KOF XIII Thread (Good Games, Matchmaking and Discussion)

My first KoF game and I am absolutely loving it…Great break from SF4, really loving my team Andy, Ryo, and Hwa.

GG’s to donjuande85, AKAHalfEmpty, sonicspear64

Great sets tonight to HyperShot, skillz08, KinetiK001…

This game engine is so sooo good. I really hope the tournament scence will pick it up. If only the netcode was better…


I just started getting into KoF with XIII (I’m a SF guy) and am looking for some people who don’t mind playing with somebody who is still pretty new. I’ll be online each evening starting tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb. 29th) and going through the weekend.

My XBL name is Yewni

Feel free to add me and hopefully we can have some fun!