Kof xiii ps3- usb pad problem


“Absolutely nowhere in Sony’s regulations do they require a game to be able to support controllers for a console the game isn’t made for. Should we patch KOFXIII so it can support SNES controllers too? The PS3 has been out for five years now. Man up and buy a joystick for the actual console you’re playing games on.”

Does that not make you rage? I have the same freakin’ problem. After all the wait I’ve got to wait even longer and spend even more money to purchase a PS3 stick?


oh shit this is completely wrong :confused:


I personally dont like the way Atlus in their forums is responding to their fans. This shouldnt happen to the Fighters Genre, cause we play on so many different setups.


Thankfully. This still has me contemplating a dedicated stick for the PS3, though.


Has someone played it on a Qanba or eightarc stick?

This isn’t a problem for 360, right?


It’s not just Atlus btw; because the EU version has the same problem (published by Rising Star Games over here). It’s almost definitely SNK themselves; and I have no idea why they’d do this.

360 has no problems afaik. Qanba should work fine. InPin and Cthulu work. Are there any converters out there that would work besides the extinct Pelican though?


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^ Nope.

Anyways, this is unfortunate for Atlus to respond the way they did but it’s more or less a developer problem. Likely ignorance or some software of how they developed the console version since I guess they never considered other sticks outside the major sellers. Inappropriately raging about it is not a good idea but it’s still important to be appropriately vocal about the issue.


You know thats a knock-off Sega Saturn pad that was NOT designed for the Playstation 3 right?

There’s your problem right there.

I also have a Sega Saturn USB pad, it was designed for the PC, and although it claims on the packaging it works on the PS3 it is really finicky with PS3 games. I also have a Namco Stick w/ a PS to USB converter, and it doesn’t work with all my games either. Not the end of the world for me though, I have a Hori pad specifically for the PS3, along with a PS3 TE.

So you’ll need to get a new controller intended for your system or if you’re still using a PS2 controller, you’ll need to get a new converter that works. You can’t really blame anyone but yourself for using a controller not intended for your system.


the SNK Neo Geo stick isn’t working either, my friend from London just told me that… so it looks like this was done in Osaka and not with Atlus or Rising Star games


Is it the PS3 Neo-Geo Stick? That stick should work because it was produced exclusively for the PS3.

I think the PS3 one doesn’t even have a Home button though lol. Photos I saw of it didn’t have it anywhere on it. I used to the have the PS2 version, and it didn’t work with my PS to USB converter on my PS3.


Yeah I’m bitching about the PS3 Neo Geo stick that SKNP themselves released. And yeah it doesn’t have a Home button.


SNK didn’t make that stick, it was made by Exar, and their sticks in the past were pretty shoddy. I dunno why SNK does business with them, they should work with Hori or something IMO.

I think the stick lacking a Home button would be a contributing factor though. Whats odd is Exar made the Neo-Geo Pad for the PS3, that thing has a home button and it works fine.

It would be nice if they could at least fix the problem with the Neo-Geo Stick, since it is an officially licensed PS3 controller, it makes no sense why it wouldn’t work, I dunno if it’s a fault of Exar’s product, the PS3 hardware/firmware, or if it’s just KOFXIII. You make a product for the system it’s intended for, it should work.


There is a revised version with a home button that does work:

When shopping, search Neo Geo Stick 2+. The “+” is important.


Looks to be a serious issue. Gonna try to run a story on this on the front page so people are informed.


Thanks dude. If you do add the Atlus response, don’t worry about anything weird in retaliation to it since it was a public response to the lack of controller support.


yeah I’m glad there’s a thread about this because damn the sixaxis is balls for this game. I hate it!


I’d rather not. Not a fan of these “I’ll return the game”/“I’m through with so-and-so” type of responses.


Well fine it’s up to you. I just personally thought the on the record reaction by Atlus would serve some form of significance to help cover the whole situation while still trying to be objective (maybe I am saying it wrong :frowning: ).


It would suck ass if KOF XIII doesn’t work with that new cheap PC/PS3 board (this one)