[KOF XIII] Mai Shiranui


KOFXIII Mai Tutorial Part 3 is up!


KOFXIII Mai Tutorial Part 4 and the conclusion are completed.


Got some more Mai game play:


For those who need help with Mai’s trials, here is a video reference:

Shout outs to Dark Chaotix


I overlooked something rather important: Mai was at EVO2013 MULTIPLE times.
Please, check out Romance vs Hee San Woo.


-Strategy Update-
Mai Shiranui Offense:
> Mai’s jumping A has many uses. Use jumping A (preferably early) to anti-air opponents from the mid range (to keep them from super jumping), screwing with the opponents jump ins altogether, and for corner pressure.
>When the opponent is cornered, maintain a safe distance and lock the opponent down with neutral hop jumping A, CD attacks (whiff cancel into qcb+A or qcf+A, hop j2B (in front of the opponent because you want to frame trap the opponent) - bully the opponent with cr.B and st.A as you slowly advance towards the cornered the opponent (Mai’s walk speed is ridiculous). After doing a jump in, go for throws every now and then (there is NO crouch tech).
> Do NOT forget about Mai’s ground CD attack. The air version is also reliable. Mai’s ground CD is very fast and can put stop to low hit confirms.
> A good block string to use against cornered opponents are things like: j.C, st.C, qcb+A, cr.C, qcb+C. This can be used in combos and qcb+A has the shortest recovery. DO NOT rely on qcb+C. Mai’s qcb+C is still safe on block but Mai will not get anything off of it when it is blocked. Mai needs to be the one instigating offense and forcing the opponent back on the defensive in this scenario. This is KOF, but remember to adapt to the opponents play style… CHANGE UP YOUR OWN GAME PLAN TO ADJUST, and don’t get overly predictable. Mai is the LAST character you should be predictable with. She is a ninja.
> Don’t bother trying to play Mai as if she was Kyo or Mr. Karate. Because, she is not them (but you also need to keep in mind that she benefits from the system mechanics of this game quite well) You need to be thinking in terms of how a King player would - good buttons, awesome meter options, great mobility/movement and high HD combo damage. That is what Mai is meant for, while she is a rather unorthodox character like Chin is but in a different way. Mai needs to make the opponent go “What the hell is this woman doing…?” Mai needs to scare the opponent into making mistakes - hence, Mai’s fast walk speed, run speed (Mai HAS the fastest run speed which can even be used for crossing under stuff while the opponent is in mid air), annoying normals, annoying air control, etc…
> When Mai gets a bar and drive, you need to be focused on driving the opponent into the corner. Mai gets 553 damage for 1 bar and 1 drive. With a full drive (HD) and no meter, Mai can get 650+ damage. With two bars and full drive, you will get 804 damage. You need play Mai while having the same plan down as you would with King or Leona. Without meter, Mai will not do that much damage. With meter, she can easily change things up just like that. Until you build meter for that much damage, Mai needs to keep poking around while aggravating the opponent with her movement - forcing the opponent to make mistakes. SHE IS A NINJA, so you have to think somewhere along those lines.
> If you are a new Mai player: DO NOT try qcf+A into hcf+K set up. It is not safe. If you want to follow up after qcf+A… go for another qcf+A (if you’re the full range), run forward-stop-run forward-stop… (stagger your offense and rush down. Mai is a fast character, so why would you NOT do this…? Baiting your out unsafe move or making the opponent whiff something is part of Mai’s MO). After qcf+A you can also go for air throw or neutral jump A (or CD) if the opponent tries super jumping in on you. Or, at the mid range, you can back dash and go for other options after the back dash, like ground Musasabi or a poke. Against smarter opponents, you need to be more creative with Mai’s options.

Mai Shiranui Defense:
> If you are getting stuck in the corner, use back dashes, or back dashes into wall jumps. You can also neutral jump and then go for wall jumps and/or a air qcb+P to get out of the corner safely. Ground Musasabi is also a good options because Mai just say “Forget this” and jump straight from the corner all the way to the other side. Avoid getting cornered (a general rule in KOF and in most 2D fighting games) and do let Mai suffer an untechable knockdown. If she does then get ready to block, roll, GC roll, or GC blow back. Pay attention to what is happening and what the opponent is doing. A lot of things being said here would be considered common sense at this point.
> “Oooooh nooooooes… Mai doesn’t have a DP so she sucks. Wah. Wah. Wah”. The truth is, you really shouldn’t be relying on that sort of thing. One because, even if Mai had a DP, the player isn’t going to get that much damage. A generic DP is usually going to equal to about 120 damage from a hard punch/kick version. Why don’t just block…? Or use j.A, back dashes, st.A, st.C, cr.C (which will make a lot of jump ins whiff BTW - Mai is already a tiny character), roll, GC roll, GC blowback, or st.D instead…? Besides, Mai having a DP would be like trying to give King a air fire ball during her back dash. Do you REALLY want to do that…? Having a DP is better than not having a DP but… in this case, Mai does not NEED one for obvious reasons. Get this through your head, NOW.
> Jump back j.A and j.CD is great for keeping your opponent at bay if they are getting close to you. Then you can capitalize with grounded normals or a counter action with Mai running up to start an offense. Another thing to understand is that Mai is VERY good at dealing with… overly aggressive/impatient or “Try Hard” type players because of how she is designed in this game. I will state this once again: She is a ninja. Deceive the opponent into thinking they are safe when they are not. Mess with the opponents head. Whiff light normals while staggering your offense when Mai is on the ground at the mid range as she closes in gradually. Mai can EASILY take the passive aggressive approach in her game play. Woo and Louffy enjoy doing this, both of whom are considered some of the best KOF players around.
> Mai can change the trajectory of her own jumps with j2B, air Musasabi, and even her air DM’s.
> Mai has really good EX moves, all of which are either plus frames or are relatively safe on block. Remember this.

There will be more to follow later over time.


Start at points 30:44, 1:12:01 and 1:26:06




Some newer combos to keep in mind:
Mai Shiranui:
Meter-less (corner): close st.C, qcf+A (link) d+C, qcb+A = 245 damage. (This combo isn’t difficult to perform).
Meter-less (corner): close st.C, qcb+A, d+C = 194 damage. (Reset. On some occasions you might use st.A as well to limit Mai’s recovery).
Meter-less (corner): close st.C, qcf+A (link) d+C, hcf+D = 268 damage (Different combo ender from the first one).
1 bar 0 drive (corner): close st.C, EX qcb+P, qcb+C, qcb+C, Air Throw = 483 damage. (Almost 50%).
1 bar 1 drive (mid screen -> corner): close st.C, EX qcb+P, hcf+D, qcf+C, qcb+C, qcb+C, st.C = 500 damage. (Reset and 50%)
1 bar 1 drive (“near” the corner - one character width): close st.C, EX qcb+P, qcb+C, qcb+C, qcb+C (fist hit) [DC] qcf+A, qcb+C, qcb+C, air throw = 553 damage.
1 bar 1 drive ( corner): close st.C, EX qcb+P, qcb+C, qcb+C (first hit) [DC] qcf+A, qcb+C, qcb+C, air throw = 522 damage
1 bar 1 drive (corner) s.C, Ex qcb+P, qcb+C, hcf+D [2hits], [DC] qcb+C, qcb+C, qcb+C, air throw = 518 dmg


EDIT: April Fools Joke.


Start the following video at 7:06. Mature/Mai/Elisabeth player is Mau.

EDIT: This is a continuation.


Hello Shiranui style fans, I am a kinda new player of the Kof series and i am obliged to give my thanks to everyone involved for this great thread about Mai Shiranui.
It is very convinient to pile all this info on a single thread and i found it very helpful especially for beginner like me (especially Musasabi no Mai tech, which improved my poor performance dramatically).
Despite being a beginner I already love Mai and she is my star of the show in the 2nd place.
It wasn’t hard to notice how important and how much damage potential increase for a 2nd place Mai with 2 meters and a full HD bar,so i focused on these combos a lot.
To my surprise I couldn’t spot here the combo i thought it was more optimal and use a lot.

The combo starts like your usual meterless 40-30% corner combo, the one i prefer is the one that Woo used on this year’s Evo top 8 vs Romance and goes like this:
J.C/D, CrB, StB, StD, HD activation, StB, St D, Hissatsu Shinobi-Bachi D, HDC Musasabi no Mai C, Hissatsu Shinobi-Bachi D, HDC Ryuuenbu C, Ryuuenbu C, Ryuuenbu C, HDC kachousen A,
Ryuuenbu C, Ryuuenbu C, HDC kachousen A, Ryuuenbu C, Ryuuenbu C, Instant Air EX Chou Hissatsu Shinobi-Bachi, Ryuuenbu C, J.f.C(airthrow)/StC(Reset)

This Combo does 779 dmg with no Counter hit start up[768 if StC(Reset)is your choice], which is around 40-60 dmg lower than the highest 2 meter HD combos I know which are around 800 dmg.
So far compared to Neo Max finisher combos we have:

  • Low dmg difference than highest dmg alternatives
  • Hard Knockdown or Reset mix up
  • The opponent can be easier locked down on corner
  • Kinda easy to buffer instant air EX Super during ryuenbu C
  • It fills 80% meter[90% if if StC(Reset)is your choice] which can help you finish your opponent or be a great help if your opponent is not the last one
  • Lower damage
  • Instant Air EX super is trickier to input on laggy online matches
  • Less stylist(no Nippon Ichi LOL)

With this mindset I find this Combo to be the most optimal if the opponent is not meant to be killed by it(then of course others are better since they are easier to execute and have higher dmg).

If this combo is already here and i missed it/forgot about it please forgive me or if this combo isn’t as optimal as i think and my mindset is faulted please explain to me why so I can
improve my mindset and gameplay.
Please forgive my poor english and my inexperience and I am much obliged for your help


Greetings @Body_Ga,
I’m very happy to see another Mai player here XD. Here is the dream cancel wiki entry for Mai - bookmark the page when you get the chance. When you scroll down, you will find more optimal HD combos there. When you scroll down all the way to the bottom you will find the Mai tutorial videos.
On the third video, the speaker will elaborate on combo options with and without meter.
In the fifth video, you will learn more of Mai’s about what kind of mentality and approach the player should generally take when they play as Mai.


Small notes.

> Mai can get 835 damage from 2 bar HD combo if she starts off with her cl.C, qcf+A, cr.C link in the corner. It becomes relatively easy after some practice. Otherwise, if you do the combo regularly starting from far st.D, you’ll get 804 damage instead.
> Back into air qcb+P or EX air qcb+P is a very good way of getting out of pressure and starting your offense at the same time. (You are neutral on block from air qcb+C. Also remember that EX qcb+P is plus frames on block).
> When you start a combo with st.C, EX qcb+P and if you want to go for another qcb+C, you need to actually see Mai walk backwards a tad before doing so that way the next qcb+C will hit. When done correctly and if you have another drive, that’s basically 50% of the opponents health gone.
> Remember that Mai is a character who is very good at dealing with over aggressive or (abare) players because of her mobility and (generally) her normal moves. Don’t hesitate to rush down and mix up if the opponent is cornered though. If you’re playing Mai and if the opponent is cornered then it would be a very good time for Mai to start mixing up and converting into damage. Mai + meter + corner pressure = trouble.
> Try to position yourself in a way where Ukihane (j2B) will hit the opponent from the front, even you’re crossing up (MEATY). She is plus frames on block and she maintains safe pressure. The only time you should really be going for Ukihane from above the opponents head is if you have at least one bar. Because, she is completely safe if that is case. Otherwise, be careful about the Ukihane position so that you can still be safe while being able to cross up/mix up from up close. Mai benefits extremely well off of hard knockdowns. “Mai pseudo-vortex”.


Check this out. Gutts provided us with a nice 3/4 frame safe jump set up for our girl Mai Shiranui!


A pretty great series of matches!


Luffy’s Mai is back for Stunfest!


Four Ryuenbuu’s. Getting THREE Ryuenbuu’s after EX qcb+P! Check this out - easier method of performing and getting more damage from just performing cr.Bx2, cr.A.


Some additional notes for the Shiranui ninja:
> Mai’s qcb+C CAN be punished in some situations, usually if the opponent has meter. For example: Mai vs Mai. If the Mai opponent does cr.B, cr.A, qcb+C to end a block string, the other Mai player can punish with EXDM or even her Neo Max. The punish needs to be perfect, however.
Remember when I said not to rely too much on qcb+C?
What happens is that it kills Mai’s momentum if it is blocked. She does not get anything off of it. That’s why it is generally a better idea to simply end block strings with Mai’s normals instead. Mai is plus frames on block for most of her light normals anyhow.
> As stated earlier, Mai can get three qcb+C’s in a row after EX qcb+P if the player simply tries to confirm into it in the corner. She’ll get a decent amount of damage with just one bar. (411 to be exact… on that last Ryuenbuu, you can either drive cancel or just finish the combos, because Mai will be the one with the advantage anyway).
> Mr. Karate match up: Assuming the Mai is fighting against a good/intermediate Mr. Karate, she needs to be more patient while hanging around at the mid screen. At further ranges, Mr. Karate can’t really do that much but he still has number of ways of creating offense.
NOTE: If you are standing while blocking, Mr. Karate’s block strings like cl.C, f+A(two hits), qcf+C will cause more push back making it hard to punish. But, if Mai is crouching while blocking OR if she is cornered, there will be less push back. Mai will be able to punish with Neo Max or her EXDM. Mr. Karate’s qcf+A is safe however.
Against a good Mr. Karate, the Mai player needs to wait him out while playing keepaway. On a general consensus is always a great idea to stay out of the corner.
> Kim match up: Kim without meter isn’t that big of a threat to Mai, because her ranged options help her a lot. When Kim has one bar, the moves you need to beware of are his EX qcb+K and his air EX qcb+K. The latter has invincibility throughout the entire move. Kim can be struck out of his ground qcb+K if the Mai player can make the read. Be more evasive against the metered Kim and time your jumps so that he will not be able to jump him or properly anti-air. Another thing that needs to be realized is that Kim’s better offensive and defensive options actually come from him having meter. He also does not do that well from further ranges, that which is what Mai herself excels at to a large degree. It is okay to play more aggressive if Kim is cornered (even if he has meter) or if he has no meter to begin with because that’s where Mai also starts getting dangerous. It can be relatively easy for her to bait out Kim’s d~charge+u+K attempts (the EX version of that move is a 3 framer).