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Some interpretations about what Xanadu says in the Villains Team ending:

[details=Spoiler]He does not believe in the time flux, that is, he does not believe in the same perception of time that we have (past, present and future), but in alternate universes, where you can predict the future and other things … and that’s what Xanadu tries to remember … ''What do I hope for? ‘’ apparently he has seen something and what he saw made his mind go to collapse.

When he compares Chang and Choi with potatoes and questions if they are able to cry, it can be a reference to a osmosis experience, where ‘’ apparently ‘’ potatoes cry in contact with other substances, would be very ‘’ WTF ??? ‘’ if the concept itself of osmosis were not from the water to move between two means through ‘’ holes ‘’ in a membrane … it’s possible that Xanadu want to say that it’s possible to travel in time, where bodies can pass through cracks in time, called ‘wormholes’’ … if you find it very absurd, look at his dialogue with Mature, he asks how she can cross dimensions so easily, as for this, she would need a lot of energy. (To be possible to travel back in time, one of the requirements would be a huge amount of energy).

When he speaks of the waves of creation and of bosons that we feel before sunrise, he is saying that we should pay attention to the ‘gods’ of other dimensions that are coming (or the gods that he saw) … this can be explained because bosons, normally speaking, are a kind of substance that in the same time is not a substance, but in the same way it still interact with us, which explains’ supernatural presence ‘’. That is … Xanadu feel the gods who returned from Verse fragments (Orochi, Igniz, etc).

Choi and Chang don’t understand, then Xanadu explains what’s happening: He explains that the universe keeps moving from the Big Bang, and that the answer to ‘’ all that is happening 'is that possibly in this expansion, and temporal terror that Ash created in XIII, it opened a rift in spacetime.

Chang and Choi can’t see this crack in time that Xanadu says that exist, then he explains that this is because they are on the side that photons don’t reach … when he says this, he refers to light. In other words … they are on the side that darkness reign … or this means that they are not in the path of light, according to Physics, the existence of photons make us think that for them there is no perception of time and space, if something were able to travel at the speed of light, for the time traveler would be almost instantaneous, but to observers, would be billions of years …

At the end he says that potatoes cry (people crossed the fissure of space and time) and the twist is closing (all the persons are from this era now) and we will have the recombination (beginning of a new saga).[/details]


This trailer make me so happy in more way than one. First, it confirmed that there will be special intro/interaction between DLC characters with the cast. Second, the emphasis on Yamazaki power as one of the last pure Hakkeshu alive. Third, his new voice, SNK changed the VA and if he’s that certain someone i know then i gonna scream. Fourth, the use of environmental object per every stage is a nice touch. Lastly, SHAAAAAAAA!!!

EDIT: I can’t believe SNK manage to make KOF’s hottest babe to still retain her hotness even with the transition from 2D-3D. And i’m saying this because the first time i’ve seen of Vanessa was through Hiroaki’s drawing in a mugen game.


What about the after effect on Billy? Notice that he’s glowing purple, is that new?



As posted on SNK twitter


I want:

98og Daimon
98um Krauser
XIII Vanilla Arcade Raiden
Neowave Young Geese


Update, ahoy!


I can’t find Mian, Zarina, or Hein in the files so I’m wondering if Catalina is supposed to be Zarina, Sissel to be Hein, Van to be Vanessa, Kangil to be Gang Il, & etc. etc.


Maybe the second dlc wave will come with another graphics patch. But what kind of style would fit with these models.


I’m sure it’s in-game, look at those awkward expression the models still have. It’s only DOA style that SNK try to make the girl posing as. While i glad to see SNK willing to update the visual once again, i’d rather they spend those time on either preparing for XV or making their new game instead.


I think KOF is one of those series that had difficulty keep in under one style/len so it’s always need personal human touch for it’s characters to truly shine* as leaving everything to computer will lessen the humanity/self in them. Unlike crossover like Marvel/Smash where you’ve every chars speak for themself through their appearance, KOF is composed of mostly human characters that one can’t simply say they’re “different designs”, like the transition from Orochi -> NESTS cast, yeah, the newcomers look different but they also carry within them their own being and story into KOF and despite living on the same Earth, each chars feel like they’ve a personal life and world to live on.

*Something i glad SNK realize and have people working on KOF this early with XIV even just for them to get used and know the characters.

I mean, XIV is basically SNK’s way to rebuild everything starting from scratch by hitting that reset button. XIII to me feel like it’s just a spur-of-the-moment thing, there’s nothing to keep it consistent and it shows. For most of other companies, they rely on brand name and money so SNK can’t compete with them in those term so just support and release aren’t enough imo, they also need to deliver more games as well.


If modding XIV were simple we would’ve had a nude Angel mod by now, guaranteed. Sigh, it’s gonna be one of those games where you have to settle for nothing but disappointing texture mods…


sorry guys but after EVO I’m bouncing to DBFZ, Rev 2, and UNIST

it’s been swell; gonna make dat dbfz paypuh

their esports league will actually reward u w/ IRL dragon balls and get an actual shenron wish too heh fuck kof haha pz


Did they buff Merkava?


Texture mods aside, i hope they (and SNK) improve the character animation a bit, i don’t understand why some characters has this “stiffness” around their joint in knee and arm. Yamzaki, a DLC character have this sharp thigh that look like it’d make you bleed even more than his knife did.


kof 14 is as easy as kof is gonna get, 13 had some problems with overlapping inputs in HD combos for me like KYO and mr karate, generally it’s pretty damn easy but i’m very experienced in lots of fighting games some of which are crazy hard, world heros perfect ff special kof 96 ff3, so maybe my opinion aint quite as valid as those who are new, i just know that in 14 there’s nothing i cannot do because it’s “too hard”


In the China comics Ryo’s team had a pretty good fight vs team K;. K’ was the striker so there was no main character bullshit, it was Maxima, Ramon, Vanessa vs King, Ryo and Robert. It was a well done fight and you got backstory on Maxima, since he took out King then took heavy moves from Ryo but got back up and only K’ knows what drives him.

Also in the Chinese comics
[] They amp up the edge on Iori, I think they’ll do the same in destiny. He comes off as a straight villain instead of an anti-hero.
] K’ basically got Iori’s personality telling Ramon and Vanessa that they’ll be killed if they lose the match(against Ryo and Robert, Maxima lost to Ryo).
[] Kyo is once again looking like a bitch, they really don’t like Kyo’s real character where he’s an alpha male, cocky, douchebag,
] FF characters don’t exist, you only see Mai beat Kyo and when she won everyone including herself was like “wut” it was funny. Then Iori was ready to kill Kyo.
[] Geese on a mammoth.
] Kyo and Iori having a heated race against each other.

I should get drunk and have a marathon through the Chinese KOF manga. Instead of Ryo getting punked it was the Psycho Soldier team who got solo’d by K’.


The whole “leak” is copypasta material.

*SNK are very aware of their poor reputation in the US, and they’re extremely desperate to fix that. Putting Geese in XIV was a bid to throw the American fans a bone, since statistically he’s known to be particularly popular in the states. Needless to say, that didn’t work very well, because the game still drastically underperformed in America. They did some market research and have decided to tailor most of NGBC2’s design and motifs around American tastes. This was a factor in deciding what characters wouldn’t return, particularly Shermie and Hotaru, since they’re not convinced Americans will like sexy or cute female characters. These characters will likely not be removed from KoF, but since NGBC2 is being developed with the American market in mind, they decided to scrap them here.

I was told that Kula’s drastic change in appearance and personality is part of an attempt to rebrand the character as their “mascot” for the American region. They found that a lot of American gamers seemed to really enjoy cyberpunk elements and androgynous/masculine female characters so they based Kula’s redesign around those elements and gave her a less cute, more aggressive personality to fit her new look. I was told that they were inspired to do this because of the success of similar dark reboots like the Devil May Cry one from Capcom. They’re hoping that they can use the new Kula to promote the SNK brand in the US, and if she’s popular they might consider altering Kula in the main KOF games to match, but only for the US version. I asked why they wouldn’t just create a new character, and was told that they considered it but they wanted to do something new with a fan favorite and take advantage of their existing popularity.

Additionally, they altered or outright removed a lot of the sexual elements of other characters due to the reception that popular games like SFV and MKX had for cleaning up their female characters. They first thought of this when Capcom altered the camera angles on R. Mika and Cammy. Allegedly, they had no clue that American audiences were sensitive to these types of things until very recently. I was assured that these changes were not being made with eSports in mind, but rather because they’ve seen the various controversies over sexualized female characters from Western gamers and the outcry from the mainstream gaming media. They believe that they’ll reach a bigger audience this way, because their core fans will support them no matter what, and with these changes the average American gamer demographic will be more likely to jump onboard.


The reveal trailers have me nervous since the amount of normals seen were incredibly limited. I’d like to have at least ABC S. I also have a feeling that SNK might USF4/SxT us with new characters from Heroines becoming DLC for XIV (that said I hope Fio shows up).

Also, I’d buy Bikini cat Leona costume DLC for XIV … especially if it changes some of her sounds (like Meitenkuns pillows “meowing”).


So a bunch of news

-Neogeo’s ports for switch have sold a million of copies

-The beta for KOF Destiny has ]five millions of registrations

-Footage of the aforementioned KOF:Destiny

Is like a love letter to 90’s beat em ups. It actually looks pretty fun.

-The gag manga that inspired SNK Heroines continues

-KOF Fans baffle me at times


It really doesn’t matter that much, don’t you think? Because cough DLC cough, or just make Shermie an unlockable/secret character and problem solved.

Yeah, i notice that but since it’s Nintendo and all, so i can’t help but wondering how many own the Switch? Given KOFXIV only first released on PS4 so having SNK’s Heroines on multiple console might be something? And to start it off, i don’t have one.

Edit: Speaking of SNK Heroines, NIS America update the silhouette:


Ok, so we suddenly got a bunch of Heroines info.

Is a neat detail that each costume has its personalized portrait.

Then a bunch of interviews with Oda about the game.

These are the bits I found more interesting from the one with TX

So basically the game is more of a party game than a proper fighting one. And SNK is quite aware of the controversy the costumes might spark.

This comment from SNK cracked me up

They also confirmed the game will have a story mode that is similar to XIII’s in the sense that you’ll get specific dialogue for each possible combination of characters you can choose.

That if we count all the characters shown on the comic and the way the character selection screen is arranged, will be quite a bit of them