KOF XIII with 32 Hours of gameplay main + extra is that true?


KOF XIII is in the list of the video top longest games of all time :open_mouth:


all reference time is in this site



Maybe. I’m not sure what they count as “extras” though, as the story shouldn’t take that long by itself, and all that would be left for extras that can be completed are the 10 trials per character (for 36 characters). I guess that could take 30 hours to complete since the later trials can be ridiculous sometimes.


Yeah I have no idea how they could really gauge this without a very high number of play throughs and depending on what modes they include. I mean survival mode on it’s own takes a long time but who knows in they’re even counting that. and are they talking full play throughs with each team, or optimal path for story mode? This could easily be far more or far less than that.


i think you are right 10 trials per character (for 36 characters) that’s why