KOF XIII Side Tournament Sponsored by SNKP and Atlus

When: Saturday June, 30 2011.

Time: Sign ups start as soon as the event opens until 1:OO PM, the tournament starts at 2:00 PM.

Fee: There will be a $10 registration fee which will go to the pot.

Format: 2/3 matches, double elimination. Grand finals will be 3/5 matches.

Rules: All characters are allowed, winner keeps same characters but can change the starting order.

System: We will be using 2 Taito Type X2 boards with Jamma converters. (One converter is being provided by Mike_Z)

International players: we have confirmed Kunio aka No.17 from Japan, El Rosa From Mexico and a European player is shceduled to come however details are still pending.

Staff: Giby, Kane317 and The Answer.

Prizes: We will be splitting the pot among the top 6, plus we are raising a bonus pot which is around $800. The bonus pot will also be split among top 6.

More Prizes: If you don’t make top 6 you still have a chance to walk away with a prize. Atlus has given us the following gifts for the tournament:

  1. Mai Shiranui figure, valued at $340.

  2. An original sketch signed by the illustrator.

  3. KOF XIII Arcade posters

We are going to raffle off the prizes to those who don’t make top 6, all you have to do is sign up for the tournament.

Both boards will be set up on Friday for people to practice.

im in there!

Holy shit! Dat ass! xD

I’m glad they’re sponsoring a KOFXIII tourny. I hope the SoCal/NorCal people represent o/ KOF needs to be in next year’s Evo!

Producer of KOF XIII, Kei Yamamoto, has requested to play the winner of the tournament. We hope that Yamamoto-san can hold his own with so many good players entering the tournament.