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Honestly, I would be happy if the remaining characters get alternate costumes. At least one for each so it doesn’t end up like Injustice/Mortal Kombat games where some characters get a lot of love while others don’t get any.

Also, I’m eager for what the PC version might bring us in a more… general way




That geese in that video above is really strong, kofxiv is becoming more and more fun to watch at high level.

I gotta say ever since I’ve been playing KOF98 I really feel like the kof mechanics are like second nature. its a bit odd going back to other games and feeling how limited the mechanics feel in comparison. It just annoys me that I can’t properly play kofxiv on the PS4 pad cause the game looks really fun.


So many options kinda makes it hard to play the game against other people. Not in the execution sense, but by the fact that there are so many gimmicks. You fight a player that crumbles under pressure but then you lose because you didnt know how to counter Takuma fireballs since they cant be hopped over and rolling nets him a free running grab. But then you sorta figure out a solution and take a character but OH WAIT, Kyo’s reverse dp R.E.D kick is plus. It kinda becomes (for me at least ) a cycle of finding something that doesnt quite make sense (Why does Daimon’s raw df C hit so horizontally if landing it anti air nets him 30%) and getting destroyed by it and wondering why because just a match ago you were doing fine against someone better than this. Then again, what do I know. Im a noob.



My new favorite game.


Or make it like Gravity Rush (w/o the gravity of course) where you can fly around China killing monster and stuff.

P/S: The other day, one of SNK devs said he wanted to see Rockstar do a Metal Slug game.


June 15th




Where are my PC people? I need to learn KoF.


PC plebs already complaining about the price



Deluxe version looking great :smiley:


How do the DLC work? Is there an in-game shop for that? There doesn’t seem to be a standalone DLC pack on Steam in case you want to upgrade.


If you pre order the deluxe version you’ll have access to DLC.

I’m currently unable to find out for sure myself, so apologies if I’m incorrect.


That I understood. I wanted to know how it worked on PSN.


Just like with any other game - you open the PlayStation Store and purchase the DLC from there, from within the game itself


On PS4 ver the Athena icon on the menu will send you to the PSN Store.


Got that pre-order and I’m playing the beta right now. Deluxe edition comes with DLC characters pre-loaded.


Does it work that way for SFV too?

I’m trying to understand if I can get a refund even if I played the beta for more than 2 hours. 55 bucks is a lot tbh.


Beta is a separate program from the final release in Steam.


Yeah, but who knows.

edit: turns out that according to Steam policy you can get refunded at any moment before release date. KOF14 HERE I COME


Yes. You go to the in-game shop, select an item, select “Buy on PlayStation Store”, and the game brings up the DLC listing in the store itself (since it’s basically baked into PS4’s OS). The way Capcom did it, however, is you can’t find SFV specific DLC outside the game, they’re only accessible through the Shop. Only exclusions to this being the Season/Character Passes and the Story DLC


Looks like it was the ''too expensive" hit-confirm into “Not buying. lol” reset.