[KOF XIII] Splurg's Scribbled Notes for Raiden


Scribbled Notes


Charging for dropkicks can be done beginning from before the match begins. Charging it from the time the, “Ready, Go” appears on screen, a level 1 drop kick will be charged.

4 Levels of drop kick
lvl 1: 100 damage 1&2 = can combo into air throw when in the corner, all other combos from either corner of mid screen require drive.
lvl 2: 150 damage
lvl 3: 150 damage, the screen shakes and it juggles higher and has better combo follow ups without a necessary cost of meter/drive.
lvl 4: 250, screen shakes more violently, if it hits mid screen it will knock back full screen, in the corner is has better combo follow ups

Using the In game Clock to know how charged Drop kick is.
By the time the match starts, level 1 is ready
Level 3 is ready when the close passes from 51 seconds to 50
level 4 is ready between 47 and 46

Outside from starting point of the match
Level 3 drop kicks take 12~13 seconds of charge time and level 4 take 16~17.

Level 3 and 4 drop kick have “anywhere Juggle” any juggle at all is a lvl 3/4 drop kick opportunity
Level 3 and 4 drop kick will cancel and combo from a crouching light punch
they are relatively safe on block, -5


Cr lk: fast/chainable/ NOT cancellable
cr lp: slow, can be chained into/ is cancellable

Command Grabs

Command grab range, from shortest range to longest

Regular Command Grab
Level 1 super
Ex Command Grab
Level 2 super

*note for further training mode: How does the OKI off of his regular command grab work? does the same oki work for the other grabs? do they have different oki? if so are any of them screen position specific?


Takuma, Raiden, Vice
Raiden in the middle… the combos I use with Raiden don’t use a any Drive meter. Having Full Drive is nice for Vice so my team works out pretty well.

Basic Combos

Counter hit CD Combo:

Counter hit CD -> 2x Ex Tackle, Cr hp xx Lvl 3 Drop Kick, Juggle into Light Tackle xx level 1 Drop kick -> Air throw

This combo always works -> it’s a full screen carry, will work from corner to corner and it will work if the opponent is already in the corner, it uses 2 bars of meter and NO drive at all.

Regular CD connection:**

Jump CD
Level 3 DK
1 or 2 Ex Tackles
Air throw

Only works if Raiden was with one Ex Tackle distance from a corner.

Hit Confirm
cr lp crlp xx Ex Tackle… Cr hp xx Lvl 3 drop kick -> Air throw
Or if more meter
one more ex tackle -> Level 2 Drop kick? -> air throw

1 or 2 meters



Front Side, Mid Screen

Front Side, Mid-Screen HD Combos


With Raiden mid Screen **(One Ex Tackle away from opposite wall) **and 2 bars with no charged drop kick, the punish is as follows

cr:hp: HD cr:hp: Ex Tackle xx :hp: spit… Ex Tackle xx :hp: Spit
:lp: Tackle/DropKick xx :hp: Tackle**/DropKick **xx :lp:Tackle xx :hp: Spit
:lp: Tackle/DropKick… Air Throw

844 Damage/ Combo A


More Meter!
With Raiden mid screen and 3 bars and with no charged drop kick, the HD combo is as follows.

cr:hp: HD cr:hp: Ex Spit ~ Crumple…
Ex Tackle xx :hp:Spit… Ex Tackle xx :hp: Spit
:lp: Tackle/Drop Kick xx :hp: Tackle/DropKick xx :lp:Tackle xx :hp:Spit
:lp:Tackle/Dropkick… Air Throw

891 Damage/ Combo B

If you have a :hk: Dropkick already stored
and if you have 2 bars of meter and are willing to get fancy, then you may choose to perform the following combo:

cr:hp: HD cr:hp: xx Ex Tackle**/DropKick** xx :hp: Spit… Ex Tackle xx :hp: Spit
:lp:Tackle/DropKick xx :hp:Tackle/DropKick xx :lp:Tackle xx :hp:Spit
:lp:Tackle/DropKick… Air Throw

872 Damage/ Combo C


As stated above, if you have a drop kick charged already
AND if you have 3 bars of meter and you’re willing to spend all three, you may choose to perform this combo

cr:hp: HD cr:hp: xx Ex Spit ~Crumple
Ex Tackle**/Dropkick** xx :hp: Spit… Ex Tackle xx :hp: Spit
:lp:Tackle/Dropkick xx :hp:Tackle/DropKick xx :lp: Tackle xx :hp: Spit
:lp: Tackle/DropKick… Air Throw

921 Damage/ Combo D


Some help to sort out these combos:looney:
Combo A should be conceived as being the base or rather, the foundational BnB HD combo from which all other subsequent HD combos are based off of or build from!

That combo B and A are very similar
The ONLY difference between B and A is that for B, the 2nd cr:hp: is simply cancelled into Ex Spit first rather than going immediately into the Ex Tackle,
Everything else from that point is the same

Notice Again!
Combo C is very similar to Combo A also
The ONLY difference is that for C, the first EX tackle is cancelled into a DropKick first and THEN is cancelled into the :hp: Spit
Everything else is the same!

Combo D is a combination of B & C
It’s the fanciest and therefore the most difficult
The 2nd cr:hp: is cancelled into an Ex Spit
and the first Ex Tackle is cancelled into a DropKick
everything afterwards is the same as combo A

Nutshell: :china:
Two Bars = Combo A
Three Bars = Combo B
Two Bars + Drop Kick = Combo C
Three Bars + Drop Kick = Combo D[/details]

From Full Screen

Front Side, Full Screen HD Combos


From the combos listed above for Mid-Screen HD combos
Combos C&D will be the two combos used for FULL Screen HD, with a few tweaks
A & B Don’t work, they are mid screen specific

Let’s start with C
The changes made for this combo will be the following
The initial DropKick cancelled off the first EX tackle will be cancelled into a :lp: tackle rather than a :hp: spit!

No big surprise there! :hp: spit only works in the corner

As for Combo C within this scenario… the same change is applied
The initial Ex tackle which takes place after the Ex Spit
is cancelled into a drop kick which is then cancelled into a :lp: Tackle
which then is juggled into an Ex tackle which then will land Raiden in the corner to begin the Tackle/Dropkick loop

Also one other important note
For all the mid-screen combos, the 2nd to last tackle in the combos was always a :lp: tackle which then was cancelled into a :hp: spit

For the full screen combos, the 2nd to last tackle has to be swapped out from :lp: to :hp: version!
For some reasons the preceding dropkick launches them higher into the air which makes the :lp: Tackle whiff underneath at times!
No matter since :hp: Tackle does more damage anyway :pleased:

After a cross up, Mid Screen

Cross Up, HD Combos


First a couple thoughts about cross up starters, or jump ins for that matter
Often times it isn’t always known by the player that a jump in is going to hit for sure. Being that Raiden’s jumping in:hk: is ambiguous as it is, opponents may find themselves gambeling by blindly blocking one way or the other…

As much as it sucks, sometimes they guess right…

Being that that’s the case, I find that it’s wiser to follow up the cross up:hk: with two cr:lk: hit-confirm. Cr:lk: chains into itself so the link is very secure and cancelling the 2nd :lk: into HD and then following it up with another cr:lk; xx Ex Tackle is fairly simple…
The these combos illustrated below will be done so with cr:lk: and or :lp: rather than :hp: and therefore the damage will be scaled to reflect it.

[spoiler= Cross up, Mid Screen HD Combos]
From the 4 combos listed in Mid-Screen combos, Combo C is the only combo out of the four that does NOT work in this scenario!
There is simply not enough charge time for a drop kick between the initial cross up:hk: and the first Ex Tackle :frowning:
A B & D work though :tup:

Cross up :hk:, cr:lk: cr:lk: **HD **cr:lk: :f: Combo A
757 Damage

Cross up :jk: cr:lp: st:lp: HD st:hp: xx Ex Spit :f: Combo B
802 damage

Cross up :hk: cr:lp: st:lp: HD st:hp: xx Ex Spit:f: Combo D
835 Damage

*2nd to Last Tackle in Combo D must be :hp: Tackle
Just like the full screen combos listed before

**It’s a mid screen combo, so make sure that during Combo D, that the DropKick after the initial Ex Tackle is cancelled into a :hp: spit not :lp: tackle~ That’s for full screen!

Cross up and full screen

Cross Up, Full Screen HD Combos


The simplest yet bitter-sweet portion of Raiden’s HD combo
Why is it bitter sweet?

Because 3 out of the 4 combos from the first section DON’T WORK in this scenario which means that your life got easier because you have no choices to make, only one combo works

The bad news is that it’s the hardest out of the four
Combo D

A nor B won’t work because they are mid screen specific
and C won’t work because it requires a precharged drop kick without needing to use EX Spit to buy time which simply won’t work on account that the combo begins with a cross up:hk: ~ Not enough Charge time!

Cross up :hk:
cr:lp:st:lp: **HD **st:hp: xx Ex Spit :f: Combo D
829 Damage
It’s full screen so make sure to cancel the drop kick into :lp: Tackle

"st:hp: xx Ex Spit
Ex Tackle/DropKick xx :lp: Tackle"
What it would look like



hes good.



Got off to a start…
More commentary on the HD combos to come…

More basic sections going over specials and normals will be added later…




Thanks for adding some useful info to these KoF forums finally. I think a lot of people have dropped off a bit with 13 because of the netcode so these forums are a little slow.


I have to admit I’m not terribly surprised…
With what little online experience I’ve had, they confirm what everybody has been saying that it’s online play is less than spectacular.

Although that is the case, I have a strong and ferocious offline community
With this was the case for everybody :frowning:


Revamped the HD Combo section…
WIll try to add videos later on to help…
Other sections will be added eventually


Hey man, cool thread you got going here, i like layton too
I’m new to KoF and radien is my one of my first characters of choice and there’s some good info here

You write really well, most of the stuff is easy for me to read
I like that write your combos and talk about buttons in SF4 lingo…

I don’t like the ABCD thing and specials listed in their input seems weird to me
why do people do that anyway… your way is alot easier

Those HD combos are hhaaaaaard @_@


I would very much like to see these videos you speak of.