KOF XIV General Discussion - King of Fighters XIV Arcade Ver. Burn 2 Fight cabinets from Taito!


Early opinion: looks like shit. I didn’t know if that was Kyo Kusanagi, Ian Somerhalder from the fucking Vampire Diaries, or some random K-pop pretty boy with flames. I dunno. At least Iori still has his typical badass essence, but this is going to take some adjusting.

I’m just going to assume this is very early footage, so it’ll look much better the more we see it. I can’t imagine KOF without it’s crisp sprites, but they made it clear that 3D was the focus for KOF 14. As long as it isn’t comparable to the Maximum Impact series, it should be good. At least we know KOF 14 is going to be a reality. So far it’s only announced on PS4, so I’m wondering if it’ll get an Arcade version or an XB1 port.


Something I noticed about Kyo is that he has his Rekka moveset.

Not sure if it will be something like KOF XI where he has both his Rekka and his Fireball in one contained moveset, if there will be alternate versions of him on the CSS like in XIII or a Kyo clone a la KOF 2002 UM.

And honestly, I would mind either of these options to be honest. But having Kusanagi back using the fireball Kyo moveset would be pretty cool :smiley:


Wish there were sprites like XIII, but ya’know what, as long as the game is as solid as the last I can get over that gripe very quickly.

Bring it the fuck on!


I wouldn’t mind either option, either. While I’ve always thought fireball Kyo was more fun, I still feel both styles are necessary. A fusion of the styles like XI might be the best option.


Looks shit. But given how poor the company is/was Im not exactly suprised. Will defo miss those KOF XIII sprites though (especially Mai’s idle animation LOL)


If you were expecting sprites, you’re dumb. I don’t care how the game looks, if 3D models means no more missing moves then sign me the fuck up, because no matter how much I enjoy XIII, there are basically no XIII character iterations that are even close to as enjoyable as they were in older games. Kim and Terry were god damn butchered for fuck’s sake.

Also, as long as it’s 2D gameplay I’m fine. I don’t want MI3.


I don’t mind either sprites or 3d, however these 3d models are abysmally bad. People keep saying it is still in Alpha, well…they need to make a giganic overhaul visually.
“It’s about gameplay, not graphics”, true, unless they look like PS2 graphics on a PS4 system with uninspired bland generic anime models. It lost all it’s personality.

Hope the game ends up amazing, but other than the most hardcore of KOF and FG fans…i don’t see anyone else being interested in this title, unles they change it.
Premature, not really, why else would they already show of a trailer.

Kotaku has some ingame screens


Man, I come back to SRK for the first time in like 2 months, and this?

I’m still half-convinced that trailer is like some kind of nightmare. Nothing in this day and age could possibly look that bad.


Rest in peace, King Of Fighters (1994-2015)


Looks more like a Maximum Impact game.


Looks bad right now but Im hoping that they can improve on it. Lets not forget that when SF4 was announced they improved the visuals same with SFV too. And SNK is a smaller company so Imma keep my fingers crossed


What worries me the most is that the stage they’re on seems to hint at 3D movement.


Id like to play this game on phone ;D


I have a feeling Sony might be helping SNK with funding


I’m really not seeing what the problem is.


You’re not seeing a shitty game with outdated visuals, which for some reasons calls itself King Of Fighters 14?


Aaaand this is why you don’t release a trailer this early in development.


The teaser doesn’t look good at all… But it’s really early footage. I actually liked Maximum Impact 2 and I’m okay with them not using sprites as long as the gameplay stays 2d.
Now they just have to bring back Rock and B.Jenet, and since Sony announced the game they should work on CVS3 too.


I honestly thought that we had another Kyo clone…until I realized that was actually Kyo…

As it was said, I don’t think anyone expected SNK to stick with sprites for KOFXIV. I did expect better 3D work than this though.

Whatever though, I want to see legit gameplay before I get too emo about it.


i dont get where everyones getting the ps2 vibe from, looks more like early ps3 title.

I’m slightly interested.