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This is a super-casual fighter made purely fanservice, they weren’t going to make a lot of money with this one either way


Of course my brother comes home from work all hype about this girls tag team shit. I was just like “yup, makes sense”. My brother is the full anime.


This is essentially Gal Fighters 2.


Please don’t equate this with Gals Fighters, that game actually had proper special move motions and decent graphics and gameplay for a turn-of-the-millennium portable fighter…


Think what you want. I’ll stand by my opinion until I see a bit more of the game play and its developmental cycle. If you are going to hold it against me because of that then be my guest.


The reveal trailers have me nervous since the amount of normals seen were incredibly limited. I’d like to have at least ABC S. I also have a feeling that SNK might USF4/SxT us with new characters from Heroines becoming DLC for XIV (that said I hope Fio shows up).

Also, I’d buy Bikini cat Leona costume DLC for XIV … especially if it changes some of her sounds (like Meitenkuns pillows “meowing”).


You forgot the horny waifu cult that’s been growing at a fast rate. Wouldn’t surprise me if this actually sold well, especially in Japan.


If Blue Mary is announced for this before XIV people will riot. Speaking of which, make Cat Leona be like her Riot of the Blood state.

But I would rather have the maid costume from the silly manga:



I would also buy that idol costume for Athena


Or almost any previous costume from older games for Athena


Yeah Gals Fighters had great aesthetics and imaginative movesets full of humor and references, plus it was a good game on its own. This is just waifu pandering, and one that looks awful at that.


If you think a game is bad because it doesn’t have special move commands, you’re ridiculous. If you think the game is just waifu pandering, you didn’t pay close enough attention to the trailers. It very much looks like an evolution of Gals Fighters mechanically.


A New Chapter is up:


I wouldn’t mind if gal fighters was included in this game with online support.


Luong, you sadistic witch…


that bitch is really doing that infront of a crowd. Kim doesn’t deserve this


It seems to me they’re focusing on a women audience on this one.


Geese looks weird in this artstyle.


My boys in Team Mexico look glorious.

Oh and John Xuandu did a pretty extensive analysis of both trailers of SNK Heroines



Cronopio getting all riled up over this SNK Heroines game. And I understand this perfectly, it doesn’t look that much better than XIV graphically speaking. I even thought that the game will tank. Then i realised there’s more waifutards than actual KOF/SNK fans. I’d imagine this will outperform XIV, XIII, XII(duh) in sales if they put the right girls in. Put Iroha in that game and its a wrap for Japan. It’s on the Ps4 which is nice, but being on the Switch is a big deal.

When I say KOF/SNK fans I mean the ones who do purchase SNK games not the ones who bootleg their cabinets back in the day or play Fightcade 24 7. KOF has many fans but that never translates to sales. I’m personally not going to buy it but I wish for the best, I already see people happy with how it is right now. Inb4 they put a FF character in Smash Bros, they already thrown Terry(and Benimaru) in Xuan Dou Zhi Wang(obscure Chinese fighter), Mai in DOA5 and Geese in Tekken 7. Maybe SNK are doing this since they aren’t doing anything else with their franchise. FF hype is all hot air anyway, yeah I said it.

I see a theme here






If you think this is anything more than a cashgrab aimed at virgins, you’re ridiculous. If you believe this is an “evolution” of Gal’s Fighters in any kind of way, maybe you should get your eyes checked. Or stop shilling SNK on everything they do, maybe.