Kof xiii ps3- usb pad problem

Looks to be a serious issue. Gonna try to run a story on this on the front page so people are informed.

Thanks dude. If you do add the Atlus response, don’t worry about anything weird in retaliation to it since it was a public response to the lack of controller support.

yeah I’m glad there’s a thread about this because damn the sixaxis is balls for this game. I hate it!

I’d rather not. Not a fan of these “I’ll return the game”/“I’m through with so-and-so” type of responses.

Well fine it’s up to you. I just personally thought the on the record reaction by Atlus would serve some form of significance to help cover the whole situation while still trying to be objective (maybe I am saying it wrong :frowning: ).

It would suck ass if KOF XIII doesn’t work with that new cheap PC/PS3 board (this one)

If their PR is that fucking bad, then they deserve to lose a few sales.

It says no home button so, probably not. They did say one is in the works that has a home button, though. I’d say wait for that.

Please do run the story to inform other players, it’s OK if you dont quote Atlus as long as the message is out there, and if you link them here it wont take long for them to know about Atlus.

Yeah, I had the same problem with my PS2 adapter. Good thing I have a Chuthulu stick too, but in versus someone has to use the pad :confused:
Which isn’t all that bad with a four button game, but you know. It’s crazy that the game doesn’t accept the adapter.

Has anyone done any tests using FG Widget based converters?

My two Akishop PCB sticks so far work just fine. Feels weird now, playing this game with my Akishop TvC stick with the big Wii logos on it :x

This sucks and should be fixed, I can play blazblue and other games with my generic converter from ebay why KOF XIII should be the exception.

good thing I happened to mod a new stick and bought the inPin converter just to try it out. I would be fucking pissed if I didn’t

Interesting since they worked in XII.

Didn’t VF5 have this problem till it was patched?

Does anyone know of some good PSX/PS2->PS3 converters available that aren’t affected by this?

Since the Cthulhu is reported as working, we can guess the FGW converter should work, but I’d like to know that as well

For the FGW convertor, I imagine all depends on the PS3 PCB that you hack for use on a project box, not the FGW convertor itself.

All the FGW convertor does is turn your button presses into switch signals that can be outputted to a 15 pins.

I don’t have one so I wouldn’t know, but let’s say KOF XIII is at Evo. I really want to play on pad and since Dual Shock 3’s are banned I was thinking of getting an InPin when I have the money and run my PS2 pad. Has anyone with an InPin tested it out with KOF XIII? I’m figuring since it has a PS Home Button function, I’m assuming that using it with a PS2 pad should be compatible with KOF XIII. I just really want to make sure before I make the investment. Thanks in advanced.

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Welp, sorry for not reading the thread. Feeling quite bashful right now. Please excuse my incompetency and thank you for taking the time to respond. Time to further bury my head in shame.