Kof xiii ps3- usb pad problem

I have received my KOFXIII PS3 edition :slight_smile:
but i have a big problem… My USB pad for PS3 ( this one -> USB PAD PS3 ) who work on all other PS3 games is not detected in KOFXIII :frowning:
Can anyone have a solution?
Thanks in advance

Try to force Home Button activation by hitting UP + START and forcing the Controller in-console settings to Player 1 in the Home Menu.

Thanks for your answer but my USB pad still does not work.

It seems that PS2 USB controller have some problem too…

Do SNKP forget to take USB controller in charge in their game…? I’m afraid of that…

i posted on the kofxiii thread in the kofxiii subforum a couple of days ago…
i’m afraid this is the first known fighting game that does not accept every usb device :frowning:

Dont leave me hanging man, does the MC work in KOFXIII?

it does :smiley:

but some cheap ps2-usb converters (without home button) don’t get recognized.

afaik only non-homebutton usb pcbs don’t get recognized

Thanks for your anwser Torta.

Too bad for me :’(

When does the patch will be available? ^^

we have to cry to Atlus/SNKP :frowning: when do we start?

any problem with TE’s? (I’d assume not, that’d be dumb . . . not that I’m not sympathetic to the plight of my pad warrior brethren)

I’m having the same problem with my Elecom converter. Any decent and cheap converters around that are known to work with the game yet? I’d rather not have to pad warrior this game.

Can someone confirm if Inpin converters are having this problem, or do they work?

What makes this game so special? Freakin’ SNK with their big sprites and “your controller ain’t good enough for our wonderful game” attitude.

Good thing all the official stuff and the MC works and before the SNK fans take what I said way too seriously I have the game, I like the game, it’s beautiful, I’m joking and I’m sure SNK will have this fixed if you ask though I do wonder why or how they would do this anyhow.

ASAP, if you don’t mind.

Yeah, my Tatsunoko Stick isn’t working with the converter I have.
I’ve found out that when I unplug the stick, it asks me to reconnect the controller. At least it recognizes it?

I already bitched on Atlus’ Facebook wall so they’d hopefully feel more inclined to do something since it’s about as public as you can get.

link please so everyone can cry ;_;

The PS3 does, the game doesn’t. You’ll find that your stick works on the XMB, then when start the game, it doesn’t anymore.

Wouldn’t be a better idea to bitch on SNKP’s facebook since they are more direct.

Can someone elaborate a little bit more on this issue please. There are a lot of people here that cannot afford a MC or Hori stick so they just built their own using an old PS2 pcb.So I’m looking for a way to have their sticks adapted so that they can play KOF as wanted. The only option I see is replacing the PCB to Cthulu or similar, but will be somehow expensive.

From Atlus forums, the controllers with no Home button will not be recognized (I wonder what the role of PS button is anyway).

What I meant was that even though it doesn’t work in the game, the game itself recognizes that a controller was unplugged.
I already tested my stick elsewhere to see if it was the stick, it wasn’t. That’s the only reason what I posted was relevant to the topic.

If the game didn’t recognize it as a controller, when I press start on the DualShock then reassign it as player two, it would tell me to reconnect the controller. It does however, ask me to reconnect the controller if I reassign, then unplug the stick (and the message goes away once I plug it back in).

Unless the PS3 is sending the message in through the game’s menu/font setup, the game’s recognizing it, just not reading the inputs.

The InPin does work.