tournament-updatepot-bonus-fundraiser-texas-matches

If there are no Cafe ID KOFers coming (like MadKOF etc) then I would expect the following to win (if they join)

Tokido (If he joins since he sure as hell will be at Evo)
Xiaohai (same as above)
Xian (same as above and will most likely win if the three on top doesn’t join for whatever reason)
Luis Cha
Mr. KOF (such a shame as he was on the same level as Reynald in years past)
Luffy ( I hope he joins since he also casually plays KOF and was able to make it to the finals in hypespotting against Tokido… Too bad no Rose Tech for him in this game though )

I expect locals

Mario E
Chris G (he mostly joins and dominates if the upper echelon doesn’t join, props to him as he still hasn’t fully dropped the game)
Flocker (like chris G to a lesser extent)
Kaneblueriver (Like above)
Chris KOF

Reynald has gone the Bala way and had dropped of the face of the earth

we very likely won’t see any other international players like

Yang Yao Ren


Xiaohai, Reynald, Oogosho, Ren, and 69 others confirmed for #KOFXIII at #EVO2015

Some people are a bit crazy.

Just a little.

Some people will travel and take days off work, to lose potentially hundreds of dollars, just to go play video games.

Some of these people will not only lose that but incur the cost of travelling and registration, not to mention hotel accomodation and food.

These people will fight, sweat and bleed…

just for a damn side tournament.

Oogosho, the chef, the legend from Japan, winner of SF4 Arcadia cup with team KOF, returns to EVO, and even if he wins, still loses, financially.

Source: http://www.orochinagi.com/2015/07/reynald-oogosho-ren-and-69-others-confirmed-for-kofxiii-at-evo2015


I know it had been months but Congratulations Xiaohai, good thing his victory at Evo is much well received this time as opposed to last year at Evo when almost everyone was rooting for Tokido


If there’s anybody willing to help me learn this game on XBL, send me a PM and we can sort out details there. Thanks.


i’m starting a kof discord server for matchmaking purposes.

the game is a piece of shit on console netplay. if you want to learn, get the steam version and join us on the discord server.


Sorry, I don’t have a gaming PC.


Hey everyone,

Ever since last night, my game on PS3 won’t have any audio from the start, and earlier today it also stopped registering my B and D inputs. I don’t know what the hell is up. I uninstalled and re-downloaded the game but it didn’t help. Has anyone had a similar problem with the PS3 version? What did you do to fix it?

Sorry if this is a weird place to bring this discussion to, but I didn’t know if it was kosher to start a whole new thread just for this topic.