KoF XIII youtube channels

What are some youtube channels you guys know of that upload high level competitive play for this game? I’m trying to get into this game and I usually learn games visual so high level play footage would help.

I don’t mind niconico douga channels either but youtube preferable.

Damn, judging by the lack of responses I guess one doesn’t exists :frowning:

Most of the ones that are out there are on Nico. Just look up the KOF or KOFXIII or KOF13 tags and it should be there. Even then, the higher level play in Japan at the least isn’t even top level play because all the good players are playing 02um and 98umfe instead. So most of the matches are people new to the game that don’t completely have their strategies all the way down and only a few good players such as Hiroto or Oogosho really shine.

This should help. http://www.frame-advantage.com/

I haven’t check that site in a while. Holy shit it’s awesome Seb.

Yeah they were talking about on the NEC stream. The way the site setup is great.
You can search by game / player / or tournament. Real clean layout.



I haven’t done anything in a while thanks to school and other stuff, I’ll be starting back up on analysis and actually recording videos in about 2 weeks or so. So in the meantime, please subscribe to me or such and look in the updates for ridiculous videos I favorite. Thank you.

By recording videos, I mean more tutorial stuff like the KCE and what not.

You guys are awesome. Thanks.

best channel for kof 13

iplaywinner and a-cho arcade have been uploading a lot of quality tournament footage


DarkGeese, (If you dont know him you must be new to the KOF community}

He’ll be starting to upload matches of some strong Mexico Players. He"ll be uploading matches of the KOF Tournaments in Mexico that he’s in charge of / goes too just as he’s done in the pass.

You will see alot of the top KOF Mexico players in his vids & some after Tourney Interviews of them. ( Kula, Alexis, Zeus, & Etc.)

He’s done lots of old KOF Tourneys in Mexico (Battle 4 Mexico , Puebla Cup, Game Of Death, & Etc…)

If anyone doesn’t know DarkGeese, just know that he’s more bad news than actual good news for the KOF community and I suggest breaking any ties with him for the sake of the whole. There’s a reason why he was even asked to leave Dream Cancel of all places. If he was asked to leave there, it’s best that even we shouldn’t associate with him.

Lol, yea I know. I still conversate with him on Youtube from time to time. He also gets a good amount of footage of the Mexico players so I still stay tuned in to the Tourney Matches he uploads.