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Good grief, dude; You’re acting like you’re between 5 & 10 years old. Grow up & start acting like a real man. Damn.

I can already see characters like Geese, Tung, Sylvie & Bandeiras getting the cut, due to what’s happened on their endings. Characters such as Alice, King of Dinosaurs (Tizoc), Mui Mui, Love Heart (& even possibly Nelson, Zarina, Ramon, Angel & Rock) are definitely in question.

The rest of the characters have between a 95 & a 100 percent chance of sticking around.


Except here’s the thing: You say you aren’t speaking on a high horse or a soapbox, but what you are saying now is exactly what someone would say on a high horse or soapbox. You acted as if what you said matters and if you didn’t, why type it at all in the topic to begin with?

And Great didn’t need to think of it that way, but it was obvious when you reasserted yourself that’s exactly what you meant. Either be clearer with your words and your opinions next time.
And yes, I am the same poster on GameFAQs, last time I checked, I don’t see people using my nickname elsewhere.


I like high tier girl characters. Nakoruru, Ibuki, Viper, yeah strong girls.


i play sylvie because i identify as being junk that nobody wants ;_;


Love Heart isn’t coming back for any future installments, I believe they confirmed that.
And I would be heartbroken if Angel gets cut after how long she was gone for despite being pretty popular in the NEST saga.


I only play as the characters introduced into KoF in the Eolith error era. I love me some Bao, Hinako and May Lee. I refuse to play as Angel, however, as big boobs scare me. I also listen to the 2001 OST daily.




Topic of discussion is KOFXIV Women, and why Zarnia is bad!?? Not my words.

Also why putting Jaden smith in a post means: illogical complete randomness


The point of that comment eas that it was exactly what you did. “I bet you’re one of those weirdos who only plays women in fighting games”. Also, noone cares about your Zarina joke. Your logic doesnt make sense because it implied that there was something weird with only playing female fighters. Also, “taking offense”? If you can’t tell that “Heretic!” Isnt a joke then I dont know what to tell you.

Now liking Naruto on the other hand. Is pretty lame.


@Will_Diesel I called you a heretic as a joke. it was never meant as a genuine insult. If you don’t like Zarina that’s quite alright with me. I do and that’s all that matters


… the fuck happened here?
I blame Rock being DLC for this. If it was Shen/Ash/Oswald/Shingo this wouldn’t have happened.


Just throwing my .02 in, in my early days I played female characters (like, Street Fighter 2 days with Chun) because I felt that they’re more agile. I’ve always felt that male characters are so heavy and clunky…

Then I started learning more, and I can now casually play male characters that are a mix of “I prefer their styles” and “carnal reasons”… Shen Woo being one prime example of this for me. (Sad that he didn’t end up in XIV… but who knows for XV!)

For me, what I don’t like about Zarina is her animations… (girl, that backdash…). Like, she can use some more polish in that department, hopefully next iteration?


Who let this Smasher out of the daycare center?


Wait, Love Heart is confirmed not returning for the next KOF? When was this? Probably my second favorite newcomer after Antonov.


Vanessa gameplay from SNK.


We will never know what it’s like to be a little girl fighting in a martial arts tournament



Speaking of top tier and females, hallo Chun-Li and Rose from Alpha 2.

One of the reasons I use some gals in my team is it breaks the monotony of others’ bread and butter iori kyo X. Icing if I win.

The last male character I really enjoyed using is Kim in xi. Man that iteration’s a beast.


Why would you not pick those two? I mean, who doesn’t want to just cr.mk or cr.mp their way to victory.


Bao and Hinako were still SNK originals.

Angel, May Lee and shudder K9999 are all from the shoddy Eolith era


Anybody know have a link to matches of good Angel players?