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It seems Robert gets no love. I hear he’s seen rather often online, but I never play online so I wouldn’t really know about that. Also, there’s quite a glaring error in both wikis (since corrected), in that they both state that Robert’s B Hien Shipuukyaku cannot be Drive Canceled. It can, and is quite useful. It’s even stranger considering that there’s a combo in the SRK wiki that uses a drive canceled B Hien Shipuukyaku. (I’ve since fixed the SRK wiki entry.)

These are some of the combos that I use or that I don’t see listed in the SRK or DC wikis. I think I’ll try to make a video of them (shakeycam, lol)

Wall-to-Wall Corner Carry | HD + 1/2/3 Meter (699/755/856 Damage)

[details=Spoiler]2/3 Meter Combo


cl.C, f.B, (HD), cl.C, f.B xx dp+C (DC) qcb+BD, Forward Dash, dp+A (DC) qcf+A, [db]~f+D (DC) qcb+D, dp+C (DC) qcf+A, dp+C xx fbf+B/D or qcfhcb+A/C or qcfhcb+BD.

Notes: This combo won’t work too close to the corner due to the fireball after the 1st dp+A whiffing, one can substitute dp.C instead, and substitute [db]~f+B for the followup. Will do slightly less damage. I use in situations when I don’t want to risk messing up Robert’s more finicky HDs, or if I just need the corner carry. In terms of execution, I think it’s Robert’s easiest HD combo outside of his minimalist DM to NM HD Combos and easier than the wall carry combo using [db]~f+BD in the wiki. The difference between this and the corner carry combo in the wiki is that those won’t work from the absolute furthest point away from the corner.

Mid-screen, works from 55% away all the way to corner | HD + 0/1/2 Meter (665/721/822 Damage)

cl.C, f.B, (HD), cl.C, f.B xx dp+C (DC) qcb+D, [db]~f+B (DC) qcb+D, dp+C (DC) qcf+A, dp+A (DC) qcb+D (whiff), dp+C (DC) qcf+A, dp+C xx fbf+B/D or qcfhcb+A/C or qcfhcb+BD

Notes: You can start this combo farther away from the corner then the one listed in the wiki, which goes directly from qcb+D to dp+C (DC) qcf+C. Also does slightly more damage. If one is having issues getting the last DP out however, you could just omit it and go into NeoMAX off of the last fireball.

Corner only. | 1 Drive 1 Meter

(jump-in), cl.C, f.B xx dp+C (DC) qcb+D, qcfhcb+A/C

Notes: Tough to time qcb+D correctly, probably Robert’s most damaging combo for 1 meter and 1 drive off of a jump-in. Without the jump-in, dp.C (DC) qcb+BD, qcf+A, dp+C actually does slightly more damage. The little bit of extra damage probably isn’t worth the increase in difficulty, but hey, if you can do it consistently…

50% Away from/up to the Corner | 1 Drive 2 Meters (525 Damage]

cl.C, f.B, dp+C (DC) qcb+BD, [db]~f+BD, qcf+A, dp+C

Notes: Leaves Robert with more drive and meter than if one used dp+C (DC) qcb+D, qcfhcb+AC. When a jump-in in used, this combo does about 10 less damage than dp+C (DC) qcb+D, qcfhcb+AC, while without a jump-in the damage difference is negligible.

Dont really play Robert anymore but that reset sounds nice. Another good midscreen reset is s.C, f.B x dp.A DC qcf.C (or A, cant remember), db, f.BD, straightjump C x divekick, then commandhtrow/low/xup w/e you want ^^

Why no delete button?

The corner, HD, and Robert’s EX Geneikyaku. Will expound upon when I get off of work.

In general, extra meter with Robert generally translates into better corner carry, but not really much more damage. Unlike characters with very quick Level 1 or 2 DMs, Robert’s level 1 Ranbu takes around 40% of HD mode’s time to get to the last hit, which means in order to do a DM to NeoMAX, Robert would have to cut off his HD combo short, and thus not get very much of a damage boost at all. His level 2 must also be NeoMAX canceled before the final, unscaled hit, making it not of much use either.

EX Geneikyaku allows a Robert with 3 meters to do almost 900 damage in the corner with a very practical HD combo, and more than 900 with a more difficult one, by tacking it onto the end of HD combos, and really stretching out the HD timer in ways his super and normal drive cancels can’t. It effectively takes the place of the level 1 super, and deals a good amount of damage in a fairly short period of time. Because of it’s many hits, EX Geneikyaku will almost always do more than 100 damage at the end of a combo.

The only thing I really can’t understand is why SNK made his normal Geneikyaku DCable when it puts opponents into a non-juggleable state. I guess you could cancel into a fireball or hien shipuukyaku midscreen, and use the hard knockdown to apply some wakeup pressure, but it’s just not worth 50% of your drive.



Video Combo
j.C, s.C, f.B, HD, s.C, f.B xx dp+C, DC, qcb+D, dp+C, DC, qcf+C, dp+A, DC, qcb+K, dp+C, DC, qcf+A, fbf+BD xx qcfhcb+BD

Besides a rather easily dropped HD combo that does about 914, there’s another variation that does slightly more damage to bring Robert up to 900 damage for 3 meters without too many executional hurdles.

Corner Only | HD + 3 Meters (900 Damage)

j.C, s.C, f.B, HD, s.C xx dp+C, DC, qcb+D, dp+C, DC, qcf+C, dp+A, DC, qcb+K, dp+C, DC, qcf+A, fbf+BD, dp+A xx qcfhcb+BD

Perhaps you already knew it, but in the corner, jumping after normal command throw is a safe jump.

HD Bypassed EX Divekicks. I wonder how explored this option is. It’s a lot of committal, but with the EX Divekick’s speed, now anything that you hit with it near the corner could possibly lead into HD damage. I shall explore this more. Perhaps it could be used to bait anti-air attempts near the corner, as Robert jumps backwards, a character like King could launch a fireball to catch him on the way down and cover her escape, which would then be punished by the divekick + full HD combo. [db]~f+B after the divekick can give that extra bit of corner carry.

Of course, it also means aerial counter-hits from a stocked Robert near the corner spell huge damage against the opponent, and Robert’s superb j.CD lends itself quite handsomely to this…



Corner EX Divekick HD Bypass Combo off of a CH j.CD | HD + 3 Meters (894 Damage)

CH j.CD, j. qcb+BCD, qcf+A, [dp+C, DC, qcf+C, dp+A, DC, qcb+K] x 2, dp+C, DC, qcf+A, dp+P xx qcfhcb+BD

Alternate if some corner carry is needed, works about 45% from corner | 875 damage (IIRC)

CH j.CD, j.qcb+BCD, [db]~f+B, DC, qcb+D, dp+C, DC, qcf+C, dp+A, DC, qcb+K, dp+C, DC, qcf+A, dp+A, DC, qcb+K, dp+P xx qcfhcb+BD

I play Robert, I like using him on point because he has a lot of very even match ups. I’m not 100% sure on who else to use with him but I imagine I’ll stick with my Takuma anchor.

hey dudes, just reposting from DC:



also just a heads up to AirLancer, the link to the DC character thread is busted.


Off of CH j.CDs in the corner, you can go into a Neomax ender with only 2 meters, since you can also do an HD Bypass using a normal Divekick. When you have less than 3 meters, with HD and 2 meters, a corner CH j.CD can lead to 810 damage, 1 meter 737 damage, or 653 with 0 meters.

Corner Counter-Hit Combos off of j.CD | HD + 0/1/2 Meters (653/737/810 Damage)

0/2 Meters: CH j.CD, j.qcb+BC, [dp+C, DC, qcf+C, dp+A, DC, qcb+K] x2, dp+C, DC, qcf+C, dp+P, DC fbf+K or qcfhcb+BD

1 Meter: CH j.CD, j.qcb+BCD, qcf+A, [dp+C, DC, qcf+C, dp+A, DC, qcb+K] x2, dp+P, DC, fbf+K

Of course, with 2 Meter + HD, if you’re too far from the corner and land a CH j.CD, HD Bypass NeoMAX for 527. Handy for when you need to get rid of that last character, and happen to land an air CH.

I remember struggling with cr.B xx cr.A xx fwd+B in the beginning specifically because of fwd+B, but what I found out was that you do have a lot of time to confirm cr.B. Really the trick is to get used to confirming cr.B alone and following up with cr.A xx fwd+B in a fast series. It’s really quite easy once you’ve got the hang of it because the window to cancel into cr.A is fairly generous.

it’s funny, I never really thought to go from cr.A to fwd+A and now that I’m trying it out it’s giving me problems. The leniency of cr.B xx cr.A cannot be really taken advantage of because when following up with fwd+A you will be too far if you’re too slow. You really have to be point blank if you want to take extra frames to confirm anything prior. fwd+B comes out a little slower most definitely, but its range and options afterward far outweigh the speed disparity, I think.

It’s purely for HD confirm, not for regular combos. For some reason its much easier to me.

I also have a much easier time doing c.B, s.A, f.B. A real shame that almost all of Robert’s far standing normals whiff on crouchers…

Decided to create a longer compilation of various HD combos.



sssuup !
can you give the best combos with :
1 bar
1 drive
1 bar + 1 drive
2 bar + 1 drive
1 bar + 2 drive
2 bar + 2 drive


Any 2 drive combo that isn’t an HD combo is a waste. Also, Robert doesn’t really have set combos for any situation. Your positioning relative to the corner makes a lot of difference.

1 Bar

cl.C, f.B, f.A xx [db]~f+BD, dp+C

1 Drive

Don’t bother, just do a meterless.

1 Bar + 1 Drive


cl.C, f.B, f.A xx [db]~f+BD, (delay) dp+A, DC, qcf+A, [db]~f+D
cl.C, f.B xx dp+C, DC, qcb+BD, dash forward, dp+C (less damage, easier execution)
cl.C, f.B xx dp+A, DC, qcf+A, [db]~f+BD, j.C, qcb+D (Reset set-up, have slight frame advantage upon landing, I’m pretty sure)


cl.C, f.B xx dp+C, DC, qcb+BD, qcf+A, dp+C

2 Bars + 1 Drive


cl.C, f.B xx dp+C, DC, qcb+D, qcfhcb+AC

Up to ~50% away from corner

cl.C, f.B xx dp+C, DC, qcb+BD, [db]~f+BD, qcf+A, dp+C (similar damage when done w/o jump-in, builds more meter for Robert)

Hey I have been working on learning Robert and I have a pretty good understanding of his combos and moves. However there is one real problem I’ve been having when it comes to his uppercut drive cancels. So for the full/midscreen combos, after the DC qcb.K, the input goes: f f d df.A f.C? Or is it f f d df.A qcf.C? And also, the opponents never seem low enough in the corner to get hit by the fireball after the uppercut, do I just have to wait for them to fall really deep or is there something else to that loop I’m not getting? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated ^.^

Drive cancel the uppercut with the A-version fireball. C-version goes too fast.

If you’re having trouble with timing, watch the HD combo compilation I put up a few posts up. It should help you get a visual on what you should be doing.



Using Robert’s EX Command grab, he can set up a safe-jump anywhere on screen.

To accomplish this, immediately after the EX grab, Robert must move very slightly forward in order for his s.B to hit the opponent. Tap forward and hit B, then immediately hyperhop in with j.C. Make sure not to hold forward or you’ll get f.B instead.

Very nice work and input on Robert here, he has always been a favorite as i main the AOF team.

Two new combos.

Wall-to-Wall Flash, HD + 4 Meters

j.C, s.C, f.B, HD, s.C, f.B xx dp+C, DC, qcb+D, dp+A, DC, qcf+A, [db]~f+D, DC, qcfhcb+BD, qcf+A, qcfhcb+AC

99.7% Corner Combo, HD + 5 Meters

j.C, s.C, f.B, HD, s.C, f.B, dp+C, DC, qcb+BD, qcf+A, dp+C, DC, qcf+A, fbf+BD, dp+A, DC, fbf+BD, DC, qcfhcb+BD



Actually, putting up the video and watching it made me want to mess around and practice some more, and lo’ and behold I found another useful combo…

Man, I really wish they’d made Robert’s NeoMAX so that you could choose whether he surfs or just does the explosion by whether you tap or hold down BD…