Hey all, new to the game (street fighter player like I’m sure a lot of us are) but K’ is one of the ones that I’ve stuck with. I really like his play style, dem insane corner carries and the way Ein Trigger works so he’s probably the one that is solid on my team. I didn’t see a K’ specific thread so I decided to rip off all the others and make one.

If anyone can help me, or if yall have opinions, I got a few questions.

His best position on team? I use him on anchor right now just cause he’s the only one I can consistently do HD combos with (since I haven’t nailed down which other two I want yet).

What’s the best, or your favorite way to go into HD mode? I’m having trouble doing the cr.b, cr.b, st. b xHDAx into st.C right now, it’s not the actual hit confirm but the link into that st. C afterwards seems really tight. Right now I just do jump in, st.c x f.a HDA st.c whatever, and that’s real easy but obviously it would be nice to have something hit confirmable off a low.

Oh, and last, is the Second Shell anti-air followup to the trigger safe on block? I sometimes feel like doing jump in, cr.b xx trigger xx second shell so i’m still close enough to do the corner carry bnb, but it’s hard to hit confirm without the extra cr.b.

Anyways, those are some of my nubby questions so if anyone got any input or something else to discuss that would be just swell.


K’ is always first on my team, but I move him around depending on my opponent.
I don’t usually use HD mode with him because it’s much more committing to do now that he can’t carry midscreen to the corner. However, I usually make my life simple and do st.C, f+A, [HDA] st.C, f+A, qcf+AC, f+D …

And that usually is the end of that.

The Second Shell is not safe on block. It’s also really not safe on whiff either. If you space it properly, you might get away with it, but point blank? No way, should always just let it ride with Ein Trigger if you’re point blank or throw out a fireball if you’re closer but not point blank.




What do you mean he can’t carry midscreen? I’ve been practicing st.C x f.A (HDA) st.C x trigger f+D, qcb+d x2, dp+a x qcb+d x2, etc. I usually just do the dp+a x qcb+dx2 loop over until the end, then i do dp+a xx Ex chain drive. I see in the combo videos they often mix in dp+a x qcf+c, f.d, f.a, chain drive but I can’t for the life of me get the dp+a x trigger cancel to come out consistently. Also, I wish the people who make these combo videos would turn on inputs more often >.>

I think i’ll just get into the habit of doing regular hit confirms and using ex trigger if I really wanna corner carry since the shell isn’t safe.

What’s his best crossup and are there good ways of setting it up? I hear his throw lets you set it up but I can’t get either hop to crossup and the jump goes too far. I’ve been using j.b to crossup.


The issue is that you need distinct timing and speed to get the qcb+D x2 to come out or it won’t combo or even come out properly. Outside of that, he can’t carry to the corner without meter like he used to.


K’ has HD corner carries that don’t take any meter.

cl.C f+A (HD) cl.C f+A xx [dp+A (1) (HDC) qcb+K qcb+K ] xn

cl.C f+A (HD) cl.C f+A xx qcb+K (quickly whiffed) qcb+K, [dp+A (1) (HDC) qcb+K qcb+K] xn

You can use cl.C (HD) cl.C if it’s easier, but there isn’t any need for K’ to spend meter to corner the opponent in HD mode. I go for the dp+A starter since it’s the easier, but you have to make sure K’s deep so that it doesn’t whiff.

And for the final *dp+A xx qcf+C *ender, I do 6236+A~C and it works.


When not in HD mode if you want to do dp+A, qcf+C you can input the dp+A as hcb,f+A or f, db, f+A. There are probably other short/longcuts you could use too, but these seem to be the easiest. I have heard you can f, d, df+A, f+C, similar to how it is done in HD mode also, but I haven’t been able to get it work like that myself.


Those are the two things I’m working on: Doing dp+A (1), qcf+C and qcb+D x2 after st.C, f+A. You actually can, if you’re good at it, do st.C (2), f+A, and still follow up with qcb+D x2


Sorry, what I meant when I said the qcb x2 was getting the first hit and whiffing the second one to shorten the recovery, not comboing into the low from f+a, cause that is damn hard.

What’s wrong with starting off the HD combo (after its active) with cl.C x trigger, f.D? I’ve tried it a variety of times and it consistently landed. I didn’t change characters or anything so maybe there are some characters with smaller hitboxes but it seems like a good start.

Oh, and as far as the dp xx trigger goes, i’ve actually been doing as you said, f,d, df+a, f+c and the timing is almost like a plink. I haven’t got it very consistent though so I’d rather do what I can land under pressure for now.


I also have been playing around with K’ normals this morning and I need some help! If you guys can set K’ as a dummy and do the following string on record: d.B, st.B, (on the earliest frame) far C.

Then use any character you have, get up in K’ face and run the recording. Aside from DP or a super,** on hit**, can you guys reversal it using normals? I think this can be a sort of psuedo frame trap. Aside from poking, st.B has no other uses. What I’m finding is that on block and on hit, it has a little longer blockstun than st.A and you can delay in your heavy moves. They won’t combo, but they come out fast enough to screw with your opponent’s timing.

List the characters you tried and what worked. Then we can decide if it’s worth a shot in gameplay. Thanks in advance

Note: Supers with invincibilities or DPs with invincibility are not included because that’s self explanatory so most EX moves are not listed as well. You should usually assume this won’t work against supers or EX moves that have fast/invincible start-up.

List of characters and their options against d.B, st.B, far C
Kyo - d.B (d.A will whiff so can’t combo), st.A, st.B
Benimaru - d.B, st.B
Daimon -st.A, st.B, hcb,f+P, dp+K
Duolon- st.a, st.C, d.A, qcf+P
Elizabeth- st.a, d.B, qcb+B
Shen - st.A, far C, qcb+K, qcb+A
Terry - st.B, d.B
Ryo - st.b, f+B (Parry), d.B, hcb+B, d.C
K’ - d.B, st.B st.A


I believe st.B is alright for HD hitconfirms as mentioned, and I’ve seen what looked like a bypass with cr.B cr.B st.B (HD) dp+A into the loop. And unlike st.A it hits crouchers so it’s a decent little checking move.

If doing a light into HD is hard with K’, he can start HD from corner combos for 1 super stock:

cr.B cr.B xx qcf+P > f+D, hop j.BCD xx qcb+BD, dp+A (HDC) qcb+B…

cr.B cr.B xx qcf+AC > f+D, f+A (BC) dp+A (HDC) qcb+B…

Ending with his NeoMax is the way to go if you want damage now, by the way. EX Chain Drive isn’t as good as in Arcade.


going into HD from cr.Bx2 isn’t that bad with K’

cr.B, cr.B, (HD) s.C(1), f+A (optional), dp+A(1), (HDC) qcb+D, qcb+D, etc…
cr.B, cr.B, (HD) s.C(1), qcf+A, f+D, qcb+D, blah blah blah…

You just have to do the activation early or whatever so that s.C comes out from the BC activation. Both these methods work from anywhere, however the most reliable way is to omit the f+A from the first method and go straight into dp+A from s.C(1). Also, if s.B comes out after the activation instead of s.C the rest still works the same way.

Edit: Also, for that j.BCD xx qcb+BD method, you can just do j.BC instead of j.BCD and then do j.qcb+BD off of the j.C that comes out.


You’re right. It’s a nice means of confirming into HD, but that requires full bar and atleast some drive meter for some decent damage. What I’m talking about is pressuring people and deception. Because st.B causes longer hit stun than say a d.B or a st.A, I’m suggesting using it to try to get people to press buttons when they shouldn’t. On block or on hit, if someone tries to counter your next move, they’ll be unable to unless they time their reversal (or it’s invincible).

HD activation is a good option for big damage, but I feel this line of thinking sets you up for it, but you can do this when you don’t have the meter. Since K’ is a usual first in my team and others, I think that looking for ways to trick people into punishing you when they can’t will be easier ways to hit people.


Got K’ first on my team. I read somewhere that he was execution heavy. :confused: I disagree. Maybe I’m not using him properly? Haha. The double qcf thing doesn’t bother me. LOVE THIS GUY, though!


My FUNKY K’ skin. XD


Hi I’m having trouble connecting his Crow Bites uppercut C. version

after his Narrow Spike for this combo






. I’ve been trying to get the

to connect for the past 2 hours with no luck and I’m starting to get very frustrated. I see a lot pro gamers use this combo on youtube vids as their main combo for K’.


The images don’t work. But, in the console version C version can’t connect after narrow spike anymore, I believe. The reason why you see pro’s do it, is because most of that footage is arcade footage.


Ahhh no wonderrrrrr!!! I wish someone would’ve told me earlier! Ahahaha I was like trying and trying hours on straight to get it to connect. The A. version connects though but it seems my problem is trying to get his narrow spike to come out quicker but not so much quicker that the first Minute Spike doesn’t come out. lol good thing you told me now, otherwise I would have spent another 3948739487 hours trying to figure it out!

Oh reallyyyy they dont show up?? I’ll check my other computer to see if its a browser problem. Basically the images were the directional inputs for the combo for his qcf+A -> f+D -> qcb+D -> qcb+D -> f,d,df+C -> f+D. This was the one I was referring to with trying to get the f,d,df+C -> f+D to connect


DP+C doesn’t connect from the standard second shot juggle. You can get it to connect after EX moves, but not really in his BnBs anymore. The A dp gives you better oki at least, or you could go for a hitreset of sorts since you aren’t sacrificing much damage.


hey ive got this good mid screen carry combo.
j.C->st.C->f.AxxA+Cxxst.C->E.X. Trigger->f.D-> j.CDxxqcb+BD->(dp+Axxqcb+D->qcb+D 3x)->dp+AxxHeat DrivexxHyper Chain Drive
But in the corner you can use normal Trigger instead of E.X. Trigger, less damage though.
Give me your opinion on the combo.


Most prefer not spending meter on the corner carry part since you can do dp+A > qcb+K > qcb+K anywhere for a simple HD loop. You could also start it from a fast qcb+K x2, though I personally find that a little harder. Otherwise you’d wanna save that one meter for starting HD combos in the corner using a bypass into his anywhere juggle, like:

(footsie ein trigger hit) > f+D, j.BC > qcb+BD, [dp+A > qcb+K > qcb+K] Xn