[KOF XIII] Mai Shiranui


Mai offensive strategy from up close:
There is a pretty proficient method of continuing offense with Mai: Notice that Mai is plus frames on her j2C (in front) and 0 frames on block from EX air qcb+P while cr.C comes out quickly and whiff cancels. Basically, you’re like a loop in a way. cr.C, d~charge~uf+P, j2B, air qcb+A (or EX), then cr.C or cr.D into d~charge~uf+P again. cr.D WILL cancel into special moves… cr.D into d~charge~uf+P, j2B for low overhead. Relatively safe on block if you use j2B as early as possible during d~charge~uf+P. As you mix the opponent up this way, you can also try visually confirming into a combo or run-up throws.
Always remember that Mai’s j2B will hit the opponent overhead and that it is plus frames at lower heights.
Air qcb+A is safe if you aim towards the opponents legs. EX air qcb+P is safe altogether (at 0 frames on block).
cr.C comes out very quickly. You can also resort to her cr.B or st.A for confirming into a combo.
You can also whiff cancel her cr.D into her special moves.
Try to maintain a degree of discretion while applying the offense. Because, Mai has quite a few moves that are, in fact, plus frames or neutral on block. Don’t be afraid to go for mix ups.

The player also needs to remember that they don’t always have to play a certain way either. If something is not working, try something else. Be creative. A intermediate player is not going to fall for generic tricks, unless they are ignorant of the match up (i.e. bad at the game) altogether. Play keep away or passive aggressively when the situation calls for it, so that you can win. Mai is very good at that sort of thing, even supporting the concept of “Yomi”, and/or dealing with players who are desperately aggressive or like to auto-pilot too much.

#ShiranuiNinja. (^ That’s what ninja’s do).


Louffy is at it again…


We have some really good Mai game play here:


Some new matches: Shout outs to Paulo!




Within this video, you will see Mai’s kill combo. Shout outs to Persona!


Imperium KOFXIII Winners Finals:


This next week, I am going to reassess Mai’s game play and I will also showcase what to do in certain match ups.


Mai vs Kim:
Without meter, this match up is relatively even (This is sort of explained on Dream Cancel).
When Kim gets meter, Mai needs to focus on zoning around and movement because that is where she accelerates. However, the player needs to be careful hanging around in the air for too long because of Kim’s own options in mid air and he has a flash kick.
Note that Kim has very good normals… but… so does Mai. Mai’s normals, especially when used preemptively will
According to Frionel, Woo actually picked Mai partially because he wanted to deal with the Kim match.
Mai essentially need to play the same sort of “game” as Saiki would. Make the Kim player respective of that spacing and the neutral game. She has the range to do this.

Mai vs Mr. Karate:
Wait him out. Sense Mai has better movement than Mr. Karate, use that to your advantage is whiff punish him when he starts getting silly from the mid or close range. The Mai player needs to create “awkward” situations where the player just can’t “combo” her correctly or they start mistiming their moves. All of Mai’s normals (again, when they are used preemptively) and CONSTANT movement will solve a lot of problems within this match up, no matter how good the Mr. Karate player may be. Another thing to keep in mind that Mai can control the air a lot better than Mr. Karate can, due to how her move set is organized.
The player needs to see to causing “organized” chaos.

Mai gets around 510 damage easily from 1 bar and 1 drive from an easy combo. That much damage is HALF LIFE. Retaining that will help the Mai player quite a bit.

A lot of people say that Mai “needs” an invincibility reversal.
Why? Duo Lon, Ralf, and even Chin have the same issue in needing meter for a good reversal, so Mai’s situation isn’t that much different.
Always continue to adapt to the opponent or the situation at hand.
Notice that Mai has very high HD combo damage - it WILL NOT matter if she is at the mid screen.
If the player knows how to loop QCB+C [DC] HCF+D then she has some of the best HD combo options in the game. It’s always a guaranteed 700+ damage (it is normally 809 damage or if Mai had already cornered the opponent).

There will be more to follow up with soon…


Here are some recent matches, presenting Mai.


Hi fellow Mai players… let’s get back on schedule. Found a few more decent videos of our favorite ninja… http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FtLEqVKvqVg

Long term video = Start at 1:44:25 http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=if2_Hfa-DYg

Start the video below at 12:46. When Mai shows she lands a very nasty HD combo on the Karate player. Norice the instant air EXDM post HD (you need to Tiger Knee this input). http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zHrAGNleT1E


Tis the season to be bouncy…
We have Mai Shiranui’s KOFXIII hit boxes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0YAodX-GpY

  • st.A… after seeing this, ya’ll should be encouraged to use st.A as much as I do now. :]
  • j.A looks rather absurd. But, now you guys see why I keep pressuring ya’ll to use j.A more? Fast start up, great priority, stays active for a long period of time.
  • Ground CD is obnoxious as hell…