KOF XV | How do you think it will be?


After KOF XIV it looks like SNK’s still going to support that game for a while, they’ve said they’ll focus on bringing back other franchises for this time.

But soon or later, a KOF XV will have to come out.

KOF XIV is a huge game with a huge character roster, specially for being the “first chapter” of a new saga, how do you think XV will top that?

Are they going to keep the same playstyle or they’ll try to go with something new or more experimental for this chapter?

As they’re adding potential new members for previous teams (like Whip and Yamazaki), do you think they’ll go back to the idea of 4-people teams? Or just split the current teams and bring new formations?

According to the story, several characters have been resurrected, what open the floodgates for more classic characters to come back (New Faces Team and Ash Teams, for sure), how many fan favorites do you think they’ll bring back?


If that DLC that adds one extre member per team is confirmed to be true, I think there’s a chance this game will be 4-character teams.


There’s still plenty of other characters that haven’t received the 3D treatment yet, such as Chris, Shermie, Yashiro, Jhun Hoon, Elisabeth, Ash Crimson, Duo Lon, Shen Woo, Heidern, Takuma, Chizuru, Kasumi, Blue Mary, Shingo (although the latter two have been rumored to be arriving on the next DLC for KOF XIV).

I don’t know if they’ll really be bringing in 4-character teams (or re-entering strikers), though it could be a good option for KOF XV aside from the usual 3-on-3 mode.

As far as teams go, these teams are most likely a guarantee (especially by going off of some endings):

Japan: Kyo, Benimaru, Goro Daimon
Art of Fighting: Ryo, Robert, Yuri
Fatal Fury: Terry, Andy, Joe
China: Shun’Ei, Mian, Meitenkun
South Town: Geese, Billy Kane, Hein
Agent: Blue Mary, Ramon, Vanessa
Villains: Xanadu, Chang, Choi
Ikari: Ralf, Clark, Leona
K’: K’, Maxima, Kula
Psycho Soldier: Athena, Kensou, Chin
Elisabeth: Elisabeth, Ash, & probably Shen Woo

Who knows what the other teams will be like.


Will they even make one? This game is pretty dead online from what I’ve seen. Dead online to me means not many sales. I’m not sure though.