KOF XIV General Discussion - King of Fighters XIV Arcade Ver. Burn 2 Fight cabinets from Taito!


Yeah gonna chalk it up to being very work in progress. Still hype tho


Sadly, I don’t think either the hardcore or casual audience will accept this graphics quality.



Shit looks like they made the teaser the day before they showed it.


SFIV also came out in 2008. A game made in 2015 shouldn’t look like a game made in 2006, especially a AAA title.


The description does say “KOF has been revamped with brand new high-quality 3D visuals, however staying true to its gameplay roots!”, so at least there’s hope in that regard.



SFIV also had the excuse that they were trying to copy a specific artists art style. KoFIV as it stands now looks to be generic mid-2000s Japanese 3D character design.


It really looks to me like SNK hired the XDZW guys to make the art direction look like KOF x Virtua Fighter. It looks awful.

I’m hoping it changes. It honestly looks like they’re trying to cel shade the models and failing hard. Surely they get it figured out before they release it, because this looks horribad.


I’ve been waiting since the first tease, about a year & a half ago.
New 3D KOF, I’m SOLD!!!

My favorite one was KOF 2006 Maximum Impact, that was 3D aswell. :heart:

Here’s hoping Luise Meyrink returns! :heart:.:heart:

I f*cking hated sprites. Sprites are so 90s man, don’t nobody wanna see’em in 2016…
Heck, they didn’t even evolve’em into 3D models like SF.
You might say i’m biased 'cause i’m mainly a 3D fighter, but certain things can evolve from one game to another without changing the origin of the gameplay, like character models.

I would’ve enjoyed KOF 13 way more if they ATLEAST had 3D models.


To quote the great Aris “kamikaze move, amigo”.


oh naw…ah hell naw i know thats not supposed to be the new kof game,Shit looks horrible Just do King of Combat if you want to make that game world wide.Don’t just slap kof on that.Why is it so freakin hard for them to do decent 3d sprites


So you’re actually saying with a straight face you prefer bad 3D models to great 2D ones?

I’m fine with preferring 3D to 2D but have some goddamn standards on the 3D at least.


KOF13’s sprites were made from 3D models tho.


Funniest thing? The “Chinese knockoff” XDZW looks AWESOME in comparison:


What so wrong with Kof Mira series? It was departure from the Orignal KoF but for the most part was its own game with different story line and cast. The first one was rough around the edges, The second one refined and expended it, While the third one nearly perfected the Formula, even going back to 3 vs 3 standard instead of 1 vs 1 that the previous title did.

Expexting sprite in this day and age is pretty laughable at this point. its dyng art style and as much I do like them too I prefer company that make fighter to stay in business and compromise in any way that doesn’t ruined the game play or heavy handed business (excessive micro transaction or dlc).

with that said…yeah This trailer visuals isn;t too hot but I’ll deal with it. I’ve seen worst.


I was excited to hear that a new KOF is coming out but then I saw the trailer…


REALLY hoping this is just an early build because a ton of work needs to be done. Anyway, still cool to hear a new installment is coming out.


I’m looking forward to it! I think the models were far more zoomed in for the teaser than what will be seen in game (going from KoF13 character size) so it should look pretty good.
Too many people shitting on this game too early…

besides, a number of the sprites in 13 were really ugly despite being high detail. Scary amounts of muscle and moe. The series needed a fresh look.

Seeming to take a backseat to the graphics for some reason, im curious to see how this will play and what mechanics it may have, old or new…


And it’s not even 3D gameplay… it was 2D + side-step mechanics .__.


The visuals on the game look awful. Straight out of a PS2 game.


I hope that’s fake… those 2004 3D models… where da sprites at!
A Chinese company bought SNK? Maybe this game will be free2play and have DLC lol