KOF XIV General Discussion - King of Fighters XIV Arcade Ver. Burn 2 Fight cabinets from Taito!


More footage, also the win quotes seems to reveal a bit of the game’s plot.


Awesome looking game. So when’s Xanadu?


A New Chapter is up:



Gotta say, this really remind me of Dragon Ball during Buu Saga



[] 3v3 tournament
] It’ll be a best 2 out of 3, 1v1 fights.
[] If you’re down and don’t get up before the countdown reaches from 10-0 you lose.
] If you get sent out the ring you lose.
[] Round 1 Fights
] Japan Team vs Yagami Team
[] Shun’ei is glaring at Kyo the whole time, Terry, Iori and K’ notice this hence the 3 having a page of monologue.
] Shun’ei keeps questioning if Kyo can fight him if he goes all out. He comments on what Tung told him saying that Kyo is the strongest man in KOF.


Japan Team will obviously win but the main event is Kyo vs Iori. They started this off with a bang, I just hope Nakoruru doesn’t crash the party and interrupt what could be a good fight.


Anyone remember Goku vs. Vegeta in Early Tournament Lineup back in Buu Saga? But this match between Team Japan & Team Yagami is way earlier than those main Saiyan’s Tournament Fight


New Interview with Oda and Soranaka. Man, Oda is quite the cheeky bastard.

Here’s also a new strip from the tie in manga

A new Oswald Screenshot


lol thats the gayest kick in the balls i’ve ever seen!




The NESTS cast are now in LINE store:

And with that, Falcoon officially shoots up in rank to my top 5 SNK’s artists.


New Interview

I bolded the relevant bits.

Sounds pretty good.

Also, Storm Collectibles unveiled their Rugal at Toy Fair. Looks amazing.


SNKHTTF’s was very anti climatic for me, i expected something big like an upgrade to KOFXIV’s character models
becouse while i really REALLY like the new KOF, it’s just underwhalming visually.
There’s no personality in these model’s,no sense of impact when hitting besides the fast blurr.
Even some of characters are still having thiere old boring costumes from 2 decade’s ago.

Right now im kinda mahh about this new game thiere trying to pull off but im kinda ok with it too,i mean SNK need’s money so they must reuse
all thiere availble resources to keep on.


I made a Kensou vid after realizing he can hit with his air qcb+AC if you delay the cancel. It’s a little like Robert’s but Robert always hits the EX dive his follow up is dependent on the cancel timing whereas Kensou may not hit the EX dive if the cancel is too early, this find is only useful for Kensou’s single meter combos or if you have him as anchor. Aside from that I realized he has cross under options for single meter mixups. Hope you all enjoy, and if this stuff was already known (I expect the second combo to be known as a two meter for non anchor) I guess I just don’t see enough Kensou.




That’s pretty good apart from the fact that he looks like he’s wearing underwear over his pants like an 80’s gymnast.


I guess someone already noticed this pattern with the previous adaptation so for those who want to be up to date and support the manga, please do.


Still no news about the DLc chars ?


Oh Gatoray found a somewhat practical use to KOD’s back A


Vanessa’s Seiyuu is so cute.

And yet another SNK Heroines interview


Eh, you have to pay to read the manga now? I mean, I would gladly pay for a printed translated version but I’m not at all fond of paying to read on my phone. I don’t even like to read free stuff on my phone. Will this manga even get a printed relase?

Well, anyway, during another SNK Heroines interview, Oda said that there’s a possibility of XIV being released for the Switch:

I have a local tournament coming up next month so I’m stealing this.


Funny that being shown during Wonfes






What do you expect? They’ve to make money out of it in someway or another and technically speaking, you don’t have to read on the phone given leakers and translation group online would just have the chapters on their site. Like i said, this is for people who wanted to be up to date with the latest chapters and support the manga before it’s collected into a Tankōbon. Although if it did get a tankobon release and translated, you’d still have to check in the weekly Japanese’s release (raw) for new stuff anyway so it’s up to you.