[KoF XIII] Iori Yagami


KoF XIII Wiki Page - http://wiki.shoryuken.com/The_King_of_Fighters_XIII/Iori
French Iori Page with Combos - http://www.signedbyr.com/fr/wiki/index.php/Iori_Yagami_(kof13)
RealKyo’s KoF XIII Iori Combo w/ Transcript - http://forums.shoryuken.com/t/kof-xiii-iori-yagami/137790#post-6340736

Post Command Throw Mixup Options - [KoF XIII] Iori Yagami

Corner, 1 Drive Bar

2B 2A 6A xx 623C 214A 623A xx 214D 214A 623A

crLK crLP fLP xx dp+HP qcb+LP dp+LP xx qcb+HK qcb+LP dp+LP

Replace last dp+LP/623A with a DM (haven’t figured out how to time the last 623A cancel into DM to not whiff)

Easier imo than the combo in the wiki with 624A (1 hit) xx 623C and does 10 more damage

Edit: standing only :[

Alternative: 2B 2A 6A xx 214C 623Axx 214D 214A 623A

Will make first post better in future, promise. Just needed somewhere to share the combo

Iori doesn’t have any hcb moves. His only half-circle command is his hcf+P command grab.

Why was I doing everything with HCB then?

Must be Dudley habits.


Bunch of combos on the bottom. The 1016 dmg HD combo is actually pretty easy to do and works if you’re within a 3rd of the stage from the (basically where the other guy starts the round). Actually, I find that basically any combo that starts with C -> df+C -> [HD] -> C -> df+C will basically push to the corner from that distance.

Combos are all well and good, but the more important thing with Hipster Iori (because I liked him before he became EX) is getting in. Any tips beyond the magic cross-up kick are appreciated. I do enjoy myself some good hop D’s, personally.

I’m new to KoF so this is all greek to me. Learning to hop consistently at the moment and time jump ins correctly to combo after landing them.

I’m willing to participate in the bouncing of ideas though.

The only prior fighting game experience I’ve had is dabbling in Third Strike, but I find that jump-in combos are something you kind of get a natural feel for. I actually have the complimentary problem: I can’t react to and follow up my low attacks like cr. B.

I do find that Iori’s primary jump-ins like C and the magic kick give you damn near forever to follow up once you get it down. Other characters have jump ins where you really do gotta aim low.

An unrelated tactic I want to share is that you can use the cross-up kick while you’re backdashing and it will make you haul ass in a hurry.

You guys should watch my Iori on Sunday at Iplaywinner’s stream. He’s going to be taking everyone to town.

Juuuuuuuuuuust wanted to pop in and bring up that:
Jumping :snkc:–>St. :snkc:–>:df:+:snkc:–>:snkb::snkc: activate–>St. :snkc:–>:df:+:snkc:–>Lvl. 1 Super–>NEOMAX
does around 800 damage

To be fair, most characters’ basic combo starter --> BC --> super --> NeoMax do about as much.

LOL Laban I don’t doubt it. We need to talk, I’m trying to learn this character, the only Claw Iori player I know is CharRex and he’s “retired”.

Yeah, I’ve been testing some characters and they do have such combos that do big damage.

The combo I posted in 2nd post was standing opponent only, here’s an alternative that works vs standing and crouching

alternative: 2B 2A 6A xx 214C 623Axx 214D 214A 623A

306, 1 Drive Bar, omit last DP for DM if you wish

dp+C whiffs on crouchers? Haha, I didn’t even know. I’ll update the wiki with some of this new stuff sometime soon. By the way, I recommend using cl.A for the meterless combo ender, since it gives you plenty of frame advantage to do something like hop in on the recovering opponent.


SNK uploaded some combos

I have no idea if this is common knowledge or not, but on any of Iori’s combos that end in qcb+B, you can DC qcb+C into Maiden Masher, either normal or EX. So for example:

cl. C, df. C xx qcb+B DC qcb+C, Maiden Masher

That’s 433 damage, 523 with EX and it works anywhere. The trick is to not do the Maiden Masher too fast or the game will interpret it as a Super Cancel, and you want to keep the other 50% drive in your back pocket. You have a few frames after qcb+C launches them before they fall too low to catch with the super.

Personally I prefer just diong cl.C, f.A xx qcb+C and going straight into Maiden Masher. It does a good 40 Percent or so without having to burn drive meter.

There’s some things to take away from this



yeah definitely alot of good stuff in there.

Is claw iori good on point? I’m new to kof and right now my team comp is claw iori, shen, and then maxima as anchor. Idk if this is a decent setup or not, i like maxima as anchor because he can put out retard damage with meter, but shen can too so idk.

I wouldn’t run Iori on point. Although the range of his normals allows him good mixups his damage is pretty bad without meter. With a little meter he has easy confirms into big damage especially in the corner and has a slightly better wake up game since his regular DP reversal is pretty bad.

Yeah I know reversals are bad in this game and I should block. But Iori has harder time than alot of the cast to get in and once he does… if you have no meter you aren’t doing much damage.