Kof xiii

It looks like KOF XIII will make its premier at aou around the 19th.


so tomorrow huh. id be dissappointed if they’re calling it XIII when it should be a proper ver of XII. I won’t be holding my breath for any news from that. I am kind of hoping for another UM announced (XI)

Oh shiet.

Looking forward to any images/videos hopefully.

I’d be happy as shit if they just made Clark GOOD again. Give him all his grabs back with the old grab priority.

I’d like to also see the return of Heavy D or at least Vanessa. Need some form of boxer.

Yo, how bout we start wishlisting like jackasses now?:rock:

Gimme my boi K’!

Probably going to be the completion of the game KOF XII was supposed to be. However, if they’re planning on releasing it this year, they probably won’t have time to fix what was wrong with XII. Especially if they keep the dumb sub-systems.

Game will suck until proven otherwise.

i just hope they dont pull it out with SSF4 … and hope they ll keep the KOF12 system as it is

At the least make CC’s activate in a Max mode like system; so rather than having both DM and CC, just have the choice of one or the other. Having it as separate systems makes the game wonky

Which means you hope it’ll fail.

Sorry, but you’re seriously deluded if you think the only reason KOFXII didn’t do well was because of the lack of extras and content in the home port.

This. There we go.

As I mentioned in the other thread, clashes need to get the fuck away from this. CCs as they are in XII have to go away too. They could work if they change them to something similar to 2k2’s CCs, but then people would complain that it’s just more of the same lol.

is aware of SSF4

shits out KOF13

What’s up with the hate for clashes? That system is epic! I played against a friend and my Kim rushed him down while swatting aside his projectiles. That’s what I want in a fighter. I only ever used CCs in punishing my opponent’s fishing attempts for a CC so that system is unimportant to me.

And, Apartheid, sorry but if SSFIV is more of the sloppily controlled mess that SFIV is, I’ll pass on it. There’s no way I can excuse Capcom for making a game with overly lenient controls and then adding in shortcuts that make the game even less accurate. You know there’s a problem when a Versus game (TvC) feels tighter than a Street Fighter.

One of the many reasons why I think it sucks.


Seriously one of the great things about King of Fighters is how weakened a pure fireball game is thanks to the ability to roll out of the way and so forth.

And of course, how rolls are punishable depending on timing and distance, leading to things like “depth” and “strategy” that don’t come into play when you can just jab away a projectile.

Actually you have to hit it with a strong punch or kick as jabs don’t make a sousai. Also another thing to note is that even the Sousai takes a tiny amount of life each time you do it. Though unlike the block which leaves you with those frames where you can’t do shit, you can attack immediately right after a Sousai.

So u want a different system? 2k2 alike? 98 alike? xi alike? strikers alike?
for god sake they tried to change the gameplay and u stil complain… i know that the console failed because of the lack of (useless) extras, the arcade version failed because ppl dont want to adapt to a new system (china,hk,japan anyone?).
It’s not SNK fault (about the gameplay, i dont care about extras), it’s the gamer’s.

They tried to change it, but the changes were terrible. Change doesn’t automatically mean it’s good. It doesn’t have to do with the players neglecting change.

That’s not true at all. Fireball zoning is still viable in the most popular KOF games (2k2 Athena, '98 Takuma, '98 Chizuru to an extent since her illusions act as semi projectiles, just for a couple of quick examples). Rolling is not much safer than jumping really and it doesn’t kill zoning like many people wrongly believe.

Also, clashing shits on distance games based on normals. Basically, it reduces variety, which is definitely a bad thing.

Forgot about 2k2 Athena. Though Chizuru I never really considered a fireball zoner since it’s more of a body projection. You’re right in how rolling doesn’t kill zoning, but it does give you more options rather then just to constantly block.

And Clashing isn’t completely safe either. It just adds another option to rolling and jumps. The fact that clashing with fireballs takes roughly the same amount of damage as a blocked attack doesn’t make it completely viable to just constantly clash fireballs. Though I do believe that clashing should be used sparingly and used as a surprise to catch an opponent unaware. Take for example Leona does her X-calibur move and Ryo does the Kohou to try to knock Leona out of it. They clash, they both take about block damage worth from the clash, but you can immediately attack right after the clash. This is where during that half second in the air between Ryo being in the air to ground that you have perfect opportunity to get an almost guaranteed hit with the V-Slasher.

Clashing doesn’t reduce variety. It actually adds it, but you have to know when to properly do a clash that is advantageous. If Ryo did the Kohou at just the right point, he would essentially still be on the ground right after the clash, while Leona will move up and back from the clash. Ryo can then properly use his DM depending on the angle of the X-Calibur shot.

Though the clash system does need to be reworked a bit. Some moves don’t properly clash or they have too many invincibility frames for a proper clash. I’ve been knocked out of an X-Calibur by the beginning of Joe’s Tiger kick. Though at the mind point or near the end it will clash.