KOF XIII Hyper Guide - Vice
"KOF XIII Technical Reference" chapter 8 ~Yagami Team~

Vice is back from the dead for this edition of KOF with no fewer than 4 command grabs. She is also one of few characters gifted with an ‘anywhere juggle’ move, hers being the only one which enables full combos from simple anti-airs and other knockdowns.

Changes from arcade to console:
KOFXIII Character Changes part 3
[] (shown in video) Strong version of Mayhem (qcb+C) has less recovery. If you hit with the edge of it you can do a strong attack as a followup.
](shown in video) Added a new target combo D > D. It is not cancelable.
[]Jump CD is faster.
](shown in video) EX Mayhem (qcb+AC) has faster startup.
[](shown in video) Strong version of Deicide (hcf+D) can be comboed into the Strong version of Mayhem (qcb+C).
]EX Deicide (hcf+BD) has less recovery, and it is easier to follow up with normal attacks.
[](shown in video) Splash (including the followup version) (dp+P / qcb+P > qcf+P) can be super canceled into Overkill (db qcf uf u d+P) AFTER it hits.
](shown in video) Overkill (air db qcf uf u d+P) can be MAX Canceled.
[]Overkill’s command (air db qcf uf u d +P) has been made easier. If the last input is in any downward direction it will register.
]Damage adjustments:
[]Her f+A (canceled into) does 45 damage (down from 70)
]Her Overkill (air db qcf uf u d+P) does 200 damage (down from 220)
[*]Her EX Mayhem (qcb+AC) does 120 damage (down from 160)


Vice is definitely going to be a strong contender in Console version now with some of her additions. I’m really excited for her.


I added the (translated) official change notes to the first post. It seems to me like these are just minor tweaks and she’s still going to play mostly the same.


another Vice change

  • Mayhem (DC) to EX Mayhem now will connect :D.



Tutorial by Cristina during the 23rd ON Show about Vice. Saw it and thought it’d be important to post here.


There are too many characters in this game I want to use. I’d almost forgotten about Vice <3… shame on me.

Also, I’ve not heard of this show - I’ll need to catch up on it. :slight_smile:


I’m loving vice so far. I’ve been able to do all her trial other than 1 and 3. hahaha, crouching shorts into HSF/B is apparently my weakness.


just started using vice today, finding her a ton of fun.


I prefer Mature if i had to pick one of the two, but vice is faster, and that means scary hahaha, but great info! thanks


Is there an easier way to input her air grab super? The command is friggin’ annoying.


It’s fairly easy if you start doing the motion from the ground, since the jump is built into the command.


Would a rotation of:
HCF, UF, U, UB, B, DB, Dwn work then?


Yeah, it would.


Yea that works, and just practice it. You"ll get it down smoothly after awhile. The timing is easier/ less stricter then her 2k2 version IMO, were you need to be precise with ever notation.

And you can just be lazy on the down input since


Alright thanks, will try it out next time :tup:


anyone know if there are any non combo vids of console Vice out there? Apparently no one plays her…

I pretty much just tiger knee with a down thrown on on the end for overkill, hell, you could just do a full 360 in the air starting from up/back and end with the down motion and it would still work.


For trial 3 buffer the 2x QCB motion into it… so it looks like this.

:d::lk:, :d::lk:, :f::df::d::db::lk::b::hcb: + :lk::hk:

It makes it so its a nice smoother motion and so you dont have to go balls to the wall fast. It feels weird buffering that 3rd lk into the QCB motion at first but you will get use to it… then the secon QCB+LkHk is a piece of cake.


So could anyone give general strats and tips for Vice who has played this game for a little bit? I understand that a lot of her offense is based off of her command grab and the setups that ensue after you land it. Anything else about her offensive game that I should really know about? I have read her Godlike guide made by the people here (thanks again guys… so much) but just checking to see what other things fellow Vice players do.


For me, I play her 98 style to a degree. Although Vice has a better hop arc now and her j.C is pretty good for jumping in with, she’s still just as susceptible to good anti-air normals. So rather than trying to force my way in to get a jump-in, high/low mix up or command throw mix-up, I use her hcf+K as a footsie tool. Unless the opponent has a projectile of a sorts or some really long ranged move that could poke her outside that range (i.e. Billy), that hcf+K will win. The move is designed in this fashion, notice that recovery on block is really really short so you could kind of abuse it. Of course the obvious counter against it would be then to hop at Vice, over her hcf+K, which is what Vice is trying to coax. Then Vice could use one of her many anti-air attacks and punish the opponent (st.A, st.D, cr.C, Far C, etc.) as well as air-to-air (j.CD, j.D, j.B, air throw super). So it becomes a “footsie” and spacing game between her hcf+K and waiting for the opponent to respond to it with a jump/hop and punishing them. If the opponent messes up and actually is hit by hcf+K, Vice goes into her follow ups and actually lands close to the opponent to start her offensive mix-ups (especially with hcf+B into hcbf+P since the frame advantage on oki is huge.) From there on oki, it’s about mixing up safe-hops, lows, and command throws. Since Vice can chain and cancel her cr.B into a knockdown, the opponent will have to second guess when exactly to alternate guard or else they’ll be hit by a cr.B xx qcb+A xx qcf+A. If they don’t alternate guard at the right moment, they could be hit by a command throw into another safe-hop or ambiguous roll mix-up.

So before going in unless the opponent is simply trash, you have to play a strong neutral game with her hcf+K and all of her anti-air and air-to-air options. Once you score the appropriate knockdown, then you could go nuts. Landing a j.CD pretty much scores Vice her offensive game since it’s pretty easy to land as an air-to-air with the correct set up and the soft knockdown allows vice to run in on time to get close even if the opponent can tech roll.


Awesome! Thanks so much that is very helpful.

I was wondering if you could inform me what are some of Vice’s worst matchups? First thing I like doing when I learn a character is dissecting the bad matchups. So what are some of them I should look out for?