[KOF XIII] Mai Shiranui


Here’s something peculiar - This is one of Mai’s theme songs from her past games. It sounds pretty catchy, but it has a “Jun Kazama” - like feel to it. Almost like her theme from KOF02UM does.




And, here is to plenty of good Mai Shiranui game play!




I’ve actually finished Mai’s wiki section on Dream Cancel! However, KOFXIII is still a fairly new game so things are going to found out overtime, and Mai’s outlook will change. I will still continue make updates to Mai’s Dream Cancel KOFXIII wiki as I go along.


Case and point… Here is some new technology I found…


Got brand new combo! Relatively easy but still leads to big time damage.



The first combo in that video was 656 damage, while the 2 bar was 802.
I have also found an HD combo that will do 811 damage:
j.C, s.C [HD activate] s.C, hcf+D [HDC] air qcb+C, hcf+D (FIRST HIT) [HDC] qcf+A, qcb+C, qcb+C, qcb+C [HDC] qcf+A, qcb+C, qcb+C > Neo Max = 811 damage


Another Mai combo - 1 frame links alert. Link the Kachosen (qcf+A) into st.A! (It IS also possible to link Kachosen into cr.C because both st.A and cr.C have very quick start up). Here you go. But… this makes me wonder, though - Could one net more damage off of Mai’s 1 frame links? Because, earlier in the thread, we summarized that Mai can actually kill her opponent by with the same one frame links…
Mai also has another one which involves cr.A > cr.C. It’s not that the 1 frame links are difficult (or necessary) - it just requires one to… time their hits consistently.




Just a heads up - I am going to provide a KOFXIII Mai tutorial in the near future.
I will provide insight on all of her moves, game play premise, BnB’s, how to play with meter, how to play without meter, punishes/whiff punishes, and set ups/traps. I’m really pleased with the fact that we’ve finally got a hold of Mai’s frame data, so our life is made easier in understanding her game plan. We may even find some more tech to exploit during game play.


Just completed a podcast with Dream Cancel’s Desmond Delaghetto providing insight on Mai’s overall game play - now we shall focus on a comprehensive tutorial.



Just a slight update -
Mai’s EX air qcb+AC DOES NOT HAVE INVINCIBILITY PROPERTIES. This move should be utilized for offensive tactics, netting more damaging, starting combos, and utilizing Mai’s mix ups. There is no invincibility properties, but the move is still 0 frames on block. Mai can do whatever she wants sense she is neutral.
Use EX air qcb+AC after conducting j.d.B - better yet, if you try to use crouching C, d charge u+P, j.d.B this is her safest option for ending that natural combo string.
Also, don’t hestitate to make use of Mai’s CD attacks (on the ground AND in mid air). Mai’s ground CD attack gives her low invincibility, has a generous hit box, and it will leave her a +4 on block. She has many applications for her CD attacks so use them carefully as you pressure your opponent.


Take a glance at Louffy’s Mai! I learned quite a few things from him earlier last year when I was still learning about the game’s system!


Found something nice -
KCE 408: Mai part 1 of 2 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1340369006
KCE 409: Mai part 2 of 2 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1340369013


Ah, we you go… It is actually possible to perform a EX qcb+P and then follow up with THREE qcb+C’s and net 522 damage for one stock!




Let’s take a look at Mai’s EX air qcb+P… found some new technology on it.







Okay… So Mai was in the Grand Finals of KOFXIII.
I was ecstatic… but, then when Woo actually got around to playing as Mai, I was a bit let down. This pretty much solidifies the reason why she should be played primarily as a battery character in high level (the risk/reward is far too high… Mai has a huge comeback factor but she is also just as likely to fail as a anchor if the player messes up) - Woo “seemed” to have knew a lot about Mai’s applications but could not put them on showcase.
GG’s Woo.
Hurray for Reynald winning KOFXIII EVO2013!! USA USA!!


Thanks for keeping this thread up, GDH. Mai’s one of my favorite characters to play as, she’s a lot of work to learn but so fun to use.

When Woo picked Mai I thought Reynald was going to have some trouble, she seems like she’d be a good counterpick against Chin. It seems like her projectile is low enough to give him trouble and A ryuuenbu would be hard for him to get around. Heck, I wonder if hcf+k is fast enough to catch a poorly timed drink.

I don’t know Mai or Chin well enough to really talk about the matchup, though, and I’d be pretty interested to hear what people who use the characters well have to say.


Thank you, rikc!
Mai in the air is what Chin is to the ground, which summarizes why Mai vs Chin is an interesting match up.
A good Chin player is more than likely to use the drink mechanic as soon as they good a knockdown or if the opponent is completely a full screen away. Mai will have to use her mobility and the air to her advantage while retaining a mid range distance from Chin. (Mai would have an advantage over Chin in the air as she generally has more options from there).
A early j.A and a preemptive jCD is one of Mai’s best air to air options (j.B is a good jump-in/air to ground move as it crosses up very easily).
Mai will also have to make continued use of her normal moves as she generally has great buttons.
Another thing to note is that cr.C can also be a good anti-air to use against Chin’s jumping/hopping attacks as her hit-box will shrink a bit while using the said move.
Last, to draw herself close to Chin from further distances to punish badly timed drinks or get out of pressure, the Mai can make moderate use of d~charge~u+P (if the Chin player tries to chase you down, you can hold the punch button while touching the wall so that Mai can use her dive attack - she also cancel the jump into Ukihane = j.d.B which is only safe if you use it IN FRONT of the opponent instead of on top of the opponents head). The reason why Woo would have picked Mai in this scenario for fighting Chin was because of her buttons and her options in mid air. But… that fell apart - mainly because he only knew a handful of tricks with Mai, he wasn’t constantly on the move (as Mai is very fast character with healthy defensive options), and that she wasn’t really Woo’s main priority. Reynald was also familiar with the match up thanks to him fighting Mario E (whom was far more potent with Mai’s game play).


And… Presenting some more Mai game play from good ol’ Luffy himself!! Still as impressive as usual!