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They may add some with next character pack.

Judging from artbook, literaly unused DLS cosumes designs:
[] Mai - tons of scetches, traditional costumes lether stuff, stuff with parts from samurai armor (spaulders, greves, stuff)
] Terry - his MotW variations (with beanies)
[] King - some kind of sleeveless dress-suit.
] Ryo - older, bearded version.
[] Yuri - cheerleader.
] Geese - suit.

Also searched for K’ designs and found thisstuff from KOF:world. Probably well known stuff:

Those were released a while ago, that K’ design sucks.

SNK may not care about K’, but he’s just as popular as Kula is in the eyes of many KOF fans. Maxima however, I can’t say.

Otherwise, why constantly bring them back after the NESTS Saga was over? Why bring K’, Maxima & Kula back in KOF XIII, when they weren’t even revealed from the KOF XII disc for consoles?

Because why not? Even Kyo and Iori were in the NESTS Saga despite their relevance that got reduced so the same could be applied to K’, Kula and Maxima especially when these guys are KOF mains now. Others like Ryo & Terry have no relevance in KOF whatsoever yet they’re still in. Then there’s Ash who got himself wiped out-of-existence so he (together with his cast) rested for one game and now you see SNK brining them back. And XII is a joke.

Speak of the devil, here’s SNK interview recently:

>KoFXV “will be a reality”
>More XIV DLC is possible
>A lot of fighters in development :angry:

If SNK gonna abandon XIV for the development of XV, then i won’t blame them considering there’s so much one can do updating an existing game, making a new one would give them more freedom. I personally still want more DLCs for XiV tho. And i hoped SNK gonna release something outside of FGs so that last sentence is def not a good news to me. But it still good regarding the fact they’re working on other games BTS and like what i said long ago: “If SNK gonna make XV, they’re better working on it now”

So who’s the 6th you’re talking about? Because out of that picture, I can only see 5 that could fit the bill. Heavy D, Lucky, Bandeiras, Seth, and Nelson.

Here’s a translation of it

There’s a better translation here

No surprise.

Suck this, Capcom and Wardrobe Fighter V!


But aren’t they giving new characters on a monthly bases alongside costumes? I don’t play or follow the game but I’m going off the shit I see on social media since sadly people retweet and talk about it. Be it Facebook or Twitter.

No need to throw shade at them when SNK does something good. Albeit they haven’t done anything for months and they aren’t even 100% with the idea of DLC and patches

@ Bold - Buff Trashnessa, buff Whip, adjust the hitbox and hurtbox on Benimaru’s j.D and other aspects of his tools, graphical enhancements, more special intros we only got 2 and new stages with stage intros. '96 nailed the stage intros

Y’know, now that SNK already said they’re working on FGs, here’s my rate of excitement would be depend on the title:

+FF/Garou (Reboot/Sequel): 4/10
+Samurai Shodown: 7/10 (+2 if it’s interesting and fun)
+KOF: 6/10 (+3 if it’s show improvement over XIV)

For any other titles: if it’s a new game - 7; if it’s a new IP - a solid 8

Just leave that to XV, if SNK’s indeed working on other games, you bet they won’t waste their time doing those updates for an old game.

The games only 1 year old in like 4 days. I wouldn’t call that old at all.

But they shove new costumes down our throats, at ridiculous prices.

And they only add 6 new characters per year. That’s not enough, especially considering how barebones has been the Street Fighter V roster since its launch.

I finally made this vid, I considered all sorts of mixups and frame traps that involved max mode and I feel this is a good example of the possibilities it has to offer. Of course there is plenty more but for the most part I feel this is adequate as an intro. I tried to toss in some advanced stuff to experiment with for people who like that as well. So without further ado



Hope you all enjoy.

Really hope for a new Fatal Fury. Cel shaded anime look like the Real Bouts, lineshifts with guard cancels and Garou style feint cancelling and the OG Fatal Fury guys already on board… Would be my ideal game.

Zarina yo

I already find Nelson pushing a little. But I don’t know if you can even rank most the characters powerlevelwise. I mean, King knocked out Eiji, Malin and Kasumi by flipping a table.

Also, Bao tanked the Zero Cannon too.

I’m imagining Oda relaxing at home, his wife passing the phone with someone screaming in spanish or portuguese and the only words he understands are Shermie, Mary, Orochi and/or Shingo.

I watched the whole thing thinking it was a serious fight, when it was a lame anime episode done in less than 10mins.

[] Girl is on a “date” with the handsome main character
] Usually a bitch, is now acting hella shy infront of handsome main character
[] Family and best buddy get involved cuz they want Girl and handsome main character to fuck
] Girl is getting mad
[] Team Rocket comes out the corner
] Girl flips table because when anime girls are mad they must inflict pain upon others including the handsome main character
[*] Turning serious character(Eiji), into a light hearted joke character is also pretty common.

Ryo also got K.Od by the table you can see his face like (X.X)/ Despite Ryo already establishing that he’s the strongest in AOF, like Terry has done in FF.

Lame as hell. If they make FF it will bomb like Garou did, Samsho I cant see surviving in the current FG market despite all the “hype” surrounding it by people who would rather sit and watch people play on stream than playing themselves. Also they better update XIV, unless they want Benimaru to XIII Kim this place like a motherfucker.

China will claim that K’ is Chinese, and when you try to say otherwise, they’ll bring up some obscure historical document that says he’s Chinese, while illegally building fortifications to stake their claim.

Now I think K’ is Filipino.