Not sure if this goes here, apologize if it doesn’t but I just got KOF 13. First time player. Gonna be running through story, tutorials and maybe some netplay.

Come hang out - http://www.twitch.tv/bloodburger

It’s XIII not VIII. Just wanted to say that.

Our poor public education system. :shake:

also, LoL

dat kof 8

Can someone make a typo? You really think someone who can build a PC and stream doesn’t know the difference between roman numeral VIII and XIII?

You all live to troll.

i dunno but you also managed to post it in the wrong forum too.

Ok forum nazi.

We are running a KOF13 stream right now

We are new to the game, but hey, if you’re bored, come watch.

Tuning in now.

We are live
Come check us out if you’re bored:

Checked it out last night, thanks for the heads up. Cool crew, some still learning for sure but still fun to watch.

We are live with a special holiday edition of our kof13 stream:

come join us if you’re bored!


We are back with more KOF13.

come join us if you’re bored!