KOF XIII GOLD or standard with dlc?


hey i am meaning to get into this game, on the psn store there is kofxiii gold for 22.99[or somewhere around that number] and the standard edition for 15.99[or thereabouts] with 5.49 to unlock all dlc{though i-with much effort- garner internet search and find that someone says i would still have to pay for the ex characters} . . .

can someone clarify which version should be bought, for maximum loot save.


Never heard of a KOF XIII gold package…


I would guess the Gold version(?) has all three DLC characters and maybe Saiki and Billy unlocked from the start. If that’s the case then you should buy the Gold version because the DLC characters are all S tier.


I don’t see anything about any KOF Gold on XBL either. The last time I heard Gold associated with a Fighting Game was MK and KI Gold.